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  1. It will be very easy to monitor. For those who get vaccinated, they get their passport stamped. I your passport doesn't have one, sorry, you go nowhere! The thing is, people will rail against ANY supposed "attack on their rights!" Even if it's for the greater good.
  2. Unfortunately, where masks or anything that is for the public good are concerned, Americans as a whole are staggeringly selfish. Not just like your pizza "I don't want to share" selfish, but apocalyptic "I will let you die rather than inconvenience myself" selfish. So even when a vaccine is developed and ready to be distributed, many will find an excuse to not vaccinate. People want to be past this, but refuse to be the one to sacrifice a tiny bit. "Let them do it, I won't!" And if anyone finds that offensive on here, guess what camp you fall into...? Th
  3. Anyone who thinks things will be back to normal before the end of the year is in a fantasy world. AT BEST, we're looking at this time next year to be somewhat "normal-ish" IF the vaccines work.
  4. I'll go with what Dr. Fauci has said about the vaccines and not some random article that just merely mentions him in passing. But any viable vaccine will be a good thing and should not be summarily dismissed.
  5. By the way, people will really have no excuses for not getting a vaccine. Its cost? $0. LINK
  6. In order, and this is without reading the article and it's only MY opinion, healthcare personnel (including EMTs and paramedics), people who are in the "at risk group", teachers, police & firemen, everyone else.
  7. I'm in the Chicago area, so yes. I'd have no choice....
  8. I just joined you. The "I" in their IQ definitely is the opposite of "intelligence".
  9. When I had booked my flight for my now cancelled cruise, I got a fantastic deal with Celebrity. I was also lucky in that they had a 20% off deal going at the time, too. I got first class through them for about $300 more than if I booked elsewhere for domestic. Well worth the money spent. Damn shame I never got to use it though.... So if you're not looking to save money, don't book through Celebrity.
  10. When Dr. Fauci is confident in a vaccine being developed very soon, that gives me a lot of hope!
  11. Exactly. I'm 57 and my wife is nearly 73 (4 days away!), so we definitely are eager for the vaccine. But US citizens are going nowhere outside the country until everyone starts realizing it's frikkin' serious. WAY too many "me first, I don't care about you" people out there are making this impossible. So until there's a vaccine (and by all reports I've seen and read over the past few weeks, it's looking REALLY good for one by the end of the year), cruising for US citizens just won't happen. And, IMO, as unpopular as I know it would be, I suspect cruise lines might make being va
  12. MY guess, and of course that's all it is, is that all cruise lines will require all passengers to have been vaccinated. As far as I'm concerned, this is no different than requiring specific inoculations to visit a specific foreign country. And believe me, I know many people will rail against this (I'm fully expecting more than a few nasty comments to my post), but IMO it's all about public safety. Regardless, once we're allowed to cruise again and my wife and I can do so safely, we'll be on board!
  13. Sounds like the buffet is more like a cafeteria, which is fine by me.
  14. Why don't you start that type thread then instead of commenting here and complaining? Believe me, I'm just as frustrated as many people are on here.
  15. It's definitely frustrating. But all you can do is wait for the inevitable news of cancellation.
  16. If a viable vaccine is out by the end of the year, and by all reports it's looking more and more likely, then 1st quarter of next year. Most likely March.
  17. Yes, you would be. As are people who are diabetic, have COPD, etc. My wife falls under two categories (diabetic and over 70) while I'm diabetic. So we'd among the first to be able to get the vaccine.
  18. This why I suspect the initial 400 million doses earmarked for the US will not be an issue, especially if 2 doses are require. I did a quick check the other night, and there are approximately 80 million people under the age of 20 and under in the US, out of 280 million. I strongly suspect people 50 and older will be among the first to get both doses first, as well as those who work in the health industry and other vital jobs.
  19. Here's another article that's a very interesting read: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2020-07-15/oxford-s-covid-19-vaccine-is-the-coronavirus-front-runner
  20. They should just tell people to bring their own bottle of water on board from now on. And masks can only be removed to actually drink the water. Yep. Give people an inch, they'll take a mile.
  21. The selfishness of a moronic few is rearing its ugly head.
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