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  1. It's good to read how you care about Lisa's misadventure and I fully agree with you; your arguments are very convincing. Celebrity should realize that most of the CC readers are behind Lisa and expecting that an acceptable solution will be proposed to her, including complete apologies for blaming her and compensation for the trouble and stress caused to her by their fault.


    I just dislike when customer service assumes we're stupid and can make any excuse for their mistakes. Lisa should not have to lose her cabin. It's that simple. Celebrity can put her back in it if they desired to do so.

  2. I think that ship has sailed (pun intended :p). At this point someone else has the cabin and I can't see Celebrity making nice with Lisa just to pi$$ off whoever has the cabin now so her best option is to try and get Celebrity to assign her a suitable replacement.


    Without knowing Lisa and exactly what happened, is it possible that she caused the problem? Possibly. It is likely Celebrity's website (or staff) caused the problem? Most likely.


    Ultimately I wish her the best of luck in getting a satisfactory solution. I'm stilling having trouble understanding her inability to get through to Celebrity however. Oh well.


    I disagree. Celebrity CAN reinstate Lisa in her original cabin if they want to make it right rather than make excuses. The choice they need to make is which customer do they want to make unhappy? The one who booked it months ago or the one that swooped in and took it because of their error.


    And, yes, it is their error. I had it verified today by calling them and asking how I could change a cabin. You'd need to either call them in order for it to be done OR cancel and then re-book online. You cannot accidentally change it by doing anything with your e-docs. The system does not work in that manner. Nancy was quite helpful. :)


    I know Celebrity reads these boards, now they need to do something here.

  3. I would not hesitate to go up the ladder on this one. I had a serious accommodation problem on a RCL sailing, after getting home I contacted the CEO's office about it. After some time it was resolved and I was fairly compensated. I just wish I knew before we arrived of the problem like you. Keep trying, I hope you get what you paid for.


    On a side note, I would be curious who had my originally booked cabin. Not that this is in any way their fault, but maybe see when they were booked and if it does happen to be a group that all wanted to be together? Maybe check and see if there is a roll call group for your cruise, and if cabin numbers are listed or any talk??Maybe this is just me, but it would drive me crazy wondering why they did this, and then to blame me! that would not go over well with me at all!


    It's the whole "blaming the customer" for the change that bothers me. That's horrendous customer service when they do that.

  4. I disagree with you that it isn't a big deal. Celebrity is treating OP like they were a GTY when they weren't. And GTY rates are lower, yet OP got no discount. And making up a lame excuse we know is impossible is even worse because it's poor customer service and insulting, with the only attempted resolution being an overpriced up sell attempt.




    If only there was someone who represents Celebrity Cruises on this message board who could help Lisa regain her cabin...

  5. Hi Everyone,


    I'm sure there's another thread on this topic, but I recall reading that complimentary Room Service remains available, but there may have been a charge for some menu items, and perhaps for late night service.


    I will be sure to check it out, while on Century this week.


    Yes, there is a charge on some items, but very few. (I want to say it's things like steak & eggs.) MOST of the menu is free and room service, as of last week on Silhouette, was still 24/7.


    I certainly made use of room service.

  6. I was hoping this would be better on the Silhouette than it was on the Summit last year. It's weird because the room service scrambled eggs are fine. It's just the ones in the buffet. Oh well, I'll just have to have other kinds of eggs or skip them altogether.


    You can always have the omelet station make some scrambled eggs for you the way you like it. One of the pleasant surprises was the lack of long lines to get an omelet! :) Usually there was only about 2 or 3 people ahead of me waiting.

  7. We were misled by our travel agent about the 123go deal. It was offered to us if we booked by a certain date. We booked and paid our deposits before that date, and later that week was advised the deal wasn't available anymore!

    The Agent who was store manager should have done his research!!!!!! Not happy!

    I do know the same deal is on now until 28th Feb., but it is for new bookings only!!!!


    Your TA can call and get it added to your booking. BUT if the price has gone up, you'll need to pay the difference. Unfortunately, if the price goes down, they don't refund you. :(


    On my last cruise, I had initially missed the 1-2-3 deal as well, but it was offered 2 weeks after I had booked it. I called Celebrity and got it added with no problems.


    So have your TA give Celebrity a call. :)

  8. officially the specialties are resort casual every night even Formal ones. Unoffically the majority of diners will adhere to the evening dress code of the day.


    at the every least a tie and jacket.


    I saw a fairly even mix of formal, suit and tie, and smart casual on my last cruise. In the MDR, it was all suit and tie & formal.

  9. We had NO problems disembarking from Silhouette. We were the 3rd or 4th group to get off the ship and that was at 8:30. By the time we got outside to get on our bus for our excursion, it was about 9:00. If you self-disembark, you'll probably make it.


    Good luck!

  10. Day 8 (cruise day 7) -- Sea day: Another day spent by the pool. :) Yes, that is the kind of vacation I thoroughly love, with a few excursions thrown in on occasion.


    We had absolutely NO problems in finding a deck chair. Even though the pool area was packed, you can easily find a chair. The pool butlers were vigilant in clearing chairs of their towels when people leave them behind, too. I never heard a complaint from anyone about “their chair” being taken from them on this day, and only once during the entire cruise. And with the ship moving, later on we were finally able to use our balcony for the latter half of the afternoon. Overall, it was a glorious day.


    By the way, this was also the day that they served the grand brunch in the MDR.


    Day 9 (heading home) -- Fort Lauderdale and then Chicagoland: Disembarkation was a breeze. And since our flight was late in the day (5:20 pm), we booked a post-cruise excursion. Fort Lauderdale, Land & Sea. The land part was interesting, the sea part was interesting up to a point. After awhile you can see only so many multi-millionaires’ mega-yachts. But it killed time. ;)


    The flight home was non-eventful and I successfully avoided finding out anything about the Super Bowl score! (I was recording it.) Avoiding it was a challenge, too. Southwest now offers free TV on WiFi. Everyone around me was watching the game! I had to bury my nose in my book to not watch! :p


    Final thoughts: Overall we had a great time. There were a few problems, of which could have easily been resolved if people were willing do the right thing. I’ve come to the realization that Celebrity, as much as I enjoy their product, is completely unwilling to do the right thing if it means it affects another passenger. Meaning, if you’re the wrong party, you’re S.O.L. This is not going to prevent from booking with them again, but it’s something I’ll remember.


    Silhouette is a gorgeous ship. Its crew were always friendly and helpful. I certainly did not lack for service. I probably had the best room steward I’ve ever had and I tipped him appropriately in the end as well. He more than deserved it.


    The waitstaff in the MDR was ok. Service was good, but there were noticeable problems here and there. I have certainly had better and worse! The specialty restaurants were outstanding. Qsine is our favorite, but Tuscan Grill was equally as enjoyable. I have absolutely no complaints there. The Porch was also quite good. And we both loved Café al Bacio.


    The bar service, while good, was interesting. I noticed that people, like myself, who had the gold concierge cards got served first. Even if it meant bypassing someone else who had been there first with a non-concierge card. I don’t know about anyone else, but I always made it a point to make sure that they weren’t skipped over to serve me first. One of my pet peeves are those who cut in line, and I wasn’t going to allow it to happen for my benefit. That’s just wrong. Everyone on board should be treated equally, regardless of your “status”. This routinely happened at the pool bars.


    The buffet was always crowded and busy, but it flowed well. Only on one day was there a problem with clean cups getting out quickly. I thought the food was very good overall, though I wish their scrambled eggs were a bit more done. They were definitely “wet”. I usually went past them and got an omelet.


    We never saw any shows, as there was really nothing that interested us except for the magician. We had wanted to go to the Sin City show, but we invariably feel asleep early. :o (A lot of food, a lot of heat, and a lot to drink equals early nights! :p )


    Anyway, despite the problems, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and will definitely cruise on Celebrity again. The next cruise we’re planning will hopefully be a Panama Canal cruise in 2016 for our 20th anniversary. It’s a long wait, but we want to do it right. :)

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