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  1. What voljeep said. And, Daniel, in regards to the following: "mask-wearing in high-risk settings". Hundreds of people crowded around waiting to disembark would be one such setting.
  2. Because of this: https://news.sky.com/story/vaccinations-alone-are-unlikely-to-contain-coronavirus-infections-in-the-uk-study-warns-12250239
  3. Not an issue for me if I was to book this cruise, I've booked airfare through Celebrity before and it was great. You can even fly in a day or 2 earlier if you want.
  4. Again, not concerned.
  5. Considering masks will most likely need to be worn in many common areas, I'n not concerned.
  6. Bingo. All the vaccines are protecting only about 90-95% of those who get it. And even then it's not stopping you from getting Covid, it's just reducing the symptoms. The vaccines are not a silver bullet, they're just another weapon to potentially make it less deadly.
  7. If the crew isn't wholly vaccinated, then why start cruises again? The lines will just open themselves up to being shut down again, possibly permanently.
  8. I do!!! I want everyone, crew and passengers alike, to remain as healthy and as safe as possible!
  9. Currently there are 3 categories of vaccines, only 2 in the US though. The 4 categories are whole virus, protein subunit, viral vector and nucleic acid. Pfizer and Moderna are the 4th type. As I said in another thread, the odds of anyone being allergic to all of those is basically the same as winning the lottery while being struck by lightning while getting a hole in one on a par 5 all at the same time. And the US is nowhere near herd immunity. That would require 70%-90% of the entire population to have either had the virus and/or vaccinated.
  10. I have, or rather my doctor has for me. She's very well aware of what I am able to take, allergic to, etc. So now you know one. Oh, and I shouldn't take J&J, but I'm fine with either Pfizer and Moderna.
  11. Extremely infuriating. However, I'll get vaccinated and I'll continue to wear a mask. Why? 'Cause it's the responsible thing to do. Period. Plus I want MY life to get back to normal. And before anyone says that wearing a mask is not getting back to normal.... Guess what? Life has changed. Getting back to normal just means going out to eat, getting to cruise, taking vacations.
  12. Considering they're owned by Carnival, that's huge. I suspect we'll be seeing things like this as the lines get closer to sailing. And I still say September.
  13. Agreed 10000000%. People need to realize that traveling is a privilege and not a right. I know we can get back to traveling and cruising before this year is up IF people just get frikkin' vaccinated. Heck, we can get back a lot of things by July. So whenever I see people use the "oh I'm allergic" excuse, we all know they're not. They just don't want to be a responsible human being. There are 3 different types of vaccines out there (just 2 in the US for now), with more on the way. The odds of anyone being allergic to one of those is basically the same as winning the lottery wh
  14. It is going to be rough seas for the next 2 years. Not only to deal with all the new safety regulations and rule, but to provide a product that people feel confident that it's safe. IMO, cruising is back 100% before the end of the year in terms of itineraries, but probably sailing with reduced number of passengers.
  15. A year ago (well, actually, a year plus a week as of this typing), I started working from home. I was also in the middle of planning our 25th anniversary cruise on Island Princess this upcoming May. I ended up cancelling it in August of last year and had another cruise booked for October of this year on Celebrity Millennium. Also, the birthday cruise for my wife in August got cancelled (not a surprise) and, shockingly, we got our refund & FCC rather quickly. As 2020 wore on, I suspected that October cruise was rather iffy and I booked a "back up" cruise for February of 2022 on Ruby Pri
  16. I had a severe reaction to a flu shot many years ago. I've been reluctant to try again. I asked my doctor if I could safely take any of the Covid vaccines. She let me know that I should have absolutely no issues in taking either of the current mRNA vaccines. So people with allergies to certain types of vaccines can definitely get a Covid vaccine, there will be 3-4 types eventually.
  17. I flat out refuse to drive that far. From where I live that's a 60-90 minute drive one way, depending on the traffic. Seriously, I have 3 Walgreens, 2 CVS's, 2 Mariano's, and 2 Oscos all within a 5 mile radius of me. ALL are administering the vaccine. I will not travel hours. Period.
  18. Honestly, there is absolutely no way of knowing this. A lot can change between now and, say, June 1.
  19. Considering Biden is essentially telling/ordering the states to open up to all adults to be vaccinated beginning May 1st, this is a good thing. I was assuming June/July before that happened. If there are enough people vaccinated, cruising/traveling can begin again. I was thinking October, I may adjust that guess to August now. There's a miniscule chance that there could be a 6-week Alaska season then, assuming Canada allows it. That May 1st date is huge in so many ways, so here's hoping the states do it. MANY people who are not yet eligible, like me, want to be vaccinated. I k
  20. Not near the Chicago area. DuPage, Lake, Grundy... if you're not residents of those counties, forget it. They realize people living in Cook are being "held back" from the rest of the state. I'm not going to travel 4-5 hours one way to get vaccinated.
  21. Posting this only for information, not anything politcal: https://www.cnn.com/2021/03/11/politics/joe-biden-one-year-covid-address/index.html
  22. It depends on the pharmacy. Walgreens won't, Osco will. Unfortunately, Osco has no appointments, while Walgreens does. Again.... frustration. Also, CVS is not following Illinois being at 1b+, they're "stuck" at 1b.
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