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  1. My wife and I both loved Qsine and we're definitely donig again on the next cruise. Betwen the two of us we had a very good time, but if you're with a group of 4 or more it could be loads of fun. Everyone trying a variety of dishes.


    And definitely go hungry!

  2. I've rarely had any problems with the food I get on board of a cruise ship. My experience at Blu (for breakfast) was the first time I actually sent food back and complained.


    I just love to eat. :D I'm just as comfortable eating at White Castle as I am at Morton's. Great example of that: While in Seattle we ate at Sky City one night and the next morning we had breakfast at Biscuit Bitch. They're on the complete opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of price, but the quality of the food at each place was great.


    If the food is good, the food is good. It doesn't matter what kitchen it comes out of in that regard!

  3. First of all, I know mold and mildew can be real problems for those are sensitive to them. For them it's a life issue and not just a cleanliness issue. Cruise lines, not just Celebrity, take special care in the types of foods they serve, especially with people who have certain dietary restrictions and/or allergies. So why can't they do the same when it comes to this bathrooms?


    The simple answer is this: time.


    It's takes time to clean the cabins. I have no idea how many cabins a steward and their assistant have to clean, but they need to get them all done "NOW" because the passengers demand it. I have literally seen people complaining about the time it takes for the stewards to clean their room, even in a half-ass way in order to just give them back the cabin!


    How many people here have commented just once that they wish the steward would work faster so they could get back into their cabin? As many cruises as I've been on, I'm sure I've done it, even if I don't recall doing so. So I'm sure they feel the need to work as fast as they can in order to be gone and sometimes things get missed or they're not done perfectly.


    Anyway, you know what helps to get things done? A thank you and acknowledgment of how hard they work for you. And I'm one of those who does realize just how hard these people work and I will always "pre-tip" the moment I meet my steward. I know many people are firmly against it, but it's what I do because I feel it's the right thing to do. Only once did I feel it was not warranted.


    I'm all for complaining and making sure your bathroom is as clean as it should be and as you need it to be for your health. Just remember the person doing this has other bathrooms to clean and has a limited time in doing them as well. It's not an excuse, it's just a fact. Personally, as much as I'd love to get into my cabin the moment I get on board, if it means having to wait until a couple extra hours to make sure everything is 100% spic and span, I'm all for it. Let the steward or the head of housekeeping know if you're sensitive and that you'd appreciate them being proactive. You get better results with "sugar" than with "vinegar".


    Finally, while some of you don't have a problem with a bit of dark grout, there are just as many who do. Better to err on the side of caution rather than just shrug your shoulders at it and say, "whatever". :)

  4. Ok, for those having trouble looking at excursions or doing anything else, here's what to do.

    Sign in and then click on the blue "Manage Reservation" button to bring up the drop down menu and click on View Reservation. When you get to the next screen you'll see the "word balloons" showing My Cruise Summary, Shore & Land Excursions, etc. To make those work and give you the opportunity to view them, use the right click button on your mouse and then open them in a new tab, [U]not[/U] a new window. You'll need to use the right click to order (i.e. specialty dining) as well on the blue tabs. Open in a new tab, etc.

    For the excursions, allow the little drop down pane to show and right click on any of the links and open in new tab again. The you can just click on the "all" option to view everything as normal.

    That [B]should [/B]work. :)
  5. Mt next cruise is on Silhouette. While I am fairly certain I know the answer, I just want to verify because my wife and I meeting a friend in Cozumel at specific time.


    While in port, does the ship go by the current time of the port? In this case, we're supposed to arrive at 7am. Is that 7am local time or does this operate on a different time?


    I am fairly certain the ship time always matches the port time, but I just wanted to be 100% sure! :)

  6. I agree. I've seen some really nasty disembarcations in Ft. Lauderdale. And read about a lot more on these boards.


    I would hate to end my cruise with that sort of stress. I would take the Everglades excursion which keeps your luggage on the bus and eventually delivers you to FLL.


    Which is what my wife and i are doing. We have a flight that leaves at about 5:00. No need to have the stress.

  7. I've read recent review of the restaurant as being closed for renovations, but no one has seen anything done. I'll be visiting the island in January and Sonora Grill is always a must visit place for me and my wife! We'll be very sad if it's closed...


    Does anyone have any information about the restaurant and its current status??

  8. Thanks so much for the useful replies. I really appreciate the feedback. We will have to give the matter some serious thought. The decision on flights would be a bit easier if the next possible flight out wasn't until 3:30pm and more expensive to boot. Roll the dice? Guess I will find out how much of a gambler the wife is. As if I don't already know. LOL. She's not. Probably just have to suck it up and plan on a long day at the airport - perhaps after waiting to get off the ship at the very latest time possible.


    Just book a post-cruise excursion. It kills time, it's usually enjoyable to do, and they'll take you right to the airport afterwards. :)

  9. Ship: Summit

    Cabin #: 1104

    Deck #: 11

    Class: Aqua Class

    Area: Aft

    Bed near: Bath

    Quiet?: Mostly yes. You can hear people jogging on the track above, but it does not wake you up.

    Balcony view: No obstructions

    Balcony size: Average

    Wind a problem?: No

    Soot a problem?: No

    Problems/comments: There’s no shade for the balcony. It’s 100% uncovered. If you love being in the sun, it’s great; if you do not, it’s not enjoyable. The cabin is also on the starboard side, so no problems with people smoking. And the location really cannot be beat. Quick access to the pool.

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