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  1. I only blackjack, so I can only tell you what I know about that game. The minimum chip value is a $1, but the minimum bets are $5. Though occasionally the minimum bets are $10. It just depends on the evening I suppose.

  2. I am generally in agreement with you, but Celebrity (and some other lines) have raised prices a whole lot more than 1% in the last year. We have 9 cruises booked and deposited, all booked very early (18-24 months in advance) and there is not a single one that I would book today since prices have risen a minimum of 20% and a maximum of 150% since we booked them. Yes, prices of commodities have risen in the last year, but not even remotely like those increases. That extra $$$ goes into the line's coffers. Profits are already way up and headed higher (viz cruise line equity price levels). Somehow I don't think those added bottom line $$$ will be used to increase the quality. But I could be wrong, it's happened in the past :D


    I don't know what time in the year you generally look to cruise in, but the time periods and cruises I look at have remained (for the most part) somewhat consistent in terms of inflation for me. I maybe spending more money for the cruise I want, but in terms of percentages it hasn't increased vs. what I earn. If that makes sense to you. :)


    The only reason I know that is because I try to put away x% of money I earn aside for vacation(s) and the percentage has remained the same for about 10 years now. When I need to increase the amount of money I put aside, then I'll re-think things.


    But, yes, if you spent, say, $1,200 for a cruise for 2 four years ago and it's now $1,500 or higher, then it's a shock. I'm just seeing it from a different perspective I guess.


    Off topic, now I'm curious just how much each cruise makes just on bookings alone.... :confused:

  3. I don't know about anyone else, but I wouldn't complain in the least it Celebrity, say, raised everyone's fare by 1% per person. Depending on the cruise and stateroom level that's as little $9 and as high as $120. (And if you're paying for a suite, $120 per person is not a huge amount to you.) However for most, and on average, we're looking at about $20 per person. And with ships sailing at near capacity, that's an additional $39,000-57,000 per ship per cruise.


    In the grand scheme of things, it's probably a drop in the bucket for Celebrity. But if that additional amount can bring back some of what was lost, why not? I'm willing to spend $20 more a person to get back the lost quality, how about you?

  4. I still don't understand why some people have problems and others (like myself) never do:confused:


    I've come to realize that it's an intermittent problem for them. There are times that whatever you're doing, it's perfectly. However, those are quite rare. The problems do seem to increase during the daytime hours of the US, especially during the weekend daytime hours.


    And they do know the problems exist. When I had them (rarely), I called them directly to inquire what the situation was, and they already knew it was website issues. Mind you, my last cruise with them was early this year, so I was probably calling around this time in 2013.


    So customer service is very aware of the problems. So odds are good that somewhere in the upper echelons of Celebrity, they know about it as well. IMO, they don't feel it's costing them money in lost passengers, whereas it would cost them money to fix it.


    But complaining about on here does nothing. We need to call, email, heck even use snail mail, to complain about it. Maybe then they'll do something. I just won't hold my breath over it..... :rolleyes:

  5. I love to eat. I could go to a buffet and wipe 'em out! :D


    With that said, I was very determined on my last cruise to not gain weight. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I ate what I wanted. The main thing I did was watch my portions and I made sure for lunch and dinner that I always had a very large green salad of some sort. There was only one night where I would consider myself overly-gluttonous.


    I also made full use of the Premium Drink Package. I had more alcohol on this cruise than I would have in a month normally.


    Be that as it may, I still lost a pound. It was the portion control that helped and picking the one night to really over indulge in something I really wanted (Qsine). It also helped that most of what we did on shore was walk.

  6. I just wanted to say this: My local library has a copy of your book, Chester. I'm currently right in the middle of it. (Just finished the Belize chapter.) It's definitely a fun read and I recommend everyone here should read it. Whether you're a cruise newbie or a well seasoned cruiser.


    Thank you for sharing your experiences!

  7. Beware.......Big Brother is watching!:cool:


    Yes they are!



    Now put down that donut!



    Now for any of the post police.....that was a sarcastic comment meant to amuse!


    I am on Google Maps constantly,.


    I was amused! :p

  8. You're all assuming, of course, that Celebrity's IT Department is handling their website. MOST IT Departments only handle internal systems (i.e. communications, intranet, hardware) and they hire out to a web design company. I'm not saying this is the case for Celebrity, but I would think the complains should directed more at the web designers than the IT Dept. as a whole.


    Just my 2¢.



    Oh, and they definitely need a new web designer/maintainer.

  9. Maybe look into a cruisetour?


    This is my suggestion, and this is what my wife and I planning for our 20th in 2016:


    Go to Seattle, spend some time there, explore the city. It's a gorgeous city with tons of awesome restaurants. From there, take the train up to Vancouver. Our plan is to go in the day before our cruise leaves, but if you've never been to Vancouver you may want to add in a couple of extra day to sight see. It's also a gorgeous city. From Vancouver you catch your cruise for 7 days. Once you arrive at Seward you do a land portion of the cruise. They have anywhere from 3 to 6 days land portions. The trip we're planning is only 3 days and ends at Anchorage.


    Your BTB obviously would only encompass 14-15 days (assuming you fly in a day before the cruise), whereas what I suggested could be upwards of 21 or more days. However, if you want to make the most of your trip, you'd definitely would do that! :) This way you'll not be seeing the same ports twice and you'll a great adventure in the Northwest of America.

  10. In reading this thread, it's definitely got me thinking, or rather re-thinking, about the cruise tour I want to book in May of 2016. It's our 20th wedding anniversary that month and we want to really do some exploring. This is still all in the planning stages, but we're tentatively planning on visiting Seattle for about 5 days, then taking the train up to Vancouver the day before we do the 10 day cruise tour (Vancouver to Seward, then it ends in Fairbanks).


    With the tour, our hotels, transportation, etc., are already paid for, but would it be cheaper (and easier) to just do a 7 day cruise and then go off on our own for 3-4 days?

  11. Greetings


    I believe the smoking areas on the S-Class ships are all on the port side.


    Good Sailing



    Yes they are.


    On Silhouette, they were allowing smoking on deck 12, port side, by the men's room. Believe me, I know, I passed through a cloud of smoke a couple of times in order to use the men's room!

  12. We are debating about booking an aft cabiin on the Silhouette. We are specifically looking at cabin 1676 which is a C1 cabin. Does anyone know if the balcony is covered or can the people above us see us?


    No, it is not. And there is a terrible soot problem with the aft cabins on this deck, so you will be unable to utilize your balcony for most of your cruise. I was in 1674 on my cruise and it was horrible in that regard. I loved the location of the cabin, but hated not being able to use the balcony.


    If you really want an aft cabin, I suggest going down 2 more decks. Decks 11 and 10 had soot problems, but not deck 9 and lower. OR move up to deck 12, they're covered up there and had no soot problems.

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