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  1. Does anyone have an opinion on the Promenade or Central Park view staterooms on HOTS vs. the Interior with virtual Balcony? On some of the dates I’m looking at those “interior” with the window are considerably cheaper than the Interior with Virtual Balcony, and even cheaper than the Solo Oceanview. I know there’s no oceanview but the itinerary only has 1 sea day and pretty long port times on most of the other days so I don’t think I’ll be in the room as much as I might be on a Caribbean sailing.
  2. There are definitely some bad reviews on the Spirit, especially that cruise from Dubai right after it’s overhaul when Covid hit. It sounds like NCL did not do a good job of communicating what was going on. So I’m wondering if I should either stick with my original itinerary on Enchanted Princess but move to the Sept 4 sailing, or look for one of the sailings on the HOTS for around that same week. Princess ends up being a little more but it includes drinks, gratuities and Wi-Fi. I would be looking at an inside for sure on Princess and at least the interior with virtual balcony o
  3. NCL does offer similar itineraries on the Spirit in August and September, some are 9 days instead of 10 and they add Dubrovnik and Koper in place of the 2 Greek ports and Catania. If I really wanted to push the dates out, there are similar itineraries again but on the Sky in the Spring of 2022. HOTS offers that same #2 itinerary through October, although the mock bookings I did don’t seem to have the lower single supplement starting later in the summer so the 7 night, even in an inside, ends up being more than the 9 or 10 night NCL.
  4. I would most likely save the scooter for use on the ship. I do think you're right about booking a private car/tour as even on Sky Princess last year we noticed that our private tours were 1/2 through some of the sites before the ship's tours arrived. The only itinerary from Royal that will work for me next year on a smaller ship is a 12 night on the Vision. There is a 10 day on the NCL Spirit that could work also from Venice to Barcelona, but it has no sea days at all. I would likely need to keep the visits to maybe Corfu or Argosoli and possibly Monte Carlo short. I do like the idea of
  5. Sorry I should have specified. The 2021 cruise would be in addition to rebooking the Princess one for 2022.
  6. So a friend and I are currently booked in an obstructed view deluxe balcony on the newest Princess ship, Enchanted Princess for the 5/1 sailing out of Athens to Barcelona. My friend's daughter has been out of work due to Covid, and so far has had issues collecting unemployment so he's been supporting her and doesn't think he can afford his portion of our remaining balance. So I'm trying to decide if I foot the entire bill myself or look for a less expensive cruise for myself for 2021 (or maybe even a land vacation?) and then rebook our Princess cruise for 2022 when my friend should be able t
  7. 284 days. A Med cruise on the Enchanted Princess that was booked pre-Covid. Not sure how likely it's looking at the moment.
  8. Thank you notamermaid. That actually helps. The cruise I'm looking at leaves from Vilshofen the middle of the month so I feel a little better about it. I know that obviously it's too early to predict but that's why I purchase trip insurance, and I'm a go with the flow (pun??) type anyway. katmu
  9. Hi- I'm looking to book my 1st river cruise on Ama on the Danube in November 2020. I'm wondering if some times of the year are better or worse for high/low water issues? Due to a large project at work, I'm somewhat limited when I can take a longer trip this year so that's partly why I'm looking at later in the year.
  10. Hi, I'm also a ocean cruiser looking to do my first river cruise with Ama this coming November on the Danube. Are certain times of the year more likely to have water issues than others? We have a large project at work this year so I have several months, including a good part of the summer when I can take an extended trip so that's why I'm looking at November plus I tend to like visiting Europe during the low season. I'm ok with the cooler temps as I'm from Minnesota.
  11. As someone with a bit of a mobility issue now, believe me I'm aware of how heavy my bags are. On that last cruise where I packed what I thought was a lot for me my 1 bag on the way there totaled 35 lbs. and 36 lbs on the way back. I can't imagine trying to manage a 70 lb bag plus a 2nd roller bag. I'm hoping to go back to a carry-on size for the Mediterranean cruise plus an underseat size backpack.
  12. I have not stayed at the Hotel Bucintoro as my son and I were booked to stay there 2 weeks after I had a bad accident and fractured my leg really badly so we had to cancel our trip to Italy. Of all of the hotels that we had to cancel, the Hotel Bucintoro was the best. They gave us the option to rebook at a later date and use the amount we had already paid towards a new reservation. Some of the others did not. Very nice people.
  13. I’m planning to wear either dresses than cover my shoulders and are at least slightly below knee length or Capri pants if not full length pants. The weather in early May won’t be quite as hot as if I was sailing in July or August. i also discovered unfortunately on my last cruise that some people tend to stare at the scars and lympadema wrap I have to wear on my right leg so I may want to keep my leg covered.
  14. These were a couple of the specific bar menus. Of course, I forgot to capture which ones along with the pictures but I hope these help a bit.
  15. I have these of the main bar menu off our Western Caribbean from 12/7.
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