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  1. 1 hour ago, deadzone1003 said:

    Not quite, if you think there are 4-5 possible vaccines, it is more like 3.  The 2 mRNA's are kissing cousins.  So is the J&J and Astra-Zeneca.  The third would be Novavax.  One thing about human nature, if you are allergic to one vaccine, you are quite hesitant about taking another, at least vaccines for the same purpose, even though they are made differently.  


    Each vaccine is somewhat different.  Regardless, is should be very easy to test for allergies for all the types.  Unless it's that one person in a billion, I doubt anyone would be allergic to all.

  2. 15 hours ago, cruisestitch said:

    So severe allergies would preclude travel? Cruise? Flying?


    Possibly.  However, there are now 2 different types of vaccines available, with 2-3 more coming soon.  If someone is allergic to one, they probably won't be allergic to another.  For those few people who are allergic to what's available right now, there are options.  The types of vaccines out and being developed are Nucleic Acid (Moderna and Pfizer), Adenovirus Vector (Johnson & Johnson & AstraZeneca), and Recombinant Protein and Adjuvant (Sanofi and Novavax).  So odds of someone being allergic to all of those is highly unlikely and I would say essentially zero.


    However, the needs of the many far outweigh the needs of the few.  If you want to travel, get vaccinated.  Not just to protect yourself, but others. 

  3. 17 hours ago, BOLOCRUISE said:

    We don't get flu shots and we won't get the COVID vaccine.  We have traveled by airplane four times during the "pandemic", including internationally.  The protocols by airlines, all-inclusive resorts and condo rentals are fantastic.  None of these entities have ever been so clean and sanitized.  The fact that cruise ships are not sailing is quite ridiculous, with all of the cleaning, sanitizing, and distancing protocols available.  I have never felt so safe from contaminants on airplanes and in resorts/lodging as I do now. 


    It's not ridiculous, it's about safety.  Also if (when?) cruise lines require passengers to be vaccinated, what will you do?

  4. 1 hour ago, TeeRick said:

    Here is a nice article published today in the Atlantic.  A good read.  Talks about the dropping cases in the US, Canada and Europe.  And the possible factors for these drops.  A bit of overall good news.




    One reason is right now 70% of the US is covered with snow and people just aren't going out now.

  5. 1 hour ago, LGW59 said:

    Obviously no expert here, just an armchair Dr. Fauci, but I just cannot believe that cruising will resume in 2021.  😥


    I'm still optimistic.  They need the daily vaccinations to reach 3 million a day to reach a goal of having every eligible person vaccinated by July.  IF that does happen, I still think by October the Caribbean cruises start and by December it's full on cruising at every US port that would normally have a cruise departing in that month, albeit with some potential adjustments.  By 2022, it's mostly back to normal.

  6. 8 hours ago, ECCruise said:

    It has nothing to do with opinion.  I can find nothing about a such a CDC proclamation, but the FDA has asked people not to share CDC vax cards completely filled out with personal information on social media.  Which is quite obvious. 

    You  chastised me for sharing, as I said, what thousands of media and others have shown: a blank CDC vax card, so people will know what a legitimate card looks like. 


    You are 100% correct: LINK

  7. Initially it's going to be a bit of a nightmare, but that's how it is when something new is being implemented.  Eventually they'll get the kinks worked out and they'll have a system set in place.


    Right now I'm not concerned about it.  My wife and I plan on getting vaccinated.  We plan on going on our cruise in a year.  We hope the cruise lines all have plans in place to make sure all the crew and passengers are vaccinated.  Regardless, we'll do what need to be done in order to cruise.  We won't complain if it means keeping everyone safe.


    Cruising/travelling is not a right, it's a privilege.  They makes the rules and we need to follow them.

  8. 4 hours ago, CRUISEFAN0001 said:

    "Normalcy" will be new safety procedures in place and all crew & passengers vaccinated.


    That has become pretty obvious based on communications to crew members being told they cannot return to work without vaccination documentation, as well as many countries mandating vaccination prior to acceptance at ports and airports.


    Despite the moaning and whining by some...the sooner people get used to that reality and conform, the sooner "normalcy" in cruising will happen.



    And you deserve this as well:



  9. 23 hours ago, deadzone1003 said:

    Unless they are planning not to approve the J&J vaccine, it will be a almost total waste of money.  Delivering and distributing the Pfizer vaccine will be a nightmare during the June/July.  I hope the purchase allows for switching adult vaccines to children's vaccines.  Before this latest vaccine purchase and if J&J vaccine gets approved, we will already have purchased enough vaccine for 300,000,000 adults in the USA.  The entire adult population who are willing to be vaccinated will likely to be vaccinated before this new order starts getting delivered.  Like I said, unless they are not approving the J&J vaccine, a total waste of money.


    22 hours ago, nocl said:

    Not much difference delivering and distributing the vaccine in June and July than there is in the winter.  The shippers work equally well, the freezers at the end points will still work.  Really no more issues in the summer than in the winter


    Exactly what nocl said.  Besides, at least here in Illinois, they're amping up the ability to get vaccinated at local pharmacies.  I still think my dates will be fairly accurate.

  10. 10 minutes ago, TeeRick said:

    Not so sure that I agree with you on this point.  I think the cruise industry will develop a solution working with maybe multiple government programs.  Having the crew fully vaccinated will go along with a return to safe cruising for passengers, crew, and ports.  I personally would feel horrible to cruise as a vaccinated passenger while the poor hardworking crew members remain at risk.  Even if vaccinated I would not cruise a line or ship that does not take care to protect its crew first.



  11. By August every adult in the US could easily be vaccinated.  Not everyone will, of course, 'cause stupidity, but the crew members can certainly be vaccinated by then.  So my guess is by July-ish cruises start up again slowly, with full implementation by October.  

  12. 1 hour ago, phoenix_dream said:

    Getting vaccine versus administering it is the key.  As a fellow Chicagoland person I'm surprised you don't share my skepticism about our ability to administer it effectively.  We are currently WAY near the bottom of the list with states and their efficiency.  Hopefully we will improve!


    Right now?  You're correct.  In the next couple of months, I think it'll be a heck of a lot easier.  I know that Walgreens will be getting up and running for distributing the vaccine soon.  


    Here's a good article on the subject of pharmacies giving vaccinations:  LINK

  13. Well, with the news yesterday that the US government is buying an additional 200 million doses of Moderna & Pfizer (LINK), there is absolutely zero excuse for 100 % of the adult population (18+) to not be vaccinated by August.  There will actually be an excess of dosages, so that means teens can then be vaccinated, assuming there's no risk.  (So far it appears there is no risk.)


    It appears there is light at the end of the tunnel, and it's not an oncoming train!

  14. 20 hours ago, D C said:

    I'm amused by the people who deny being anti-vax but are.


    "I won't get the flu shot"

    So you're anti-vax?

    "No, I got all of my regular shots, but I won't get the flu shot"

    You know it's effective, right"

    "Yeah, but I won't get it"

    You admit it works, yet won't get it?  So you're selectively anti-vax?


    Then why won't you get it?

    "I just....I've never had it and never had the flu"

    So you won't get a vaccine just because you feel lucky?


    So you're anti-vax?



    Well, I can't get a flu shot as it makes me violently ill.  That won't stop me from getting a Covid vaccine though.

  15. 24 minutes ago, grandgeezer said:

    With 360 million people in the U.S., that's not near enough to even get more than a mention.


    Tourism in Alaska accounts for nearly $2.2 billion.  A large chunk of that is cruising.  


    You may want to reconsider.

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