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  1. When I booked mine, I was able to do the same. Like you, it was also first class. However, I also paid in full when I booked. I wonder if that matters when looking to select your seats.
  2. You also get on board faster/earlier. Which, for me, is worth the extra cost. i only book concierge when I sail on Celebrity. I enjoy the few extras you get with it, even the inexpensive sparkling wine & afternoon canapés. I know may roll their eyes about getting those, but I think it's a nice little touch. IMO, it's worth that $300 for the OP to book concierge.
  3. I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiment. Opinions on food is extremely subjective. What one person likes, another person will hate. For example, I love pepper-rusted prime rib, my wife does not. If that's what we both got in the MDR, our opinions would obviously differ in the enjoyment of the meal. So much more detail is needed by the OP other than "the food quality is just plain awful". WHY is it awful?
  4. Asked more than a few times and had the questions answered.... numerous time. Are we being punked?
  5. I hope you do a review! I'm going from LA to FLL in May of 2021! So I'd love to read/hear of your experience!
  6. For me, it was all about the timing of the cruise, so I'm fortunate to be on a ship going through the old locks. I'm truly looking forward to being on Island Princess, despite many people seemingly unhappy with her looks....
  7. NOT to hijack Paul's thread here, but if you're looking for fun things to while here, I'm also in the Chicago area and can always give you some recommendation! Especially around Navy Pier. Back to Paul's blog now.
  8. Paul, loving your blog/review so far! I've been on Silhouette before, but on a different itinerary. It's nice to see another's opinion of the ship, plus you're making me want to really visit Aruba now if only to go to Screaming Eagle! Sounds like it was an incredible experience!
  9. I agree about the hot (it's excessive some days), but not the noise. I didn't have any issue with it when I was on 11.
  10. On a good day it's about 25 minutes from the port to the airport. Expect closer to 35. Definitely have transportation scheduled and ready to pick you up though, do not attempt to wait for a cab. While there will be numerous cabs there to pick up passengers, the wait time in line can easily hit 45 minutes. So if you're off the ship by 8:30 and get to your transportation immediately, you could probably be at the airport by 9:30. Assuming there are zero issues, of course.
  11. Hopefully this is true! So far I've seen nothing about it either on their website or in the news.
  12. For mine, it's going to end up costing me $550 less. So I'm happy. Only thing is, I had to cancel my initial booking with a TA and then rebook with Princess, but I was still able to get the cabin I wanted (it's literally next door to the one I had originally booked!).
  13. I didn't see it until I went to actually book a cruise, then there was a link.
  14. Well, the easiest thing for me to do was just cancel the booking I had with my TA and rebook with Princess. In the end, I'm saving almost $550 overall AND I'm getting a better vacation protection package. Best of all, the cabin I rebooked for is literally right next door to the cabin I had originally booked. I'm very glad that Princess has the courtesy hold option, too.
  15. Looking at the cruise I currently have booked. It's $1,500 more than what I booked for, BUT when you start including all the perks, etc., that I currently do not have have, it's cheaper in the long run.... Now I need to figure out how to work with my TA to get this pricing & perks.
  16. Can you refare if you booked your cruise with a TA and not Princess directly? Or will I need to cancel that booking and then re-book with Princess?
  17. I've heard great things about El Covento (including the above comments), but I wholeheartedly recommend Casablanca if you're looking for a really nice place to stay. Best part of it all is that it's across the street from Punta de Vista restaurant which has excellent food and service!
  18. Best bet is to call Celebrity rather than try to do it online, especially with the one that is sold out. I honestly have no idea what their policy is though in terms of rebooking at a lower price.
  19. Then that's a recent change. My wife and I tried to get both back in 2016 and were denied. We were told then it was one or the other, not both.
  20. When I sail on Celebrity, I will only do Concierge. I've done Aqua Class once and that was one time too many for me. (Not a fan of Blu and its menu.) IMO, you made an excellent choice. Obviously a junior suite is better, if only in terms of more room, etc., but I think you'll like your choice.
  21. My wife and I have been on 3 Celebrity cruises and we've gone to Qsine on each cruise. However, we will definitely not be going to LPC. It holds no interest to either of us. Qsine was fun, this doesn't look like fun.
  22. As someone who has worked at a movie theater (albeit 35-ish years ago), I can tell you right now you're not buying popcorn but rather the container. Theaters won't confirm that, but I can. I only know this is because I got free popcorn, and drinks, all the time when I worked there. Their cost for popcorn is extremely cheap because they literally buy it by the ton.
  23. If you can bring anything you want, then bring foil. LOTS of foil. Not the heavy duty kind. Wrap the egg tightly at first, at least an inch or so thick, then get it "looser" as you continue. I did this in my physics class in my junior year in HS. We had to fit in in a 6"x6" box. My egg did not break. I was one of 2... out of 50+.
  24. I've got 3 countdown going right now! First up is an all-inclusive in Playa del Carmen in 33 days! (Yep, leaving on Christmas day!) Next our Celebrity Equinox cruise in 261 days. And finally, for our 25th anniversary, our Panama Canal cruise on Island Princess in 534 days. Lots of planning going on here! 😊
  25. I've been a member on these boards since 2003. And not a week goes by that I haven't seen a brand new dress code thread. Every cruise section has them, whether it's Princess, Celebrity, Carnival, etc. Heck, one of the first threads I was involved in was a dress code thread and the running joke in that thread was that someone was going to buy a denim tux and wear it. I never did find out if he did it or not.... One thing that is consistent with CC in all the time I've been a member is that there are dress code threads, food threads (both complaining about and raving about), ch
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