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  1. I just want to focus on the part I bolded. I understand the frustration, but there's only so many medical professionals available to give the shots. I know there was a call for retired nurses, doctors, etc., to assist in Illinois in order to alleviate the demand. IMO, they need to pull out some medical students, those who are capable and can safely give shots of course, in order to help. This is a state-level failure which compounds the federal-level failure. Right now, my wife and I are looking at the end of March, it we're lucky, before we can think about getting o
  2. I think, under the circumstances, all cruise lines should allow people to cancel 30 days out and get back 100%. At least until things are back to semi-normal.
  3. At this point you might as well wait until you need to make that final payment. I truly it depends on how far along each country is in its dispensing of the vaccines. I would say your cruise has a slight chance of happening.
  4. While I posted this in the other thread, I don't think everyone who follows this thread follows the other one, so I'm cross posting: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/anthony-fauci-covid-19-vaccine-mandates-quite-possible_n_5fef5542c5b6ec8ae0b2aa1f
  5. Getting back to the question of the thread: Will vaccines now be required? Here's what Dr. Fauci says about it: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/anthony-fauci-covid-19-vaccine-mandates-quite-possible_n_5fef5542c5b6ec8ae0b2aa1f So take that for what it's worth. He also says it's, and I quote, "unlikely to be required from a federal-government perspective". But if he thinks it's possible to be required for travelling, we better get prepared for it to happen.
  6. For the cruise I had cancelled that would've sailed this past August, I had 1st class booked and only paid $100 each what it would've cost for domestic. I caught a sale at just the right time with Celebrity.
  7. IMO, a lot is determined by how the vaccinations are going by, say, the end of March. If they feel they can get enough people vaccinated by the time cruising season is set to open for Alaska, then I can see a nearly full season. Pure guess, but I'd say it'll start in June. Granted, this is me being extremely hopeful, but it's just how I am seeing it. Fingers crossed!
  8. That's my guess as well, but it's never good to assume. Anyway, of that 330 million, approximately 75 million are 18 and younger. They'll be the very last to be vaccinated. So that actually leaves about 55 million of those 19 and older needing their shots and not getting them until later in the year. Though based on those who will refuse to get the shots, I suspect everyone who wants one will get one by mid-summer and there'll be a surplus of available vaccine.
  9. Good news! But one thing I'm hoping you can clarify because I'm not finding it anywhere: When they say "doses", does that mean 2 shots or just 1? This vaccine requires 2 shots to be effective, so to my way of thinking a "dose" would be the 2 shots 3 weeks apart, though I suspect that may not be the case.
  10. Well, I'll just wave to you while you stand on the dock as we sail away....
  11. How is Pfizer making us wait? The US government didn't buy enough doses from them. Whereas with Moderna, they bought quadruple the amount initially and that has recently bee doubled. Unfortunately, the US put most of their eggs in the AstraZeneca basket and it was a losing proposition, at least in terms of how quickly they got it approved. (In all fairness, I though they went with the right "horse".)
  12. IMO, what the US surgeon general says has no bearing on what private corporations do. As it stands right now (and I quote from a CC article) "if the ship's medical personnel determine that you're feverish, contagious or otherwise ill, they have the authority to prevent you from boarding." So they have the right to dictate who gets on board. If they require people be vaccinated, they can do it. People can be as pissed as they want and I can see numerous lawsuits over it, but in the end they DO reserve the right to refuse people to board for any reason, especially if impacts passenger and c
  13. They need to make the injections create a specific looking scar like the smallpox shot did!
  14. Agreed, and I hope they do. It's as much about passenger safety as it is for the crew.
  15. So this means 125 million people can get vaccinated in the US (250 million shots when you include the 50M Pfizer and the initial 100M of Moderna.) Just under 40% of the US population. According to recent polls, only 47% will get it, though I suspect that may change if airlines, cruise lines, etc., all require vaccination in order to travel, which a real possibility. Regardless, when it's my and my wife's time, we'll get our shots! Cannot wait.
  16. Well, if cruise lines require it for you to be on board, then you'll need to decide if you really want to cruise or not. Granted, that still an "IF", but I can see it being a requirement if they want to sail again.
  17. Gee, aren't you a winner. I bet you're a laugh riot at parties. Are you the one to push women and children aside to be first on the lifeboats as well?
  18. I, unfortunately, have. I could not just avoid it at the moment that it reared its ugly head since it was during dinner. I won't go into details, but one person used a very derogatory term in describing a person of Mexican descent. Myself and others told him and his wife that they would not be welcome back to the table for the remainder of the cruise, and I knew I used a few words that might even shock a sailor. (The table sat 8 people, by the way.) But to make sure they wouldn't come back, the 6 of us went to the Maître D' after dinner and explained it. He said he'd take care of it and
  19. It's simple: Ignore the idiots and control only what you can control. It's a shame that life isn't like a message board where you can put someone on ignore and you'd never see or hear their opinion again! Regardless of ideologies, as long as someone respects me, I'll respect them. I'm pretty easy going for the most part, but I have my "triggers" and I'll walk away if anyone "hits" them. I refuse to sink down to their level and argue. To quote: “Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.” ― Mark Twain.
  20. Yeah, MSNBC, which is where I got the info, was wrong when I posted that. Stephanie Rhule just corrected that about 10 minutes ago.
  21. No Pfizer vaccine in the US until at least June, mostly July. Wonderful. /sarcasm
  22. This Thursday Pfizer meets with the FDA to apply for an EUA and Moderna does the same on December 17th. No idea about AstraZeneca. By the way, excellent article about the vaccines here: https://www.msnbc.com/opinion/covid-vaccine-almost-here-here-s-what-you-should-know-n1250269
  23. I posted this article in the other vaccine thread, but I'll share it here as well: https://www.cnn.com/2020/12/05/health/covid-vaccine-trial-participant/index.html
  24. Yet another reason why the member you quoted is on my ignore list.
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