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  1. Can this discount be applied when you book Voom on-line? Or do you need to call to have it applied?
  2. Thanks everyone...and the chart is really helpful!
  3. Thanks! Are closed shoes required, or are sandals OK? Would rather not have to pack shoes...
  4. Are there any restrictions on the Northstar, like height, weight, clothing, shoes, etc?
  5. My sister, her husband, and I were booked and paid for. I was to be in one of the new solo cabins. He passed away suddenly a few months before the cruise. Royal was very helpful. They switched names on the cabins...put his name on the solo and mine on the one with my sister. Then we cancelled the solo cabin. We had insurance so the solo cabin was refunded. The customer service rep was very understanding...we never would have thought of doing it the way she did it for us.
  6. I had my travel agent put the gratuities on our cruise and when I got an updated confirmation from Royal it showed our total “paid” amount as less than we actually paid. It was correct on the previous confirmation. I called the TA and she said her copy from Royal showed the correct amount. She hadn’t looked at our copy from Royal because she assumed it was the same. She had to call Royal to have the amount corrected, and Royal then sent me a corrected confirmation. I ALWAYS keep a copy of each confirmation and then take the final one with us on the cruise just in case of any questions or probl
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