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  1. I decided to put this in this thread, so we may find out what the deal is about vaccines being required or not: CDC cruise guidelines coming soon, Miami-Dade mayor says after call with CDC director
  2. CDC cruise guidelines coming soon, Miami-Dade mayor says after call with CDC director.
  3. Charlie Brown would love to talk with you about kicking a football....
  4. You can use the entire population on any death due to a virus and probably get 99.9+%, but that's not the correct way to figure it out...
  5. Damn, and I was all ready with the pitchforks and torches!!! Now what am I going to do with them?
  6. Every time there is a slight downturn to rate of Covid infection, states open up rather than wait it out a little more to make sure.
  7. This is what cruise lines need to do if they want to show that they're serious about passenger safety. My own workplace is not allowing anyone into the offices until at least 2023 and then only if we've been vaccinated. And, yes, they can require it. We can all get cruising again in 6 months' time if the crew and passengers are all 100% vaccinated. Period. It's VERY possible.
  8. 2%? Of those who have gotten Covid worldwide? Just a tiny number of 2,834,407. Much easier to say 2% and not 2+ million I suppose....
  9. Nah. I enjoy sea days, but I love going to a port. If I want to stay in "one location", I'll do an all-inclusive resort in Playa Del Carmen.
  10. Look, just because you survived it then, doesn't mean you will this time.
  11. The question wasn't "what did the CDC shut down", but "name five industries in the US that are totally shut down across all states". Which is what I answered.
  12. IMO, if the CDC, which is federal, is preventing cruises from occurring, there's your answer.
  13. Then they'll need to consider moving to other ports outside of Florida, not sure the state wants to permanently lose their business.
  14. Far more than 5. Carnivals, state and county fairs, sports venues (yes, baseball played, but no fans. Football had some fans, but no concessions in many arenas.), film industry complete shut down for months (open now), music venues completely shut down (which includes concessions, etc.), theaters (movies just now beginning to open, live theater still closed), convention centers.... So that's seven, eight if you want to separate state and county fairs. The thing is, those that I mentioned affected hundreds of thousands of people. Just look at a state fair. All the pe
  15. Hey, it's up to you if you want to be a responsible human being or not. As for me, I've gotten vaccinated (1st dose) and my wife goes in on Tuesday. We want to cruise. We want to be safe. We will do what we need to do to remain safe. If that means being slightly inconvenienced in having to wear a mask part of the time, so be it. If that means following the rules the cruise lines put forth, I'll do it. If by what I'm doing prevents the spread of a virus, I'll do it. I'm not just doing this for me, I'm doing it because it's what we need to do to get our lives back to normal. Easing rest
  16. Focusing on the bolded part, this is why I say September at the earliest. By July 1st the US, and most of the world, should know where the population stands in terms of being vaccinated, especially in countries where cruise lines go to and leave from. I firmly believe by December cruising will be a "full go" with passengers being required to be vaccinated along with the entire crew.
  17. Actually I didn't need to do the refresh, I got placed into a virtual waiting room. Finally got her an appointment though! By May 1 we'll both be fully vaccinated and rarin' to go!
  18. Chicago (Cook county to be exact) is about to open up appointments for 25,000 doses of Pfizer in about 10 minutes or so as of this typing. Hopefully I can get my wife an appointment!
  19. The vaccines do not provide 100% protection. Until everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, is vaccinated, masks should be worn. I think by 2023 they can ease those restrictions, but masks are probably here to stay for the foreseeable future.
  20. I agree with harkinmr. There should be a third option of "If not July, then when?".
  21. IMO, I think all cruise lines will, if only because they need to represent to the passengers and to the public at large that they're VERY serious about safety. Yes, masks will probably still need to be worn is heavily congested ares of the ship (i.e. disembarkation at port as people wait) and social distancing will be need (albeit at 3 feet and not 6). This is not a bad thing, regardless of the political bent it has taken. People want to cruise, so we need to do what we need to do to make it safe. A little inconvenience is not a big deal.
  22. I'm saying "no", but only for the date. If you had, instead, used September instead of July, I would've said yes. The US needs to get the vast majority of the population vaccinated and that won't happen by July. By September, most likely, as long as people realize that it's safe. And it IS safe.
  23. I got my first dose of Pfizer today! About 90 minutes ago actually. I'm halfway ready to cruise!
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