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  1. A year ago (well, actually, a year plus a week as of this typing), I started working from home. I was also in the middle of planning our 25th anniversary cruise on Island Princess this upcoming May. I ended up cancelling it in August of last year and had another cruise booked for October of this year on Celebrity Millennium. Also, the birthday cruise for my wife in August got cancelled (not a surprise) and, shockingly, we got our refund & FCC rather quickly. As 2020 wore on, I suspected that October cruise was rather iffy and I booked a "back up" cruise for February of 2022 on Ruby Pri
  2. I had a severe reaction to a flu shot many years ago. I've been reluctant to try again. I asked my doctor if I could safely take any of the Covid vaccines. She let me know that I should have absolutely no issues in taking either of the current mRNA vaccines. So people with allergies to certain types of vaccines can definitely get a Covid vaccine, there will be 3-4 types eventually.
  3. I flat out refuse to drive that far. From where I live that's a 60-90 minute drive one way, depending on the traffic. Seriously, I have 3 Walgreens, 2 CVS's, 2 Mariano's, and 2 Oscos all within a 5 mile radius of me. ALL are administering the vaccine. I will not travel hours. Period.
  4. Honestly, there is absolutely no way of knowing this. A lot can change between now and, say, June 1.
  5. Considering Biden is essentially telling/ordering the states to open up to all adults to be vaccinated beginning May 1st, this is a good thing. I was assuming June/July before that happened. If there are enough people vaccinated, cruising/traveling can begin again. I was thinking October, I may adjust that guess to August now. There's a miniscule chance that there could be a 6-week Alaska season then, assuming Canada allows it. That May 1st date is huge in so many ways, so here's hoping the states do it. MANY people who are not yet eligible, like me, want to be vaccinated. I k
  6. Not near the Chicago area. DuPage, Lake, Grundy... if you're not residents of those counties, forget it. They realize people living in Cook are being "held back" from the rest of the state. I'm not going to travel 4-5 hours one way to get vaccinated.
  7. Posting this only for information, not anything politcal: https://www.cnn.com/2021/03/11/politics/joe-biden-one-year-covid-address/index.html
  8. It depends on the pharmacy. Walgreens won't, Osco will. Unfortunately, Osco has no appointments, while Walgreens does. Again.... frustration. Also, CVS is not following Illinois being at 1b+, they're "stuck" at 1b.
  9. I opted for "Other, explain below....." only because I have a cruise booked in Feb. of 2022. However, I fully intend on going to the Illinois State Fair this year if it's held (August).
  10. In Illinois, if you do not live in that particular county, you cannot get a vaccination. Mainly because people who live in Cook have tried travelling there to get vaccinated. Doses are limited, so they're making sure locals get it first. However, Cook has more than enough to go to 1b+, but it's not for some odd reason.
  11. I'm incredibly frustrated and pissed right now. Walgreens by me (actually 3 within a few miles) all have appointments available, BUT since I live in Cook County (Illinois) I'm not eligible. Illinois has move to phase 1b+, but not Cook, noooooo.... They're still stuck at 1b. The one pharmacy that is ignoring the county and going with the state doesn't have appointments. {insert a few choice 4 letter words} This is ridiculous.
  12. Happy anniversary! 1 year ago today the W.H.O. officially designated Covid-19 as a pandemic. With vaccines out and becoming more and more available to us, here's hoping next anniversary we'll all be "celebrating" on board of a cruise ship!
  13. In the Chicago area, there are 3 pharmacies who are giving shots: Walgreens, Osco, and the one located in Mariano's. By May, I suspect there's not going to be a huge problem in getting vaccinated. The main issue currently is the lack of vaccine availability. Hopefully that changes within the new few weeks or so.
  14. Required or not, and I definitely hope they do require it, I'll be vaccinated. I'll also wear a mask and social distance as best as possible. No matter what, I want to cruise again, regardless of the new rules and regulations. It's not only for our safety, but for the crew members' as well.
  15. Each vaccine is somewhat different. Regardless, is should be very easy to test for allergies for all the types. Unless it's that one person in a billion, I doubt anyone would be allergic to all.
  16. They'll have HEPA filtering when cruising begins again. LINK
  17. Possibly. However, there are now 2 different types of vaccines available, with 2-3 more coming soon. If someone is allergic to one, they probably won't be allergic to another. For those few people who are allergic to what's available right now, there are options. The types of vaccines out and being developed are Nucleic Acid (Moderna and Pfizer), Adenovirus Vector (Johnson & Johnson & AstraZeneca), and Recombinant Protein and Adjuvant (Sanofi and Novavax). So odds of someone being allergic to all of those is highly unlikely and I would say essentially zero. However, th
  18. It's not ridiculous, it's about safety. Also if (when?) cruise lines require passengers to be vaccinated, what will you do?
  19. This is worldwide, correct, not just Europe? (I know it says "international", but just verifying. )
  20. One reason is right now 70% of the US is covered with snow and people just aren't going out now.
  21. I'm still optimistic. They need the daily vaccinations to reach 3 million a day to reach a goal of having every eligible person vaccinated by July. IF that does happen, I still think by October the Caribbean cruises start and by December it's full on cruising at every US port that would normally have a cruise departing in that month, albeit with some potential adjustments. By 2022, it's mostly back to normal.
  22. And I posted it before I saw it. Sooooo....
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