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  1. goanna

    noumea island tours

    Hire a 'noddy' car or motor bike. It's great fun and you get to see all the island which is lovely. The hire shop is about 20 paces away from the ship dock so not far to walk. REMEMBER : drive on the opposite to Australia! :) The town of Noumea is not it's best feature, nor are the prices in the shops, but it's still a lot cheaper than going to France and you can practice your school french. Of course, a REAL french pastry is on the top of everyone's list!
  2. goanna

    Going on Pacific Dawn soon??

    Thanks guys, have never seen this sort of thing before and found it most bizarre. Photos are great, thanks. The first thing I said to my hubby when we got to the top of the stairs was "wow, I must take a piccie of you in that pool through the glass", then that night we discovered the cocktail menu in the piano bar, and the rest is history! ;)
  3. goanna

    New Smoking Policy

    Yes, thank goodness. Our bathroom didn't have an extracter fan, so can you imagine what a cabin would smell like after a smoker had been cooped up with no open windows. It would be most unpleasant for the ship to smell like an old ashtray, and I think that people with kids would be especially thankful not to subject their kids to passive smoking. At least adults can make the decision to move away from smoke, but kids don't understand. As it was, despite loads of warnings over the pa system, people INSISTED on throwing butts over the sides because one morning I counted 4 on our balcony. People are so ignorant. I understand that smokers need to be catered for on a cruise. There should be a smoking 'areas' where non-smokers could avoid. On our cruise, it seemed that smokers almost 'stuck together' as there were a few large tables up on deck with a few smokers.
  4. Our tour guide told us that there was an underwater post box. Not sure how to get to it, or what the advantage of posting a letter underwater is, but heck - what a story to share with your friends at home .... Anyone else know of it, or used it?:confused:
  5. There was a photograph I wanted to take, but for some reason, never did. Please would SOMEONE take a photograph of the glass wall at the top of the stairs on Aloha deck. As you open the wooden doors to go up the stairs onto Lido deck, there is a glass wall in front of you which is the deep end of one of the swimming pools. It absolutely fascinated me to be able to stand and look in at people swimming. I know it's a strange request ... but .... ;)
  6. Hi Dennis I LOVED your review - peeps, if you want to see some FABULOUS photos and the PD Christmas Cruise through a fresh pair of eyes, check out Dennis' review - well done. Interesting comments about paying the extra for a balcony - I do agree that there is nothing nicer than sitting on your own balcony with a drink and watching the world sail by, but I don't want people to feel too disappointed if they didn't get a cabin with a balcony. The Promenade deck is a great viewing place, as well as the area at the stern (as per your photos of the wake). Les - Martin, the CD didn't have curley hair from memory, and he doesn't sound very camp either. In fact, I think he was from north england, rather than wales. He is married, because he told us on night 1 that he had a family back home. I will rummage through all the tons of literature I brought home and do some research.
  7. goanna

    PD W739 - Christmas Cruise

    Hi Dennis Love the review, LOVE the shots - I had put up a mini review with a few shots, but no where NEAR as good as yours - It's great to see 'our' cruise through someone else's eyes, and your photos brought back many happy memories - you really captured the colours of the islands. Well done - when's your next one? Joanna:D
  8. goanna

    Pacific Dawn

    Um, some people would complain that the ice cubes were too cold!!
  9. goanna

    Pacific Dawn

    I'm sure these reviews were being written when the PD was called the Regal Princess. She was based in the USA and most of the passengers were American. Need I say more ..... ? (I'm not racist, I actually like a lot of Amercians, but they DO seem to complain about more than the average Aussie)
  10. goanna

    Purchasing from Aqua Hut on Pacific Dawn/Sun

    Yup, $99 to hire two sets of snorkels and fins. Then you get $20 back when you return them. Yes, it's cheaper to take your own, but to be honest, why bother ...
  11. goanna

    More questions about Pacific Dawn

    Yes, plenty of hangars on the PD. Mystery island food - we had a huge breakfast that day, and then were a little peckish around 2pm. We bought a WHOLE crayfish just caught and cooked for ...... TEN AUSSIE DOLLARS. It was cut in two halves and served in banana leaves - the BEST cray I have ever had. I'm drooling now, just thinking about it. Yes, there is a restaurant on the Isle of Pines, but again, if you have a big breakfast, or go back to the ship for lunch, it's only a 10 minute tender ride back to the ship, so you won't miss too much island time. To be honest, we only spent about 4 hours on each island, as the sun was very strong and we didn't want to get too burnt. Have fun Joanna
  12. goanna

    Pacific Dawn

    You may find, if you read between the lines, that the people complaining were from that OTHER country beginning with the letter A! They seem to complain about EVERYTHING!! Joanna:rolleyes:
  13. goanna

    Pacific Dawn

    Here Here, Don There are people around who will NEVER be satisfied. We loved every minute on the Pacific Dawn and my husband almost had to drag me down the stairs on the way off the ship. We met some people who had done 20 or so cruises and just seemed to be continually cruising. They were well into their 80's and so I guess it's a testament to how good cruising is when you talk to these people. People - don't let a few bad apples rot the box - life is what you make it, and even if things aren't absolutely 100% perfect - so what - life's too short to be grumpy. The Pacific Dawn is a most elegant ship, so clean and full of great people. We loved the food (too much!) and even went dancing in the dome till the wee small hours (not bad for a couple of old farts from Perth who hardly ever go out!). Keep up the good work, PD - you can't please all the people all the time. Joanna:D
  14. goanna

    More arrests off the Dawn

    Godd grief - sounds terrible. When we were on the Christmas Cruise on the Pacific Dawn, we spoke to a guy who was trying to chat up a girl who was flirting, and the kids security guard asked him to move on. The girl was apparently, over 16, but it was refreshing to know that the level of security was high for young people. I can only think that the New Zealand lady who was raped left her cabin door open, or gave someone the key, as the I can't imagine for one moment that any of the staff would have been involved. Ours were fantastic and very professional and discreet. Don't let sort of thing put you off cruising. The trouble is there are hoons and yobbos everywhere, and if we think that just because people are on a cruise ship they are going to act like decent human beings, if they are hoons and yobbos on dry land. You only have to look at the behaviour of some football players and celebrities to know that loutish behaviour is alive and well. Our cruise was fab in every way, and we didn't see any trouble. Joanna:D
  15. goanna

    Menu/Prices in PD restaurants

    Hi Lance Didn't realise there were surcharges at all! I was on the Christmas Cruise on the Pacific Dawn, and the cocktail prices were very good (starting at $6.50). We ate in the Cafe del Sol for breakfast and lunch, and then had dinner in the Palm Court - all FREE OF CHARGE. We had room service breakfast on two mornings, and there was a charge of $3, but that was all. The things you will get stung on will be the photographs ($20 each) and the snorkell hire ($99 for two snorkel hires less $20 deposit). There are lots of duty free items and a nice shop selling pashminas and cheap jewellery for $20. The touristy shop is, however, expensive and I had to resort to buying PD pens and keyrings which were $5 each (that WAS a rip off) for my work colleagues. Pacific Dawn was fabulous and I would highly recommend anyone to give her a go. We had an absolute ball and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Joanna:D