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  1. I've learned to cough or sneeze into the crook of my elbow and not my hands. Much more sanitary, but still kinda gross too. lol!
  2. I wish there was a way to charge the people who do that for all that waste. Granted, there are times you get something you do not like and you don't eat it, but not "mountains of food".
  3. I'd love to see them do a similar experiment with every day situations. Like using a revolving door, or riding an elevator, or using a shopping cart while going through the store. I'd be willing to bet the transference rate is MUCH higher than that of a buffet.
  4. This was from when my wife and I were in St. Kitts back in March of 2019. Even though i knew the guy was going to ask for money after taking the pictures, it was worth it. It gave us a fun memory.
  5. Which I believe is what's going to happen.
  6. As bad as it's been in getting money back from cancelled vacations, it's been worse for those who have tickets to baseball games. Officially, MLB hasn't cancelled anything, it's merely "delayed" So no one has gotten a dime back. Granted, not as much money involved, but it's just another form of greedy ownership.
  7. That's my assumption. They want the passengers to cancel so they can get out of actually issuing refunds. I won't do that since I have "non-refundable" airfare booked through Celebrity. If I cancel, I lose that money; if Celebrity cancels, they must refund. It benefits me to wait. If it's not cancelled, I go. Though I just found out the Cayman Islands is closed to tourists until Sept. 1, but I'm ok with that.
  8. I'm just curious here about refunds and how long people are waiting. If Celebrity, not you, cancelled your cruise, when was the cruise date, when was it officially cancelled, and when did you get your refund? I'm not asking about FCC, just refunds. I'm only asking because of the small possibility of my August cruise being cancelled and how long it would take to process. For me, I also have airfare and an excursion included to be refunded, so length of time kind of matters for me... Thanks!
  9. I have a cruise in August. I am NOT cancelling it. I fully intend on going. Period. If I don't go, it's because Celebrity cancelled it and I'll then expect my money to be returned. That also includes one excursion and my airfare. No FCC for me.
  10. Correction: Coronavirus is now known to cause blood to coagulate - clotting in some patients. And the flu season, according to the CDC, begins in October. If you truly want to be factual, that is.
  11. I always get violently ill from a flu shot, so I will never get one. BUT I will get a COVID-19 shot, if only to protect my wife who is in her 70's. Her life is far more valuable to me than me possibly getting ill from the shot. The flu is NOT comparable to COVID-19. Anyway, in answer to the question posed by the OP: "Do you REALLY think we'll be cruising this year?" YES.
  12. I've been on 3 Alaskan cruises and all the formal nights were a mixture of those being very formal to "work casual" (collared shirts and khakis for the men). Most people get dressed up. I honestly do not recall seeing anyone "dressed down" (i.e. in jeans).
  13. Which is why I will wait until they cancel. I'd want my money back in full and not a FCC. Thankfully I've also booked my airfare through Celebrity, so I will get that back as well.
  14. Absolutely no one knows what's going to happen some summertime, until it does happen. It's all assumption. One can assume it'll die out once warm weather hits and it disappears like SARS did OR one can assume it'll explode further because of the warm weather. For now, we sit and wait to see what happens. Not even the most intelligent people in the would who are working on a vaccine know what's going to happen.
  15. That was in January and has since been proven incorrect. And, unless it's cancelled, my wife (who is 72) and I (I'm 57) are definitely planning on going on our cruise on August 9th.
  16. Not entirely correct. A good friend of mine just lost their cousin a couple of weeks ago. They had contracted COVID-19 via a hospital visit. They had stage 4 pancreatic cancer and was living on borrowed time. (The doctor didn't think he'd survive into February, let alone March.) The virus had absolutely nothing to do with their death, BUT because they tested positive it was considered a "death by COVID". The reason being, from what they were told, is the funeral home needs to know in order to protect themselves. So there's at least 1 death where the virus was not t
  17. I wouldn't cancel. Celebrity will give you 100% of your money back or give you a 125% FCC. The only issue would be airfare, but if you book through Celebrity, you'll get that a back as well if the cruises are cancelled.
  18. My wife and I are on this cruise as well! It'll be our 4th Celebrity cruise and we're really looking forward to it! You need to join the roll call though: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2658675-equinox-august-9th-2020/
  19. One thing to point out: That's worst case scenario. It might not be 100 days. (Being positive here!)
  20. Personally, I love getting on board as early as possible. I'm usually at the port by 10:30 am. However, if they need to take special care in cleaning the ship and it means it delays us from getting on board an extra hour or two, I'm OK with it. They can just make sure that no boarding passengers are allowed to the port until a specific time. Right now, for the most part, it's pretty "open" for people to get there whenever...
  21. My cruise is currently 122 days away..... I'm REALLY hoping we can go, BUT I'd completely understand if (worst case) we couldn't. I'd just pout a lot for awhile then.
  22. I don't even have the medallion app, and I got the email. Definitely spam, IMO.
  23. Not just Princess, but ALL cruise lines.
  24. Selfishly speaking, August 1 would be perfect. My cruise leaves on the 9th. But I'd rather have a cancelled cruise and a 100% chance of not catching COVID-19 than a cruise and a "small chance".
  25. Agreed that they'll be under contract, but I doubt they'll "force" anyone to go on board. Hence the volunteer comment, IMO.
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