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  1. You're all assuming, of course, that Celebrity's IT Department is handling their website. MOST IT Departments only handle internal systems (i.e. communications, intranet, hardware) and they hire out to a web design company. I'm not saying this is the case for Celebrity, but I would think the complains should directed more at the web designers than the IT Dept. as a whole.


    Just my 2¢.



    Oh, and they definitely need a new web designer/maintainer.

  2. Maybe look into a cruisetour?


    This is my suggestion, and this is what my wife and I planning for our 20th in 2016:


    Go to Seattle, spend some time there, explore the city. It's a gorgeous city with tons of awesome restaurants. From there, take the train up to Vancouver. Our plan is to go in the day before our cruise leaves, but if you've never been to Vancouver you may want to add in a couple of extra day to sight see. It's also a gorgeous city. From Vancouver you catch your cruise for 7 days. Once you arrive at Seward you do a land portion of the cruise. They have anywhere from 3 to 6 days land portions. The trip we're planning is only 3 days and ends at Anchorage.


    Your BTB obviously would only encompass 14-15 days (assuming you fly in a day before the cruise), whereas what I suggested could be upwards of 21 or more days. However, if you want to make the most of your trip, you'd definitely would do that! :) This way you'll not be seeing the same ports twice and you'll a great adventure in the Northwest of America.

  3. In reading this thread, it's definitely got me thinking, or rather re-thinking, about the cruise tour I want to book in May of 2016. It's our 20th wedding anniversary that month and we want to really do some exploring. This is still all in the planning stages, but we're tentatively planning on visiting Seattle for about 5 days, then taking the train up to Vancouver the day before we do the 10 day cruise tour (Vancouver to Seward, then it ends in Fairbanks).


    With the tour, our hotels, transportation, etc., are already paid for, but would it be cheaper (and easier) to just do a 7 day cruise and then go off on our own for 3-4 days?

  4. Greetings


    I believe the smoking areas on the S-Class ships are all on the port side.


    Good Sailing



    Yes they are.


    On Silhouette, they were allowing smoking on deck 12, port side, by the men's room. Believe me, I know, I passed through a cloud of smoke a couple of times in order to use the men's room!

  5. We are debating about booking an aft cabiin on the Silhouette. We are specifically looking at cabin 1676 which is a C1 cabin. Does anyone know if the balcony is covered or can the people above us see us?


    No, it is not. And there is a terrible soot problem with the aft cabins on this deck, so you will be unable to utilize your balcony for most of your cruise. I was in 1674 on my cruise and it was horrible in that regard. I loved the location of the cabin, but hated not being able to use the balcony.


    If you really want an aft cabin, I suggest going down 2 more decks. Decks 11 and 10 had soot problems, but not deck 9 and lower. OR move up to deck 12, they're covered up there and had no soot problems.

  6. Anyone else having problems with air fares effecting their cruise budget?





    With one exception, not really. I'm fortunate enough to be between both Chicago airports (Midway is closer, but I can get to O'Hare just as quickly), so I have many options.


    The only time airfare so high that I almost considered cancelling was a few years back for my first Alaskan cruise. Airfare to Vancouver was sky-high at the time. Fortunately, I kept looking every day, sometimes 3 or 4 times, to see if prices dropped. Once day they dropped dramatically and I booked right then! Out of curiosity, I checked later on and prices were back up! I hit that window just right! :)

  7. I am glad I found this thread! My wife and I are planning on doing an Alaskan cruisetour in 2016 for our 20th! Finding the info about which rooms to book definitely will come in handy!


    We just got off Millie in 6028 to Alaska... Loved the extra balcony space. Made it easy for my husband to set up his tripod and zoom lens camera. While everyone was paying big bucks in Icy Strait Point to go on whale watching boats, we were seeing humpbacks breach over and over again from our balcony!

    Downside was the long walk to the dining room, but we no doubt needed the exercise!

    Our travel agent hadn't heard of the Sweet 16, either. We educated her.


    Also, having been at the back of the ship, I can attest that extra walking does help! ;) That extra walking allowed me to lose a pound on my last cruise! :D

  8. Update: This dry dock will only be addressing the propulsion system.


    While I am certainly glad this is being addressed, I'm wondering why it's being put off until January. :confused:


    That's nearly 6 months of potential problems for thousands of passengers. Problems that may not need to occur.


    Thankfully Celebrity is up front about the situation and the passengers aren't being left in the dark.

  9. How did you get the 50% off? Or maybe I should say where ?


    It's usually offered the first night on the ship. There are people walking around as you board who can help.


    As for Qsine on Summit, I enjoyed it a little more than on Silhouette. It's a bit smaller and bit more intimate. Both had great food though!

  10. Not sure if the Oceanview Café has anything that is GF, but the AquaSpa Café does. For lunch, you may want to consider going there. My wife and I ate there quite a bit on both of our Celebrity cruises and the food there is great.


    As for room service, I have no idea. I would like to think that they would. Probably the best way to find out is to call Celebrity directly.

  11. GOOD IDEA… I never thought of turning the chair hogs belongings into the lost and found. I guess if they have to go searching for their stuff more than one, perhaps they'll think twice before hogging! I usually just place their stuff around the lounge they tried to hog..


    My last cruise was the first non-Alaskan cruise that I did not do it. It was one of those rare cruises where it seemed everyone was aware of chair hogs and were keeping them at bay! :)


    Yes, I read it. It's a very good, thoughtful, well written review.



    I do like to see the looks on their face when their flip flops have been removed from the saved lounge chair. Priceless. It's my entertainment during the day. :D


    Raise your hand if you've been the one to remove items from chairs and turn them into lost and found!






  13. And getting back to this comment...


    The fights at brunch makes sense, think about it, it could have been 2 hours since their last meal ! The health inspector is interesting, Im guessing because the food is not behind sneeze guards or they can't man every dish with a server?


    It makes also sense about there being no sneeze guard as the problem.



    But as for the fights, considering what happened with me, I believe it! :eek:




    Also, to Curt, they still had the brunches in early February on Silhouette. So this must be a very recent thing.

  14. I just sailed again on the Century ( I also sailed on her last year). I like Celebrity and I love the Century- have ever since I first boarded her in 2006. That being said, Celebrity does seem to be cutting corners.

    There was a buffet in the dining room (the current substitute for the traditional midnight buffet which cruise ship companies no longer offer) on the last at-sea day in 2013- this year, no buffet. There was also no live band playing at the pool area except for one day as we left our last port (they seemed to be rehearsing for the next cruise). There used to be a string trio or a quartet playing in the Cova Cafe- not anymore.

    The food is all right- nothing outstanding, but nothing terrible either. My feeling is that the food used to be better, and included more choices.

    Michael's Club is now a "private" club. Last year, anyone could go in and enjoy listening to the piano or a string quartet. Now, it is only for the extremely elite passengers.

    Let's face it, some people just like to complain. Nothing is ever going to be good enough for them. However, I do miss some of the things which I used to take for granted. Perhaps the entertainment simply varies from cruise to cruise, depending upon the length of the cruise, for example. I do understand how some passengers feel that some things have gone down hill.

    Celebrity is a great cruise option, but people are wrong to expect "modern luxury" and then get upset with the cost-cutting measures currently in place. Celebrity is NOT a luxury line. There are several true luxury cruise lines if you demand the best of everything. Celebrity provides great travel opportunities for its middle-class to affluent passengers, but again, "modern luxury" is just a line from an advertisement.


    About that midnight buffet which was turned into a Sunday brunch.


    My wife and I went to it when we sailed on Summit and we were quite impressed with the selection of food and its taste. What we did not like, however, was the huge throng of people pushing and shoving past you in order to get a picture or grab food.


    We nearly had our table stolen as well by another couple because they, and I quote, "didn't want to go to the other side of the room where their table was," end quote. Thankfully one of the waiters helped them to their table.... Though they did not look please to be helped!


    I've met rude people before, but I think they all showed up to this brunch. So when we sailed on Silhouette, we passed because of the people, nothing else. Food-wise, however, it was one of the better buffets/brunches I've been to.

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