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  1. While I'm sure this has been posted here before (honestly, I'm not going to search through 1,500+ comments! ), here's the CDC's recommendation for vaccine allocation: https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/acip/meetings/downloads/slides-2020-11/COVID-04-Dooling.pdf It's going to be a bit of a clusterf*** the next 46-90 days in getting things organized, but I strongly suspect by February 1st everything will be firmly in place and people will be getting vaccinated. And that by June/July the majority of the people who want to be vaccinated will be. The key to getting back to semi-normal is that at least 70% get vaccinated, but I unfortunately think that only 50% will get inoculated. IMO, they need to treat the Covid vaccine roll out like they treated the polio vaccine early on: make it mandatory. Period. At least for 2 years. Anti-vaxxers can piss & moan as much as they want, the needs of the many, etc., etc., etc.
  2. And by "sensible" you mean "idiotic", right? Heck, it's not like millions have already died from this....
  3. Agreed. Hell, there are certain countries that will deny you entrance unless you're vaccinated for various diseases already. I don't recall too many people crying about their rights being all trampled on. They really need to adopt your saying: Let's not fight it- just get vaccinated for all of our sakes!
  4. Icons are back for me! I cleared the cache many days ago )over a week?) and nothing happened. I've been back daily since then and no icons until tonight. Whatever was done to fix this, thank you!
  5. My wife falls under 2 of those conditions whereas I'm only under one of them: People at high risk for severe COVID-19 illness due to underlying medical conditions People 65 years and older My wife is older than 65 and we both are diabetic. Be that as it may, our only concern right now is being able to get vaccinated by the end of June, which I believe will be very possible. Not only to provide us with the potential protection, but, for purely selfish reasons, we have a cruise where the final payment is due on July 29th. I'll pay it if we're vaccinated by then. If not, I cancel and move forward with a "back up" cruise that we have booked. I won't take the position of "well, we might be vaccinated by the cruise..." The only way we cruise now is with a vaccine being available and we've definitely been inoculated. What others do is up to them. But I hope people aren't idiots and ignore science. (Yeah, I know.....)
  6. Pfizer has already been flying in doses to the US from Belgium: https://www.yahoo.com/news/faa-confirms-first-mass-air-204724978.html
  7. I was going to bring up the requirement for a yellow fever vaccine for some countries, the same will need to be applied for any type of travel for a Covid vaccine I'm sure, especially international travel. My wife and I fully intend on getting vaccinated once we're able to do so. We're both in the "high risk" area, so we'll be able to get one sooner rather than later. If it's an annual shot (or shots), so be it. One final thing, not directed at the above quoted comment, we'll all still be wearing masks for travel for quite a long time, if not forever. It may not be as strict as it is now, but it'll possibly prevent those 5-15% who aren't helped by the vaccine from getting sick.
  8. Ought to be interesting since I have a cruise booked for Oct. 2021 on Millennium....
  9. I have absolutely NO problem with that. IMO, that's the only way to get us cruising again.
  10. My error. Should not have used "the" but rather "a". However, from everything that I've read so far, both in the news and officially (i.e. CDC), that list seems to be accurate and it makes sense.
  11. I closed the page, then re-opened to clear everything. I did this with my PC, phone, and tablet. Still not getting any icons. All I get are little boxes.
  12. Not sure if this has been posted or not, but here's the prioritization list for people getting vaccinated. My wife and I fall under "Phase 2". Hopefully the FDA approves emergency use and we can begin to work our way back to a somewhat normal life for us. Though it'll be a good 9-12 months before that happens I believe.
  13. Breaking news: https://www.pfizer.com/news/press-release/press-release-detail/pfizer-and-biontech-submit-emergency-use-authorization
  14. I'm watching this right now. Amazing how quickly this has moved. If you can find it replaying, I recommend watching this.
  15. I'm on Chrome as well and I've done that. Twice. It didn't work.
  16. 300 million won't get the shot. If we're lucky, 60% will. Plus I doubt many people under the age of 19 will get vaccinated immediately. I'm still hopeful that my wife and I can get vaccinated before July, however, mainly for very selfish reasons. We have a cruise booked for Oct. 2021 and final payment is due on July 29th. Granted, the cruise could be cancelled by Celebrity, BUT if we're vaccinated before that payment is due, I'll pay it. If not, then I'll assess things then. If no vaccine, then we won't cruise. I know a vaccine is not a "silver bullet", but being vaccinated will ease my fears in travelling, even if others are not vaccinated.
  17. This Sunday night on MSNBC, there's a show that might interest people. It's called On Assignment with Richard Engel. It's titled "The Race for the Vaccine". It starts at 10:00 PM EST/9:00 PM CST.
  18. My work laptop, of all devices, shows things perfectly. It's Win10... My own personal PC is not, nor is my phone or tablet. it's odd. I've cleared the cache and still no changes.
  19. I'm also having an issue with no small icons showing on my PC, as well as phone & tablet. I also noticed some pictures posted in comments are not showing as well, all I see is the box. I'm using Chrome if that matters.
  20. This my assumption. The vaccine is released in January. Essential workers (healthcare workers, etc.) are inoculated first, along with nursing home/senior living facilities. My February seniors and people with underlying conditions. February/March will be essential workers (teachers, etc.). End of March everyone else. I truly think by the time summer hits, the people who need it will have it and the people who want it will be most inoculated. I suspect about 40% of the population will ignore it and assume they're "invulnerable" to the virus.
  21. As someone who has owned ferrets and is quite active in the local ferret shelter, that story appalls me. Cures need to be found, but that is truly bothersome.
  22. Honestly, I think you're on the cusp. It depends if there's a vaccine out by then, actually one out for months prior to your cruise. Granted, way too many people are going to refuse to get the shot, but we shall see.
  23. YOU did not, that article is offensive, IMO. I didn't mean to "shoot the messenger".
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