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  1. Why starboard over port?


    For Solstice you won't be sailing the inside passage for part of the cruise, but rather out in the ocean. Starboard side allows you to see land from your balcony. Once you hit the inside passage further up north, it really won't matter then what side you're on because there's land on both sides. Heading south, it really doesn't matter where you're at on the ship, because once you're at the sea portion of the cruise it's night and you wouldn't see anything any way. The lone exception, heading south, is the cruise that leaves Seattle and ends in Vancouver.


    However, best thing about an aft cabin, you'll see land, albeit from "an angle", and there's potential to see whales as well.


    My 2¢.

  2. I haven't booked my cruise YET (not until Nov. 18th), but the promotion will definitely come in handy for me! :) My wife and I were debating if we wanted to buy any drink this time around or not since it'll be Alaska and we don't typically drink more on this type of cruise. No need to debate any more!

  3. I heard on person complaining about the size of his final bill. It was a few pages thick... None of the charges were real and he had no idea who "stole his credit information".


    He didn't realize that everyone in his group was attached to his credit card, which included his 3 kids, who apparently loved video games and "free soda and free stuff they got at the shops".


    The dawning realization was funny to see. :) Of course his kids weren't too happy afterwards though!

  4. I may be a minority of one re BLU, but we had dinner there (only once) on a recent transatlantic. The food was awful, and the service not as good as the food.


    Not sure of the merits of Aqua Class, but I would advise against booking it for access to BLU.


    I'm right there with you.


    I much prefer saving a bit of money and book Concierge.

  5. And how many reading this thread have canceled their upcoming cruise because of this...?


    I seriously considered cancelling mine, or rather not making the booking.


    After a conversation with my wife, we both agreed to book and hope that Celebrity does not screw with the reservation. Be that as it may, we're wary of booking, despite REALLY wanting to do the cruise.


    As for the almighty dollar, this is costing Celebrity more money than if they had just moved the OP back into her originally booked cabin. Granted, it's a very small drop in the financial bucket of their, but if this happens often, it'll become an adverse line item on their yearly reports. And it is happening often, probably more than we realize. (I can think of 3 other thread where a similar occurrence happened.)

  6. Kevin T Brown, JaneStarr, Chooz2cruz, Sloop-JohnB, excitedofharpenden, Eaglerocker, jagoffee and others who have recognized the situation for what it was, I thank you. I would love to connect and let you all know how it goes. It's a great pleasure to take this time and see my mother celebrate turning such a milestone, as she lost her husband and I my father at a young age, so we cherish every year, but this one is exciting.


    I hope you all have a wonderful winter and get a chance to enjoy what we all love - floating on our homes at sea, whereever they may take us.


    Cheers to all!!

    Stacy :)


    Stacy, I hope you and your mother have a great cruise! :)

  7. I know exactly what you're saying, however, are you expecting me to believe that the majority of passengers would be happy if for example, they had booked an Alaskan southern route itinerary in a CS port side and then were moved to a CS starboard - I think not! Irrespective of what they state here, they wouldn't be too happy ;).


    Have you not read the endless threads on CC that are posted from ecstatic passengers because they are staying in a particular cabin? It's surprising how many say it's a mountain out of a molehill until it happens to them ;).




    When I go to book my next cruise, which will be Alaska, I am looking to book a specific cabin on the starboard side. My wife and I have discussed where we want to be on the ship, so I have a list of 4 cabins, if available, that I will try to choose from. If none of the 4 are free, then I'll opt for the "best available", but still on the starboard side. This is our preference. This is what we will pay our money for.


    People have their reasons for booking specific cabins. So if others feel it's much ado about nothing, then they don't get it and never will.

  8. To the OP - I've also been following this thread with great sympathy and I think that X could have alerted the "new"occupants that actually the cabin they've just booked was not available by I glitch in their IT, give them a small OBC or let them cancel - swift and short. As it is, X has invested a lot of "work" hours into this situation and it is steadly deteriorating.


    I'm also not sure if X "invested" any thoughts in explaining the "new" occupants the "history/circumstances" of the "old" booking :confused:





    There is so much right about the above comment it almost makes too much sense! :)



    But this goes back to what I originally said: Celebrity will never do the right thing for the "wronged party" if it affects someone else. They will do everything BUT the right thing. What they don't realize is that by doing EVERYTHING else, they're making matters worse. People want what they booked. Period. Especially when they put money down on it. Does this mean the people who never should have been able to book this cabin get screwed? No. They never should have been allowed to book it.


    Errors happen. And when they do happen, the right and proper thing to do is reverse it and put everything back as it was. Originally passengers get the cabin back, new passengers need to search for a new cabin out of the "pool of cabins" that should have been available to them at that time.


    Celebrity is not going to lose money on this. They are, however, losing their customers' faith that they can correct errors. I am beginning to second guess sailing with them in the future right now because I am concerned about losing a specific cabin I book. On November 18th I will be booking a cruise and I have a short list of specific cabins I want to choose from, so odds are good that I'll get what I want since it's "day 1" of booking. Hopefully once booked it won't "accidentally" get unbooked on me.... We shall see.


    It's time for Celebrity to do the right thing. Put the OP back in the cabin she booked months ago. Move the other passengers to another cabin. THEY CAN DO THIS. I feel badly for the other passengers, they're not really at fault, but it's not the OP's fault she got ousted.


    So do it, Celebrity.

  9. A question for everyone and be honest here: IF you were the new passengers in this cabin and you discovered that the person who had booked it months ago lost it because of Celebrity's error, would you "give it back" to her or would consider her "SOL"?


    Speaking for myself, I could not in good conscience keep it. At the same time, because of Celebrity's error, I would expect something in return from Celebrity to give it back to the original passenger. Would I NOT return it if Celebrity said "no" to that request? No, but I would be very disappointed and it might be my last Celebrity cruise. So while I would lose "preferred cabin", and I would definitely be very upset, I could not be the one to prevent someone who had "first dibs" from taking it back. It just wouldn't be right, IMO.

  10. Even though I think this topic will end up being contentious, I have one observation to relate.

    My experience on board with customer service has always been very positive. In every instance the Officers and crew have gone above and beyond to solve the problems that have arisen, including on our most recent B2B cruises on Reflection. You are correct, that they are not able to please everyone, as we have observed while standing in line at the Guest Relations desk, but I know that they do their best to try. :)


    I hope it does not become contentious as I am hoping that the Celebrity person who posts here sees this thread and takes note of what we like and dislike. There a lot of threads that focus on certain topics, but here's the place to not only say, "I wish X would fix or bring back ___________," but also let them know it's not all bad! :)

  11. Good morning all,


    Well, here's my update - have spoken again with the rep from Michael Bailey's "office" who told me that they have booked us into cabin 2103, next door to our original cabin of 2105.


    I noted that the location of this cabin is perfect for my mother and meets the needs as previously outlined. However, our original carefully selected cabin of 2105, which was chosen after much research (most on cruisecritic :) due to the "little bit of extra" in the size of the balcony. The new cabin selected for us does not have this balcony size. The rep felt that as the requirements for location were met, that she was "thrilled" to have been able to get this cabin for us. I completely agreed that the location is excellent, but still feel that we are not receiving what we had booked and lost, through no fault of our own.


    The rep has stated that she will contact the "ship" and have them physically measure the size of the two balconies to determine if there is actually a large difference in the size. She outlined that Celebrity has made all cabins equal within a category and if there is only a minimal square footage of difference, then the cabin is comparable.


    I have suggested that perhaps some of the same research be done on cabin 2105 versus 2103, as most ship passengers would do when booking.


    At this time, I am now waiting to hear on whether there is a difference in the size of the balcony. I do not know what the outcome will be if the difference is proven to be significant, as I believe it should be.


    Thank you for continuing to give your input.


    Ok, here's the simple solution: You have 2105 now? The new pax has 2103? Have Celebrity switch them in to 2105 and put you BACK into 2103. Easy peasy. THAT CAN BE DONE. There's seriously nothing they can say right now that is a good excuse to not give you back your originally booked cabin since you're now right next door. The new pax will still be in the same location and you'll be in the cabin you booked months ago.


    DONE AND DONE. :cool:

  12. This is all a matter of opinion. :) Respectfully, there are no right or wrong opinions.


    With that said, we always see threads that have people saying one thing and other people chiming in to say they're wrong and that their cruise was perfect or not perfect, depending on the circumstance. So what, in your opinion, does Celebrity right and wrong? This is not intended to be negative thread or one where people argue, it's just a thread to show what areas that we, as customers, feel that they can improve upon. As well as show them what areas we DO appreciate and feel that they're nearly perfect.


    Let's be positive first with what they do right: In 2 cruises, I've felt the service was impeccable, especially in the dining room. I also love the food choices they offer, from the buffet to the AquaSpa Café to Café al Bacio and more. Finally, you feel like you get your money's worth when sailing with them, with no pressure to buy pictures or whatever. to me that is a HUGE thing. I'm on vacation to relax and not be pressured.


    What they really do wrong: This is already being related in another thread, but their customer service (NOT the service you receive on board in the dining room or from your room steward, etc.) is horrid. You really need to push back for them to even be persuaded to look into to really fixing the problem. That customer service problem also occurs on board. So while I know they cannot make everyone happy, they should focus on making the person(s) affected happy rather than offer something small. Not everything can solved with $200 OBC.


    Anyway, IMHO, Celebrity does a LOT more right than wrong. What they do "wrong" is very minimal and it certainly will never deter me from sailing with them. And mostly everyone I've had to deal with has always been extremely friendly and quite accommodating.


    Your turn now! :)

  13. Celebrity can you confirm what time bookings will open on Nov 11th?


    Sorry, not sure yet.


    When I called to confirm that cruisetours will be available to book (they are!), the person I talked to was under the impression that they'd be open to book 7AM Eastern time. He was NOT 100% sure though.


    Be that as it may, since I get to work by 6AM in Chicago, I'll be signing on to make sure! :D

  14. then you end up with 2 ticked of people with 2 CC threads about it instead of just this single thread.

    2 wrongs don't make a right do they?


    Maybe the other people are not even CC members...

    In this case, X has to make the OP happy first.


    Agreed, especially since it was Celebrity who "unbooked" her cabin for her...

  15. No, I don't expect Michael Bayley to come here and respond either. However, when a company makes this kind of egregious error, I think the company can put in a better effort than the OP has received to date.


    I am a big fan of Celebrity. I just think this is one area where their policy could be improved.


    I wholeheartedly agree. It is the only major complaint I have about them. Otherwise, pretty much everything else is top-notch.


    It does make me wonder how they'd handle an even more serious problem though. If they'd just brush it aside (as this feels like) or they'd actually do something about it, other than a small-ish OBC.

  16. But there will be 2 groups who had dissatisfaction. Now the new occupants are happy as clams, and could care less.


    Moving them, now has 2 threads on cruise critic about unhappy people.


    I doubt very seriously that X is going to swap the new for the old occupants. It's far better just to take a deep breath and move on and accept what's been offered and chuck it up to experience. let the anxiety slip away. An offer of OBC in any amount is actually a decent offer.


    X can relocate people for any reason at any time, though it happens rarely, it does happen, be it for good reasons or due to a reservation error. Though in practice it's very, very rarely done.


    The best advice to you is to use open cabin websites to locate alternate available cabins on your sailing, and ask X to relocate to one of those, within your assigned cabin category, or ask for a lower category that has the best location, and accept a refund on the fare difference. If you provide ship and sailing date, many of us would be happy to provide a list of options for you.


    You have to decide if the cabin location is the most important (seems it is as you say it's for an elderly person with mobility issues) or the size of the veranda is more important.


    Re: the bolded part.


    That usually happens when someone has booked a handicapped accessible cabin and has no need of it, but a new booking does. Any other time I've seen it happen, it's when I've read it on here about people being moved and it's been Celebrity's error. And Celebrity NEVER corrects the error and NEVER puts the people back in their originally booked cabin.


    People book specific cabins for a reason. Period. If a cabin is booked and someone else would like to have it, tough. At least that's how it should be.


    Right now someone else is benefiting from Celebrity's screw up. That, to me, is not only horrible public relations, but it's flat out wrong. if it was me, I'm moving way up the food chain until I got satisfaction. I am not exactly the shy retiring type. :)

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