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  1. LandC thankyou. NoSapphire, I get what you're saying, but the pre-reg fee is fully refundable if no booking is made. We've had our 2021 pre-reg fee refunded with no question. We do have a 2021 cruise booking on SoA, but it's rescheduled from a 2020 booking and Saga automatically refunded the 2021 fee. By the time Saga release their 2022 schedule, we will know far more about the impact of the virus on all types of travel.
  2. Has anyone registered for 2022 cruises?
  3. Hello. Someone was kind enough to post a link to the new 2021 cruises (the full brochure, not the list), but I can't now find it. If it was on a Facebook page, has it been deleted? Or was it on here somewhere? Thanks. OOOOPS. FOUND IT !!!
  4. Thanks for posting this. It looks like we won't be booking anything. Many are too long for us, and the others seem very samey from the titles. I'd hoped for some fly-cruises.
  5. When we were pre-registered for the river cruises, I had a phone call asking which I wanted to book (if any), but at that time hadn't even received a list of dates, rivers, durations ... or any info whatsoever. The agent said I should have had an email with the info, but admitted that Saga had found that, due to something in the email, many email providers had blocked it. She assured me that Saga had learnt from this and would ensure that hard-copy information would be sent out for the next batch of ocean cruises before phone calls started. If this doesn't happen, I fail to see how an agent can talk a potential client through every cruise itinerary and expect a decision. I can only wait and see.
  6. Thank you! Let's hope they send out the cruise details before then.
  7. I had expected to get the itineraries from April 2021 in early January, having transferred our pre-reg money from the river cruises (which we chose not to book) to the next tranche of ocean cruises. As Saga failed to get details of the river cruises to us before the telephone call to ask what we'd like to book (!!), I telephoned in mid-Jan and was told the details would be out in March or April. I was surprised, as it does seem late. Some 2022 cruises are already bookable with other lines.
  8. I attended a wine tasting on the October 10 night cruise on SoD and the (very) expert host highlighted some of the wines available to purchase on the ship. He pointed out at least one wine that Saga were selling at way below its UK price, and at a price that he felt was unbelievable for its quality. Unfortunately the session (the 3rd of 3) that I went to was on the last day of the cruise. The expert also commented that many passengers he'd spoken to had been unaware of a wine list. We were certainly never shown one, even on the evening we dined in The Club. (All our other meals were in the self-service restaurant.)
  9. Norway, but not with Azamara
  10. We also used Alla Tours for a 2 day stay from Queen Victoria. The arrangements were excellent and the guide got us through crowded areas like magic.
  11. 2 quick comments. For Gatwick flights, we always stay the night before at the Premier Inn Gatwick North. The restaurant food is quite good and it's a 2 minute walk to the terminal, and a quick train shuttle to the other terminal. Secondly Saga does door to door transfers for other cruise lines booked via them, eg Fred, CMV and Azamara.
  12. We thought it strange that, when the announcements were in full flow in the cabin in the morning and we went out to go to brekkie, we couldn't hear them in the corridoor.
  13. Lovely walk through a park towards the city.
  14. Thanks again. Hopefully my OH can have his Manhatten and I can enjoy my vodka martinis !
  15. Kentchris ... Thanks for the drinks menus. Really helpful. Do you know whether the bar staff are happy to make other off-menu cocktails? My partner loves a Manhatten. He was successful on getting it made on Sapphire, so I'm hoping that SoD bar staff are as amenable (and accomplished).
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