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  1. Thank you Sharon. Your blog was really interesting because we were on the same cruise, but did different things. It was a lovely itinerary.
  2. I had a query about missing documents and contacted Saga via online chat on Friday afternoon. I waited 25 minutes for a response but knew they'd be busy, given the new cancellations. When the agent did respond, my query was answered quickly and efficiently, as usual, and the missing document was in my email Inbox a few minutes later. I prefer the online chat facility because there's a transcript if needed later.
  3. As far as I can tell from the Saga brochures and its website, the included excursion will be a basic sightseeing tour, offered on a take it or leave it basis. You will receive a booklet with payable excursions a few weeks before departure, and they'll also be bookable at that time via MySaga.
  4. Thanks for the info about the vaccination evidence. A friend has sent me a photo of one, so I now know what it looks like. However I suppose other vaccination documents, e.g. yellow fever paper certificates, could also be forged. Hopefully all will become clear one day soon.
  5. Nosapphire (and anyone else who's had their vaccination), what sort of vaccination card have you been given, and did you have to ask for it? My OH has his first jab on Sunday and mine is yet to be arranged, so it would be helpful if we know what to expect. Thank you.
  6. Kohima, Thank you for your comments. We are fairly certain that the cancellation of Hamburg, with its overnight stay, is for financial reasons. Had Saga given us the real reason, we may well have stuck with the cruise because Rotterdam has always appealed. However, we object to being lied to. Also, as I said previously, the agent made no attempt to retain our custom, either by sweet-talking or an incentive. Interestingly, a letter arrived yesterday from Saga informing us that our 2022 Fjords cruise itinerary is now changed too! Although we will visit the same ports, an overnight st
  7. I am surprised that Saga have not informed you of the itinerary changes. We had a phone call a couple of weeks informing us that our "Hamburg to Holland" cruise this October will no longer be visiting Hamburg. The reason given was that past passengers had reported being bored there! We booked this specifically for Hamburg and the overnight stay there and were looking forward to exploring the city, particularly the Beatles trail. Instead, the cruise will call at Rotterdam and Bruges. Rotterdam may have been interesting but, having done Bruges and Amsterdam to death, we accepted a refund of the
  8. That looks so lovely. We should have been going there in May 2021, but the cruise (not Azamara) was cancelled a few weeks ago. Sad.
  9. We flew to Seville to start a Med cruise from there. We had 2 lovely nights in the centre of Seville. Then Captain Carl then navigated down the Guadalquivir River to sea.
  10. The traditional and the modern worlds collide in Seville at Easter.
  11. As nobody has guessed this, as far as I can see, I'll tell you the answer. SEVILLE !!!
  12. Sorry, Medeba, it isn't Civitavecchia. As yours is the only guess, I'll add the photo again.
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