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  1. In general, about 20% of folks are reluctant for even flu, measles, etc. I am hoping that after the first big push, they offer Doctor’s offices J and J vaccine, so when they see older clients, they can encourage them to get it., and then give it to them then. They are more likely to trust their family docs. Herd immunity can happen as a result of younger folks contracting (and surviving) Covid too. The key is to get the most vulnerable the most help available, then open up the Country. I hope as vaccines supply eases up, it becomes possible to help other countries too.
  2. Here in SC, I think things are beginning to ease up vaccine wise for those 65+. I got my first shot of Moderna at Walmart a few weeks ago, with a return date scheduled for shot #2. This week, three of the other sites I’d registered with called me to schedule, so availability is improving. Monday, sign-up moves to anyone with health risks, regardless of age, and all workers who are front line with customers or clients. i think the J and J shot will be popular since it’s one and done! i got them to sign my yellow Health Passport too, but I also got the regular card. Take a photo with your p
  3. South Carolina inexplicably got the least amount of doses in the beginning, even though we are not the smallest by either population or amount of resident Seniors. That said, the first doses went to Hospitals AND all Senior living/rehab centers. Even though I would have loved getting it faster, I know in my heart that was the correct decision. When they got them done, they concentrated on first responders next. They are now contracting with a local hospital system to handle mass vaccinations of teachers and school staff under 65. Now they are mostly done, Seniors 65+ is being handled. Wh
  4. Question. For those not in the USA, are your countries covering the cost of the vaccines? If Not, approximately what is the charge? TIA!
  5. I am in SC, and inexplicably, we were originally given the LEAST amount of vaccine, even though we are not even within the lowest (by population). Our Governor required first doses be given to the sick and elderly in long term nursing, along with hospitals staff. With the remainder, they started with police, fire and rescue, and Doctors and Dentists and their staff. Now they are set for second shots, and they’ve just begun whittling away at citizens 70+. Their scheduled first appts got well into March. Today they added 65+, and I got an appt for 4/6/21. I feel lucky to now be in the queue. It
  6. I am on this cruise too, and it will be the third time for a group of us! (Most of us are actually boarding the cruise before, since we are (mostly) east coasters. ) The ship becomes a little city and some of my very best friends I met on this trip! Check out the roll call too. Lots of great excursions are being planned, assuming we’re allowed to have fun on private tours by then!
  7. Failing any other payment Bob, it might pay transportation and expenses to and from port cities, along with extra hotel night stays. Even that’s a benefit,!
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