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  1. bug18

    MSC New Wristbands

    I was not in YC so paid $5 for the band but after a couple of days, I stopped wearing it. I found it very annoying that although it unlocked my cabin door, I had to have my card key handy anyway to turn the lights in the cabin on, so it didn't seem worthwhile to me.
  2. bug18

    Seaside - Onboard Communication

    My family used whatsapp on the Seaside but you need wifi for it so would only work if you have an internet package.
  3. We were able to get Robert Mondavi wine with the mealtime package and our server offered us cappucino, although it did take some time for them to serve it.
  4. bug18

    Baby crib or pack and play?

    My niece requested a pack and play in advance for her 2 year old. When she boarded she didn't have one and asked the room steward for it. He told her the pack and play would be too small for her son and brought her blankets to lay on the couch which didn't open. After the first night she insisted on the pack and play and it was plenty big and bigger than the ones at home as stated above. It didn't take up a lot of space but he slept well so it was worth it to them.
  5. bug18

    Singles Meet and Mingle

    I don't recall a singles meet and mingle on the Seaside.
  6. bug18

    Seaside dining question

    I don't believe it was offered at all on my sailing.
  7. I know two couple that did this on a recent cruise on MSC, one enjoyed it very much and were happy they went and the other couple did not due to the travel time. Not sure that helps.
  8. bug18

    MSC transfers from airport to port?

    I departed the cruise terminal in Miami on May 12th and right outside there was a booth where I purchased a transfer to Fort Lauderdale airport for $15 per person. Although a lot less expensive than the taxi I took from Fort Lauderdale to Miami, we had to sit on the bus until it filled up which took an hour. Thankfully we had time since we had a later flight but had I realized how long we would wait, I would not have taken this option.
  9. bug18

    any games at all on the SEASIDE

    There were games of some sort every day. I know there was trivia numerous times and other games too.
  10. bug18

    Seaside Baby care - dropoff

    I believe in the beginning May, the hours were the same as you stated.
  11. bug18

    General questions/Seaside

    I had no issue with smoke and thought it was confined well to the designated areas. Food is subjective but I thought the food was some of the best I have had on a cruise and that includes the main dining room as well as the buffet where I had most breakfast and lunches. Customer service was good, but I did feel some of the employees could be better trained about the ship as they seemed unsure in some instances in answering questions, but nothing I would worry about in terms of sailing with them again. Go for the balcony, you will enjoy I'm sure.
  12. bug18

    What pier does MSC use at Cozumel?

    At the MSC pier there are many shops, it is like a mall.
  13. bug18

    Avoid Bamboo Beach Club

    I just took the Bamboo Beach with snacks and drinks excursion with MSC and was very happy with it. We sailed into Ochos Rios and it was a quick drive on the bus to Bamboo. We were seated in an area that we were told was not rocky which we were happy about. Drinks and food were very good. Sorry you had a totally different experience.
  14. We used WhatsApp through the ship wifi. It worded but the wifi had to be refreshed every once in a while so we would sometimes miss messages due to that.
  15. bug18

    MSC Seaside April 28th 2018

    On the May 5th sailing I saw people turned away on formal night wearing shorts but in general I thought MSC was pretty lax on the dress code.