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  1. Only 12 IN the US, but I believe there have been some Americans who have been infected that are on Diamond Princess.
  2. Don't forget, there's just about 1,000 crew members and staff on board as well.
  3. Mini-city? Try floating incubator. At this point, I wonder if the quarantine is more to keep the passengers from possibly infecting anyone on shore, rather than those on board. It's as if the Japanese government is more than willing to sacrifice all 3,700 people on board to this virus and let the chips fall where they may. I truly feel badly for these people who are trapped. I understand why there's a quarantine, but that doesn't make it any better, especially for the Diamond passengers and crew.
  4. It's not belittling when it's a fact. On the plus side, 3 of the cases in the US are cured (2 in Chicago and 1 in Seattle).
  5. Agreed. I cannot even open those links at work because it trips the filter for spam/inappropriate websites. And we're able to open FB, Insta, and other social media sites here.
  6. Zero hedge links? SMH. "The sky is falling, the sky is falling" Anyway, as for comparing this to SARS, yes there have been more deaths, but there have been MANY more infected. SARS infected just over 8,000 people, as compared to 43,000+ currently for coronavirus. And, yes, more people have died with the current virus, BUT the mortality rate is still at about 2% (2.4% to be exact), whereas SARS was 9.6%. And, yes, I know, when talking in percentages, the larger the infected group, there are more people are dying. For now, it's a good thing this is not like SARS, b
  7. I have not gone through this entire thread, so this may have been posted already. Anyway, this is a useful "tool" from John Hopkins to follow what's going on with the virus and where it's spread: LINK The 135 "others" are the passengers from Diamond Princess who are known to be infected.
  8. So far, every single death, with the exception of 1, has been a Chinese national. The other one was in the Philippines. Now I'm not sure what kind of healthcare the Chinese have (i.e. annual vaccinations for children, etc.), but the fact that 99.6% of the deaths so far are in China cannot be dismissed.
  9. It's serious, but nowhere near as serious as the media is making it out to be. At last count, there are 31,527 people who have known to be infected, with 638 deaths. According to the CDC, between 2019 and now, there have been 22,000,000 – 31,000,000 flu illnesses and 12,000 – 30,000 flu deaths.... in the US! LINK Coronavirus is being overly hyped up by the media, BUT it's not something that needs to be ignored either. In a couple of months people will wonder what the big deal was....
  10. And the 12 cases in the US are, from what I've read, NOT critical. Unlike many cases in China.
  11. Now that is a knee jerk reaction right there. Why stop at cruises? Why not flights? Or trains? Hell, let's just stop all travel all over the world.....
  12. The one thing this crisis has done for me is that this 100% guarantees I'll never book an inside cabin again. Period. I will always book a balcony now.
  13. Quoting this so I can access it again later.
  14. Personally, I look at the itinerary more than anything else when it comes to Alaska. Figure out what interests you the most and see if both ships do a similar itinerary. My last Alaskan cruise was less about the ship, which was very nice, and more about the trip itself, especially the land portion post-cruise.
  15. Under the circumstances, one would hope that the infirmary could provide meds to those who need them. My wife and I would be ok as we usually bring our pill bottles with us, but not everyone does that.
  16. I will always fly in the day before, no matter what. It's peace of mind. With that said, there's only been one time I nearly did fly in the day of the cruise, and that's when we flew into Vancouver for our first Alaskan cruise. The flight was supposed to leave at 7:30PM Chicago time, but ended up leaving the gate later than that because another airplane blocked its path. After we got on and moved away from the gate, we sat another 45 minutes on the tarmac because of 30+ flights ahead of us. By the time we landed, after all the delays, including one during the flight,
  17. If being in a room without a window concerns you, then bring a nightlight along and plug it in the bathroom. That'll help a lot.
  18. The very first cruise I went on (Carnival Celebration) I booked an inside guaranteed. It turned out very well for me, plus the cruise itself was a blast. Just remember, you'll be on a cruise ship and enjoying yourself.
  19. While it's a very serious issue, a little perspective is needed. The death rate of the corona virus is just under 3%. Whereas the death rate for the flu is about 10% and for SARS is slightly lower at 9.6%. Now one should not just throw caution to the wind and ignore the possibility of being infected, but it's far less of a danger than other viruses hundreds of thousands of people catch each year.
  20. I no longer wear ties, though I do wear a dress jacket. This is the type of shirt I wear now: I don't feel it's an issue to pack a jacket along with some dress shirts, the weight involved is basically negligible. But I'm also one of those who does enjoy getting dressed up for dinner on occasion.
  21. I booked a mini suite for my cruise next year, but my wife doesn't know about it yet. She thinks it's just a regular balcony cabin. I decided to surprise her with it since it'll be our 25th anniversary. So I am very grateful to see the pictures! Thank you, Essiesmom!
  22. On one of my previous cruises, there was a couple celebrating their 50th on board. Their children (and other family members) were with them and they made sure that everyone knew it was their parents' anniversary. By about day 3 mostly everyone on board knew and kept congratulating them. I don't think they bought a drink most of the cruise as people kept buying them for them. On their actually anniversary date, the entire dining room stood up and applauded them. And unbeknownst to the couple, their children had somehow arranged to have their song (the song they danced to on their wedding)
  23. I direct you to look at my profile pic... <-----over there
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