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  1. 2 minutes ago, cruisemom42 said:


    No, the problem FOR ME (since you quoted me) is the language and tone of the ruling/opinion. When I read something like that I expect to see references to legal precedent and current law, not a barely contained rant. It's neither here nor there whether I agree with the content. I do not agree with the "attitude".


    Exactly this.

  2. 6 hours ago, caribill said:


    My "no" answer was for Princess which will not knowingly book a B2B before November.


    The question asked wasn't Princess specific nor did you indicate you only meant Princess.  However, if one cruise line is allowing B2B cruises, I'm sure others will as well.


    Edit to add:  To further answer Daniel's question, there are no Panama cruises available prior to Nov. 1st.  However, in a normal year, I think Princess offered Panama cruises only in Feb./March and Nov./Dec.  Their first 15-day cruise is Nov. 7th this year going to Hawaii.

  3. 2 hours ago, caribill said:


    In that case the answer is "No."


    (And no 14 day cruises are scheduled in that time period.)


    The answer is "yes".  Someone posted that they're doing a B2B on Edge the end of this month:  LINK  However, the answer is "no" for any cruises 14 days or longer in 2021.

  4. 12 hours ago, cruzsnooze said:

    I believe the CDC over a political judge. The court sees dollar signs the CDC sees public health. If California didn't require proof of vaccination I would cancel my two cruises on Princess .  


    I agree to a point.  I feel the CDC overreached its authority where the cruise lines were concerned.  YES, for the health of the public cruises needed to stop.  However, the restart has been severely hindered by the CDC's inability to get out of its own way and probably took about 6 months longer than it needed.  They went nuclear option when something with more finesse was required.  And, as it's been proven so far, cruises can happen safely without the CDC telling the lines what to do or how to do it.


    Be that as it may, ships are sailing again regardless.  Time to move on and enjoy our vaccinated life.

  5. On 6/23/2021 at 7:08 PM, CynCyn said:

    I know this will be pure speculation.......do you think they will let us drop our luggage off and go explore Seattle? I’m staying by the airport.  Want to come in about 10, drop suitcases, visit Pike Place and eat at Etta’s (I think that is the name).  Share opinions please! I have a cruise shuttle booked from airport to cruise terminal.


    If you're looking for a unique place to eat, I recommend Biscuit ***** of 1st Ave.  They're strictly carryout and they're only open until 1:00 though.


    EDIT:  Funny...  I can't put in the real name of a restaurant because of CC's filters.  :classic_laugh:

  6. 8 hours ago, Sea Hag said:

    I'm Android, and I'm logged in with the same credentials as the website. This is after I changed my password a few weeks back, as directed to do on the website. Have you changed your password to the website in the last few weeks?


    Exactly this.  I was "forced" to change unfortunately.

  7. Based on the new CC Covid discussion policy, this thread may not last all that longer.  So I'd like to once again thank Ken for starting this thread and to all of those medical professionals who provided invaluable information.  In this world of massive disinformation, it was great to see and actually understand what was going on.  We may not quite be at the end of this particular tunnel, but that light is extremely bright right now!

  8. 2 hours ago, ljason913 said:

    i will cruise out of florida i dont think they will force vaccinated guests to wear mask or get tested.i could careless what they do with the unvaccinated,,,


    If they want you tested, you'll be tested.  If you refuse, you won't cruise.  It's that simple.  Vaccinated, unvaccinated,  doesn't matter.

  9. 18 hours ago, MBN33025 said:

    I just wonder how unvaccinated folks will be “marked” so that the restrictions can be enforced. Wristbands? Different colored sea pass? A scarlet letter? A sash emblazoning “unclean” across their chest??

    I would much prefer cruising with a fully vaccinated population and see enforcement as potentially problematic.


    They'll need to don hazmat suits to keep others safe.

  10. 1 hour ago, dreaminofcruisin said:

    and then of course we have the arrival time issue.....


    What if I arrive at the terminal before my assigned time?
    If you come to the terminal before your arrival time, you will be asked to wait away from the terminal until you are permitted to enter during your specified arrival time.


    So I have to check out of my hotel at 11, won't have a car, will have my luggage, and if I don't end up with an early arrival time....where would I be 'hanging out'?


    Most hotels will hold on to your luggage if you need to kill an hour or two or three.  Not a big deal.  Besides, you'll know what time your arrival time is long before you get there, so just request a late check out.  Unless the hotel is 100% packed the day you're leaving, they'll probably extend it for up to 2 hours.  I've never any issues with either luggage being held or late check out.

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