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  1. Kevin - that would be :eek:hysterical if we both thought we had booked the same cabin. Tell ya what - I'm not moving so it would get really crowed in there - LMAO!!! Seriously I bet it has happened - I guess that'd have to check the times and go by whom ever got it first. At least right now there some other choices (same cabin but different decks) that would be ok for 2nd choices. :D


    8:10am Chicago time is when I got my email confirmation! :p



    In all seriousness, the TA I was dealing with had already put a hold on the cabin before anything was available to book this morning. :) I got the starboard cabin I wanted, but I also had 4 other choices if, for some reason, I could not have booked that specific cabin.


    However, based on celebrity's recent track record of 'accidentally" cancelling booking and other people grabbing the previously booked cabin, I WILL be checking daily. just in case! ;)

  2. I'm sorry but what is there to "make right", it was an error that was caught before anything was booked. Is it something to try to take advantage of? I guess I just don't understand this kind of attitude. I can't imagine feeling good about doing something like that.


    Making the customer happy.


    How unhappy would you be if you're about to make a major purchase and you're quoted one price, but you're about to purchase it and you're told they were wrong and you had to pay more now?


    Be that as it may, Celebrity is working with them and they are trying "make it right" in a way that the customer is happy.

  3. What about Canada/New England? Wasn't it due to be released together with Alaska??

    I see, tha Alaska deployment of 2016 is similar to this of 2015, but the 10-12 night cruises are missing... :eek: - but the Pacific Coastal sailings are back. :)


    Celebrty Millennium does not do any sailings between 26th of April and 12th May 2016 - will she be drydocked??


    Yes they were, but perhaps they're holding them back a few hours as Alaskan bookings get handled?



  4. I wouldn't be too happy either, but she explained it was her error and apologized and tried to make it right. At least you didn't book and she came back a month later and said the price was wrong they needed to increase it!


    If it was me, I'd call back, request to speak with her (if you cannot get her, then someone else higher up), calmly explained what it is you need for your family. Go over what you were originally quoted, see what Celebrity can do to set things right. They may not be able to do anything, but you can always ask. If the number they give you as a final quote is not to your liking and/or the cabin selection does not work for you, then you have a choice to book or not book at that point. At least allow them a chance to "make it right".

  5. Ok, the good news is I can see all the sailing for Alaska for 2016!! (Yay!)


    The bad news, I cannot book or even do a courtesy save online. (Boo!)


    Thankfully I have a voicemail in with one of the TAs at Celebrity, so hopefully I will be booked soon for my May 27th cruise on Millennium! :)


    Was able to put a hold on my Alaskan cruise earlier. The site had issues with actual booking - it kept kicking back to the screen before. I hope the hold really worked - got the cabin we wanted.


    It matters not!


    I am booked!!!!!!!!!! :D Got the cabin I wanted and everything. I am very happy!


    The plans for our 20th anniversary are now in full swing! :)

  6. When I sailed this past January, they were showing movies that had just been recently released on video. I remember watching "Elysium" on board, as an example. I know it was released on video a week before Christmas. :)


    So what they show is relatively recent and they have a lot of good movies to choose from, too.

  7. Excellent point!

    There are a number of reasonably priced ways to get between Seattle and Vancouver, even for those who don't want to drive.


    Many passengers like to take the train ride and consider it as another scenic excursion.


    Last summer we took the Quick Shuttle (Quick Coach) bus from Seattle to Vancouver for $55 per person one way.

    If there had been more than just the 2 of us, we probably would have rented a car instead.


    Each time we have priced a rental car for that trip, the total cost was between $100 - $170.

    There was no drop charge as the major rental car companies apparently keep a fleet of cars that regularly go back and forth between Seattle and Vancouver.



    I just checked and it's $62 for two people for the train one way to Vancouver out of King Street Station in Seattle.


    :) I'd rather spend $7 more and be a tad more comfortable.

  8. The best one I have heard personally was a lady demanding a refund for her entire cruise because she got a carton of milk on the buffet that the Best By date was the day previous. The agent asked if she got sick. She said no, but could have. Then he asked the most obvious question, "Why didn't you just grab another one?" I busted out laughing and walked away at that point.




    I wish they would stop using logic!! It confuses the complainer!



  9. Why starboard over port?


    For Solstice you won't be sailing the inside passage for part of the cruise, but rather out in the ocean. Starboard side allows you to see land from your balcony. Once you hit the inside passage further up north, it really won't matter then what side you're on because there's land on both sides. Heading south, it really doesn't matter where you're at on the ship, because once you're at the sea portion of the cruise it's night and you wouldn't see anything any way. The lone exception, heading south, is the cruise that leaves Seattle and ends in Vancouver.


    However, best thing about an aft cabin, you'll see land, albeit from "an angle", and there's potential to see whales as well.


    My 2¢.

  10. I haven't booked my cruise YET (not until Nov. 18th), but the promotion will definitely come in handy for me! :) My wife and I were debating if we wanted to buy any drink this time around or not since it'll be Alaska and we don't typically drink more on this type of cruise. No need to debate any more!

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