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  1. Hi Jacqui, We have just booked the Voyage of the Vikings, 35-day, July 17, 2021 on the Zaandam. Looking sooooooo forward to getting back on the ships!
  2. We are trying to book a cruise in 2021. Since we have had 5 cruises cancelled in 2020, we have a lot of Future Cruise Credits. As of yet, they do not show under our mariners numbers. When I talked to HAL, they said "go ahead and book" and eventually, they "may" apply the future cruise credits to the cost of the new cruise. My question is....Has anyone successfully used or applied their Future Cruise Credits to a new booking? If so, did the credits show on the HAL website? Thanks in advance for extending your knowledge. RetiredNow
  3. Hi Copper! Our first cruise was on the NCL Skyward on July 4-11, 1982. We did a Mexico cruise that included Miami, Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Cozumel and Great Stirrup Cay. It was nice. However, our first HAL cruise was July 3-10, 1986 on the Rotterdam V. We did an Alaska that included Vancouver, Ketchikan, Juneau, Glacier Bay, and Sitka. The Captain was Conrad Menke and the Hotel Manager was Dirk Zeller. THAT is the cruise that got us hooked! We had the privilege to sail numerous times over the years with his son, Mark Zeller, too. That cruise turned us into very loyal and frequent cruisers for Holland America Line.
  4. Hi all, Has anyone experienced a 2-part refund? We got a credit on our card for all costs EXCEPT our $600 deposit. Talking to HAL, it was explained that since we made that deposit while onboard a ship, it will come at a later date. Anyone have any experience with this situation? Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks for the info, John. Hope you are safe and healthy. Can't wait to get back on the high seas.
  6. Hey Cruise Critic! How come the role calls only show the first 10 (alphabetical) members? We already have more than that on our cruises. Is someone working on this problem?
  7. Hi Jacqui. I signed in earlier for the Nov 17 32-day Hawaii, Tahiti, Marquesas on the Zaandam. I see that the cruise got listed, but not me. Can you check on this please? And thank you for doing all this. It is nice to see if we know others onboard before we get there!
  8. Hi Jacqui. Please add us for the following: April 15, 2020 Maasdam 12 day Mexico Sea of Cortez April 27, 2020 7 Maasdam day Pacific Coastal May 4, 2020 Maasdam 14 day Great Alaskan Explorer Jun 20, 2020 Veendam 35 day Spitzenbergen, Iceland & British Isles Nov 17, 2020 Zaandam 32 day Hawaii, Tahiti @ Marquesas Thanks so much for doing this. It is fun to see if we know anyone on our upcoming trips!
  9. We have enjoyed this meal many times. It was offered as a luncheon, by invitation only.
  10. Hi. We just booked June 20 - July 25, 2020. This is on the Veendam for 35-day Spitsbergen, Iceland, and British Isles. Looking forward to it! We will have our 40th anniversary onboard. It will be our 34th year cruising with HAL.
  11. Looking forward to seeing him again. We join the Zuiderdam on Oct 20th. His posts AND Copper John's post are the most informative on this site.
  12. Anyone know what's up with the HAL website? 3 of us cannot log in. All we get is "your session is expired" OR please use a valid login. What?????
  13. Perhaps someone can help. I have tried to follow the instructions to create a new roll call without any luck at all. I am trying to create one for Holland America, Zuiderdam, October 20, 2019, 10-day Panama Canal Sunfarer. Instructions say to click on new at top of page...and it is not there. Any words of wisdom?
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