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  1. Wacktle

    Saga Cruises

    Lottie and Cinnamon, We've been on 3 Azamara cruises and 2 Saga ones on Sapphire (as well as other lines). We currently have 3 Saga cruise bookings, one for this year and 2 for 2021. (Azamara has priced itself out for us, and booking with them now seems to be risky as they change itineraries or cancel cruises altogether.) On Saga, we enjoyed the company of some passengers who were much older than us (we are now 65 and 66), but who were far livelier. The dance floor filled quickly in the evening with couples disco dancing, jiving, etc. On the last cruise, one couple were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary and dancing the night away. After my partner had gone to bed one evening, I went up to the lounge to find a Motown tribute show in full swing, again with dancing. Of course there were those who just ate their dinners and went off to bed to read or watch TV, but many passengers certainly knew how to live! I do hope you both enjoy your cruises. Maybe our paths will cross.
  2. Wacktle

    Saga Cruises

    Thanks ... got it !
  3. Wacktle

    Saga Cruises

    Shoreham01 .... please could you post a link to the Saga roll calls? I can't see Saga in the roll call lists. Thanks.
  4. Wacktle

    Saga Cruises

    I've also noticed various agents advertising Saga cruises, and don't recall seeing them in previous years. Maybe someone else can enlighten us?
  5. Wacktle

    Saga Cruises

    We booked an "outside guarantee" for our first Saga cruise on Sapphire and were lucky to be given a balcony cabin. I often wonder if first time bookers with a company get "upgraded" to encourage them to re-book. If so, it worked with us because we booked the same grade balcony cabin for our second cruise. We signed up to the advance bookings for the new ship and have 3 more bookings. "Guarantee" prices for the next cruise have appeared but are still higher than we're paying, and we haven't booked the lowest grade. All cruise bookings are a lottery, but maybe Saga ought to make their price guarantee a little clearer as it is easy to assume that you'll receive a refund if they start to offer discounted cabins.
  6. Other - Promotional pricing, e.g. Balcony upgrade.
  7. I tried the survey, and had to give up. The majority of our previous cruises have been with cruiselines that are not listed as options (e.g. Star Clippers, P&O, Cunard, Saga) and all our future bookings are with non-listed lines. With no "other" option, answering these questions honestly became impossible.
  8. Thanks for the above comments on the survey. I too have received the invitation, despite having taken only 3 Azamara cruises, with the last one being the LCV one in Oct 2016. I have no real interest in loyalty programs. I prefer realistic pricing with no spurious "offers", and good pre-cruise admin as provided by some other cruiselines. However I don't suppose the survey will allow me to express that view.
  9. If you are looking at the one called "Montaña Roja", don't bother. Our relatives have free access via their bank account and we were also able to join them, free of charge, last month. It was terrible. So pleased we didn't pay for it. The only sandwiches were cheese and salad. There was no taste or sight of cheese, and the lettuce in mine had black edges. The jug of orange juice was not refilled, nor was the bowl of crisps. On the bright side, there was wine and fizz, and the seats were OK. Personally I would have preferred to browse the shops, and sit on the seats which were visible through the window of the lounge, and had views of the aircraft. Our flight was to Birmingham. We had a 30 minute delay due to the airport being incapable of providing steps to get people off the incoming aircraft.
  10. Wacktle

    Saga Cruises

    To clarify my reply (post 104), one of our cruises was a Christmas Markets, and the other was from Southampton to the Canaries, and we had rough seas enroute. Therefore, maybe we didn't see outdoor bars. When we reached better weather in the Canaries, drinks were certainly served outdoors at during the daytime. Don't worry. I'm sure you'll be fine.
  11. Wacktle

    Saga Cruises

    We've done 2 cruises on Sapphire and, yes, you're right (I think) that they're the only 2 bars. We always seemed to manage to get a perch before lunch in Aviators, even if it was on the padded windowsill. In the evenings, Coopers was often quite empty, so we always got a seat.
  12. Windsurf belongs to a different cruise line, so is not a sister ship to Royal Clipper, Star Clipper or Star Flyer.
  13. Hi uktog, I agree with your comments, having done a Mekong and a Danube cruise with 2 different companies. Where are you river cruising? I suspect it's outside of Europe, given the time of your post. I'd welcome seeing a review from you if you're on a different river. Thanks.
  14. Wacktle

    Saga Cruises

    We also got the preview brochure yesterday. I was disappointed. I'd hoped that Saga would base a ship in the Med for part of the summer or in the Caribbean for part of the winter, and there would be some fly-cruises. We like to minimise sea days, and also don't want to be away for more than 14 nights, and preferably less. It rules out a lot of cruises, and leaves many with similar itineraries. I will wait to see what the prices are like, and then compare them against Fred Olsen, Marella or CMV, taking into account the cost of getting to the departure port. So, let's wait and see!
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