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  1. I bought the first 100 shares at $16. I also bought 100 shares of RCL. I have never been overly worried about theIR yearly dividend. As long as I book cruises and get SBC, that’s a tax free dividend, IMHO.
  2. I went ahead and ordered it. For whatever it’s worth, it was $278.98 for 32 days, but, they will reduce it another $30 once I board. Thanks!
  3. Thank you! Glad to know the correct verbiage to use! Premier it is! 😘
  4. It’s been about a year since I’ve purchased an internet package. I am boarding next week for 35 days. I don’t want to watch Movies, etc. Just read emails, Facebook, search the Net.. Is there a cost advantage to ordering in advance? I am 5 * so I know I’ll get that discount, but if it saves a few bucks to order now, I will...TIA!
  5. The TA works for you, the PCC works for HAL. I like having a TA, they can do things like double check fares or incentives. They can do everything the PCC can do, and honestly, if you plan to travel again, it’s probably a good idea to have a TA in your pocket. TA’s sometimes are able to book/or rebook my trip, based on incentives they are offered. I’ve actually been lumped in with some holiday tour, because maybe something extra was offered to a group. Not that I need to hang out with them. 😉 Remember, even if you use HAL’s Flight ease, any TA can help you with that, you don’t need a PCC to do that either. It may save money on those flights you need, too, my TA has sometimes been astounded by how low HAL’s flights are! For education purposes, I often book another cruise while I am on the ship (using $100 future cruise credits). There often are onboard deals, I.e., last time I got a balcony for the cost of an outside cabin. So technically, a PCC books it (while aboard) but I ask it be transferred to my TA. They are used to it. I suspect PCC’s are salaried, not commission.
  6. Some of my dearest friends I have met on excursions or at dinner on past cruises! Do whatever feels good to you, but stretching yourself by joining a group might end up being the best decision of your life! Most of my dining companions have been polite and entertaining. Personally, if sailing alone, I’d ask to be seated at a large, round table.
  7. In the summer in Alaska, it’s a lot of three generation groups. Remember it’s light from about 4:00 a.m. to midnight, and the ships have relatively short distances to travel between most ports, there are lots of off ship activities too! It WILL have less shipboard activity, but I doubt you’ll miss it much, there’s so much to do. I’ve sailed both Princess and HAL and prefer the smaller line, and often bigger cabin. Both have their own beautiful hotels and rail cars if you go to Denali
  8. After having credit cards compromised on two cruises, I now use a separate credit card that I almost never use, so even if it happens, it’s less work for me, canceling automatic bill pays, etc. It’s a good idea to see if your bank has that foreign currency debit card option! Last night I binge watched a few episodes of a Netflix documentary called Scam City. This guy looked at various cities, searching for pickpockets, scam artists, short changing, taxi scams, etc. Lots of short changing with foreign currencies, it will pay to have small bills, and count your change carefully! I watched Rome, Morocco, and Barcelona, all places I’m visiting this Fall, so you can check the episodes and watch the ones that apply to your travels. It was disheartening that even a legitimate looking money exchange station shortchanged him...
  9. Laundry is my favorite perk, and I still overpack!🤣
  10. Thank you! It worked! (I think 🤣)
  11. I recently got to 5* status, but can’t remember how to add stars to my moniker on CC. Anyone know? TIA!
  12. Yes, I did, and picked flights that worked best for me.
  13. I say feel free, hang a door sign, it’s your cruise! I do put a cruise critic door sign on my door, and several friends do as well. It makes it easy for us to find each other’s cabins! I don’t think magnets work, I just laminated our signs, (we re-use, re-pack for the next trip) and we stick them to the door with painters tape so they aren’t messy to get off again. No one has ever told us not to, and it’s tons easier to locate each other’s cabins! Have fun! Kathi
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