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  1. Some VERY good news: https://www.ox.ac.uk/news/2020-07-20-new-study-reveals-oxford-coronavirus-vaccine-produces-strong-immune-response
  2. Good for the UK, in the US I expect a complete and utter cluster____ when it comes to the vaccine here.
  3. Another possible reason to arrive early, what if it's your first time visiting that particular city? For me and my wife, when we first sailed out of Seattle, we arrive 3 days before the cruise to explore the city. The next time we did an Alaskan cruise, even though it was out of Vancouver, we visited Seattle for 5 days before taking the train up (a day early). If not for that first time in Seattle, we may not have done the 5 days. It turns out we really love Seattle and it's a probably a place we end up at once I retire. Now for our cruise next year, we sail out of S
  4. Best thing to do it get pre-arranged transportation, most likely via the cruise line, to get you to the airport. Otherwise, you will never make your flight. The drive to the airport is not short, nor are the lines to catch a cab.
  5. Or Celebrity. As others have said, those ships are too big. The ports in Alaska really aren't designed for large ships.
  6. At this point I don't think so. Not unless things change in that states where the virus has begun to run wild again.
  7. On my first Celebrity cruise nearly 100 people missed the ship because their flights were cancelled. They were flying in from the NY area on the day of the cruise, but bad weather happened. Only a few of caught up to the ship at the first port of call. IMO, it's a good way to protect your vacation investment.
  8. Wow. delete-arama here. Reposting here: Anyway, always, and I mean always, arrive at least a day early. A hell of a lot less stress.
  9. I've seen nothing about that, and I've been following this "religiously" because my wife and I are in the "at risk" group. But they do suspect that it will probably require a yearly booster.
  10. They're in the phase 2/3 right now. Anticipation is that trails will be completed by September. They're still on target for a mid-October release, assuming the FDA approves. Though other countries probably won't need to wait as long as the US.
  11. I just checked my own account on Celebrity's website and I do not see that info. But if you know your past cruises, maybe try calling Celebrity? Worse case is they can't help.
  12. With people aching to cruise again in 2021 and beyond, cruise lines currently be like...
  13. AstraZeneca is on its way to having nearly 2 billion doses ready to go once they get approval (assuming mid-October, which is what it looks like right now). 400,000 million are earmarked for the US and UK. The US & UK combined do not have 400 million citizens. As of 2019. the total was 395 million. Even though I'm sure the number has increased, those people who caused it to increased are all under a year old..... I think we'll be good. No need to play "Debbie Downer".
  14. You beat me to the comment. You are mostly correct. You missed MERS, which is in the same "family" as SARS and COVID. And as of April there were some very promising results for a MERS vaccine. No idea where it stands now, however, not with everything that's going on with COVID.
  15. Where AZD1222 is concerned, the US and UK already have earmarked the first 400 million doses (out of 2 billion) being developed by AstraZeneca. LINK And I do recall there being a press release from them indicating that they were not going to charge for those initial doses. (My Google-fu is failing me as I cannot find it right now.)
  16. I just saw this: https://www.indiatoday.in/diu/story/the-vaccine-candidates-that-come-as-a-ray-of-hope-during-the-covid-pandemic-1699506-2020-07-11 For those wondering the current states of the vaccines under development.
  17. No, you should not be charged any admin fees if Celebrity, and not you, cancelled the cruise. I wasn't. Matter of fact, my flights were cancelled 2 days before the cruise (which i never knew about nor was I notified) was officially cancelled. I was notified on June 17th about my cruise being cancelled and I just received my refund on the flights on Friday. So that can give you an idea as to when you might get your airfare refund. Right now I am just waiting for the code for my FCC so I can apply it to my Oct. 2021 cruise. I have to admit I'm quite pleased at how t
  18. I cannot get a flu vaccine because it makes me violently ill. I've never had need for a pneumonia or shingles vaccine, at least not yet. With that said, I am definitely getting the Covid vaccine when it becomes available.
  19. I don't miss those special passengers who blame the cruise line for everything that goes wrong. Like bad weather, delays in disembarking because TSA isn't prepared, and their neighbor who likes to party all night.
  20. Well, my wife and I are considered high risk with both of us being diabetic, plus I'm 57 and she's 72. She'd most likely get the vaccine before me.
  21. I believe when the polio vaccine came out there was one on the state level (basing that on faulty memory, YMMV). And I can see cruise lines mandating vaccines for Covid if you're to sail on them. And, yes, they do have that right to do so when it's a safety issue. Just like some countries mandate you get certain shots prior to visiting them. Personally speaking the moment a vaccine is available, I'll be in line to get it. Period.
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