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  1. Im going on my first cruise in March. Im going with my best friend from college. I have to say the thing about someone changing tables so they don't have to sit with any gay people makes me chuckle. It simply shows that they are ones with the problem (of course) and obviously not someone you would want to know. Plus they are prob. thinking "we are so much better than them. Yet who is the one with the power in this situation? Its us, the FABULOUS people. After all we wern't the ones who had to move to a diffrent table :D I am looking forward to my cruise!!
  2. bmitchell

    Were is Everyone Going in 2008?

    Wow, lots going on. I will be going on my first cruise in March on the Caribbean Princess. I wanted to take my ex (we are still very close) but he is not aval, so I'm taking my best friend from college ( his wife encouraged him to go). And the best part is my boss is the one paying for everything!!
  3. Hey, I will be sailing with my best friend. He's married with a 2 year old, so I thought it would be a nice break for him. My boss bought the cruise for me as a thank you, so everything is paid for....well most everything. Its my first cruise, and i def. want to have some fun and relaxation!!! hopefully there are more "family" members as the cruise gets closer