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  1. Facebook and Instagram make up their own rules as to what they allow. No such thing as freedom of speech with them anyway.
  2. Agreed about free speech, but these are advertisements, which are somewhat less protected. if it's determined that these ads are "deceptive", then they should be banned.
  3. My suspicion is they will not sail at 100% capacity. At most it'll be 75%, but possibly as low as 60%. That way they can easily separate people in the dining room. No more large groups at tables though.
  4. That's extremely pessimistic. Granted, they may never return to pre-Covid levels even when it's under control and the majority of the people are vaccinated. (Yeah, a pipe dream.) People for the next few years, for most part, will probably quite reluctant to fly. Who knows? As far as the original question: I'm not giving up. I have a cruise booked for next October. My final payment is due on July 29th, so we should definitely know by then if there's a viable vaccine or not. If no vaccine, I cancel. It's that simple. I'll re-evaluate from there then.
  5. In all honesty, I doubt that cruise goes this year. IMO, cruising isn't happening until, at the earliest, March 2021. That's based on the assumption of the vaccine is out by late December (which is what many doctors, including Fauci, have guessed it to be). Either you cancel it on your own (if you can get a full refund right now) or wait it out to see what happens.
  6. Maybe I missed it, but I found this to be interesting: https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/dr-fauci-says-heres-normality-111021867.html Especially this quote: "I feel cautiously optimistic… given the preliminary data we had in the early phase of the trial and some of the animal studies, that we will have a vaccine that is effective," Fauci told ITV News on Friday. "How effective it is going to be, is totally an open question but we believe we'll have some kind of an effective vaccine by November or December, we're hoping. "But we have to say for hon
  7. Yes it will be! Because by then things will be set in place to make sure it is.
  8. I have luggage tags for that. However, to get that info you need to pull out the name card to read it. It's not facing forward for all to see.
  9. I agree with so much of what you've said, but herd immunity will never occur with this virus. About 70% of the population needs to be infected for that to happen (opinions differ on that percentage, but it's generally held that 50-90% needs to be infected). Then we're talking approximately 6.8 million people dead in the US to achieve it. Not worth the cost, IMO. We desperately need a viable vaccine (or two or three...) to be used by the majority of the population. We need to keep wearing masks, maintain that distancing, act responsibly (not only for yourself, but for others yo
  10. No, but it will help if you bite someone during a political argument.
  11. Then you might as well cancel now. IMO, it'll be a guarantee that you'll be required to wear a mask part of the time at bare minimum. And you really should be concerned about catching it if you refuse to wear a mask. Ask Herman Cain how that went for him...
  12. No idea if anyone saw this article, but it's quite interesting: https://stm.sciencemag.org/content/early/2020/09/21/scitranslmed.abd5487 The "dumbed down" version (which I found quite helpful! ): https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/kids-better-immune-response-covid19-compared-adults-study-173710433.html
  13. In answer to your questions: 1. Yes. BUT I'd have myself checked out prior to leaving for my cruise to make sure. As everyone should do nowadays, for your safety and others'. To not do so would be inconsiderate and possibly dangerous. (Odds are, though, you'd be fine.) 2. Nope. Nor could they without your permission. Because in doing so, that could put you at greater risk. IF they forced it, I'd want all sorts of assurances that me and my wife would be safe wherever they moved us and that we'd be WELL compensated for the inconvenience. 3. They're goin
  14. Ok, but why? Especially if it helps to ensure people are safe.
  15. There is no medical condition (I have a caveat that follows) that creates a breathing issue when one wears a mask. It's all in their head. My neurosurgeon is asthmatic and he has zero issues in wearing a mask when he operates. A friend of mine has COPD, they have zero issues in wearing a mask. And if there IS some magical medical condition that supposedly prevents that person from wearing a mask, they better have proof of it from a doctor before boarding a ship. The only legitimate reasons for someone not wearing a mask is that they're under 2 years old and someone who is uncon
  16. It's simple math. The current number of deaths stands at 204,115 out of 7,000,612 cases. That's 2.92%. It's 204115/7000612 = X/100. You need to figure out what the X is. To get get X you multiply 204115 by 100. Giving you 20411500. Then you divide 20411500 by 7000612. The full percentage is actually 2.915673658245879%, but I rounded up.
  17. That bolded part really bothers me as a future cruiser. I'd rather they require vaccinations in order for people to cruise, if only for people's saftety.
  18. This is not a political post, though some might think it is. With that said, tonight on MSNBC's All In with Chris Hayes, there was a great Dr. Fauci interview. A lot of positivity, especially for things to most likely be back to semi-normal by 3rd quarter of next year. This is based on when he expects a vaccine to be ready. I'm sure the interview will be up on MSNBC's website of Friday, though there might be some snippets on there right now.
  19. I usually forget when I leave the house, which is why I now have a box of masks in my car. It DOES happen, but it's easily resolved by having a sign on the inside of your door in your cabin reminding you the measures.
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