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  1. I was told that a confirmation is not a guarantee. The assistant maitre d told us that there were guests that had booked 10 months early and were not guaranteed YTD.

    Then don't give a confirmation. Leave it as a request only.

    Still a deal breaker....won't be back on Carnival.


    Sorry, but a confirmation IS a guarantee. It's confirming what you purchased. You buy X, you get confirmation of X, you get X and not Z instead!


    Using the asst. Maitre'D's logic, having a confirmation of a flight at noon, means you're now flying out at 5PM. :rolleyes:

  2. I'm sure it was 100 percent better. But i'll bet the price was also considerably higher.


    So what if it was higher? Who cares? A cruise can be bad for someone regardless of the price and vice versa. There are times you do get what you paid for....



    And to the OP (even though she started this thread in February!), I'm right there with your husband in terms of feeling hot and sweaty, even when it's 72 or 73°. I like it a lot cooler. I always tell my wife that she can put more on because I can't take too much more off! :p

  3. Really?? Name the cruise lines for me, please.


    And I stand by MY opinion. It is, after all,


    MY opinion, not THE opinion (as you seem to think that YOURS is). It is just AN OPINION.

    I'll check back when you have that information posted....


    I'm not Wallie, but without even having to look I know Thomson Cruises goes there. They're out of England. I know there are more, but I'm not going to search for them.


    Be that as it may, there are other cruise lines out there that do not cater to Americans.

  4. So if you were not booked yet and you found an itinerary that had switched a port for Cuba, you would not book it? Out of respect for the people who had already booked but had their itinerary changed? Or are you talking about an existing booking that you had that switched a port for Cuba?


    I would not want someone's booking to be altered for Cuba to replacement of another port. I'd rather lose a sea day, pay extra for the port fees, etc.


    Hell, get rid of the overnights and plug in Cuba instead! :)

  5. That's a lot of vodka!


    Hope it was a long cruise!


    It probably was for the people who didn't get their case of "water"! :D



    Anyway, on my Carnival cruise a couple weeks back, when my wife and I were standing in line for embarkation, there was a group behind who were bringing some water on board with them. 6 cases. For a 4 day cruise. :rolleyes:


    It was a tad excessive..... :D

  6. With the amount of time till the first overnight, I am sure some of the wonderful local tour operators have their wheels spinning on how to get re done!


    Well, one thing I had forgotten about when I did that post is that there are airports in Cozumel and VERY near Chichen Itza (25-30 minutes away). So make it a helicopter trip. They have similar trips in Alaska to go flight seeing to glaciers, etc. It would be pricey, but well worth it.


    If that is something that could be arranged, then you're looking at about a total of 90 minutes (taking the scenic route) to get to Chichen Itza, rather than 3+ hours.

  7. People don't seem to understand that the main reason there are long lines for the tender is it's because there are usually other ships in port using those same tenders. If there were only 1 or 2 ships in port, things would go quickly.


    The tendering process is not usually the cruise line's fault if it takes a long time.

  8. I think I mentioned this before but you may have not seen the post. The nice Lady from Celebrity who called me in response to my email which complained about losing a Port to sit by a dock on another Island for two days said " I just received a memo and there are plans for excursions, there is a wine tasting planned in Curacao".


    She didn't mention any other planned excursions. I am sure there will be some who are thrilled at the likes of this, I am not one of them.


    I enjoy a good bottle of win now and then..... but that's a poor "replacement" for a lost port.

  9. Chichen Itza would be a wonderful excursion but is not possible even with our overnight in Cozumel. We are now arriving at 12 noon and leaving the next day at 5.


    It's possible. It's open until 5PM. One hour ferry ride to the mainland, 2+ hour drive to Chichen Itza. That gives people 90 minutes to 2 hours there. During the spring and summer, there's a light show that begins at 8PM; during the fall and winter it starts at 7PM. So if they package it as a trip there in late afternoon, break for dinner, back for the show, it could be a great excursion.


    Also, if Celebrity does want to offer this type of excursion, they could always adjust their arrival time for an hour earlier.

  10. Personally, while I can afford to get a suite, I still cannot justify the cost of one. I'd just rather spend the money on other aspects of my cruise/vacation. I've had a suite once on a different ship, and it was nice, but we would have been just as happy with a regular balcony room.


    Of course, I'm also one of those people who views a hotel room as just a place to sleep, shower, and sh... er, do other things. :) So no need to spend a ton of money. Just enjoy what you can afford or whatever you want to spend.

  11. And if X is lying about the results of their poll, then one needs to also believe that X has made big business decision that flew in the face of their polling data.


    That doesn't really make a lot of sense so is likely not what's happened.


    I don't think they're lying about the results of their poll, but I doubt they had a large sample. Much like the accusations of CC's polling total. There's also a way to to ask a question in a poll to get the desired results.


    If they asked, "Would you be in favor of overnight stays in select Caribbean ports?" I'd say yes, because I'd hope for it to be Cozumel.


    If they instead asked (and I doubt they did ask it this way), "Would you be in favor in overnight stays in select Caribbean ports in replacement of visiting another port?" I'd say no. And I truly suspect the majority of people would, because they would not know which port is being replaced. Also, more people want to additional ports rather then less, even if it includes an overnight stay.

  12. Whether the margin of error contains meaning depends upon what you're trying to say.


    If you're saying that the poll results are representative of the opinions of those cruise critic members who responded to the poll, then the margin of error has meaning.


    The margin of error of this poll is meaningless if you're trying to say that the poll is representative of the opinions of the cruising public.


    The reason it is meaningless in the second instance is because you didn't poll a representative sample of the cruising public since only cruise critic members could respond.


    Think of it this way. Would you conduct a poll of residents of Scottsboro Alabama and say the results are representative of the residents of San Francisco?


    Your Scottsboro vs. SF comment is incorrect. All members of Cruise Critic are members of the cruising public, not all members of the cruising public are members of CC though. Not all residents of Scottsboro are residents of SF or vice versa. It's apples vs cacti there.


    It's very easy to extrapolate what the approximate percentage is based on the poll. Even if the margin of error was doubled to 14.2%, the overwhelming majority are still against it.


    I've seen smaller samples in Presidential elections that are within a margin of error of 5% that's highly accurate. And those polls are given to likely voters. Whereas the poll in question here is directed at those definitely booked on affected cruises, not likely to book one.


    There should probably be a different poll encompassing all who cruise Celebrity and not just one for those have an affected cruise. That would probably give better insight.

  13. Could be because the poll asks for opinions from people who "currently" have a Caribbean cruise booked.




    And to cle-guy: I've viewed this thread numerous times, but I only posted a few times. It's probably 5-1 viewing to posting for me. The number of views doesn't mean 7,000 different people have seen this thread, it's just that various people have clicked on it 7,000 times. It could be the same 200 or so people. The only ones who definitely know are the admins of the site.


    So your percentage is way off.

  14. The margin of error is meaningless for this poll. As has been stated many times, this is a poll of a very small segment of the cruising public. You simply cannot extrapolate from a poll of cruise critic members to the general cruising public.


    The only statement you can make is that the majority of cruise critic members who choose to participate in this poll would prefer to drop the overnights. That is very different from saying the vast majority don't want to lose an island.


    Interestingly you do admit that Celebrity conducted a poll prior to making these changes. That poll would be far more representative of the preferences of the cruising public since it was not confined to cruise critic members. One can only conclude Celebrity's poll indicated that the majority of the cruising public preferred the overnights.


    It's not meaningless at all. To YOU it is, but not in terms of a margin of error.

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