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  1. Sharon, good on you for getting people out to vote :) Kat, congrats on the job prospects, such good news! Melody, I heard today on the radio that the CO got huge today, I hope you are safe! Lois, glad that they caught the medication interaction sooner than later....hopefully the new one will work as well :) Keksie, I used to have a trial subscription to Sirius, but I never listened to ut, so I didn't bother renewing... I do like listening to science podcasts though :) Sally, good on voting!! hope I'm not leaving anyone out, today was a work day, now running out to pick up Sushi, & then we'll watch the big event :) -Debbie
  2. Hi Lois, hope your appointment with GI specialist went well :) I still don't have the GF grill, but I bought a mini waffle iron at target, $8.99 & it makes adorable mini waffles that are about 4 or 5 inches across
  3. Work ended up being too busy, so I'm delivering today.... we're lucky to me smoke free here, but it's hazy, cool, & overcast... hopefully the wind will shift for you & clear out some of the smoke :)
  4. Hi there, happy Monday everyone :) We are 100% mail in ballots, but I'm going to hand deliver ours to the registar recorders office today, not taking any chances ;)
  5. Hi Kat, I'm only going off what I was told from the clinical trial lab, we'll get two doses, aprox. 3 weeks apart, of course if anyone has a very bad reaction to dose one, then dose two will be put on hold. If everything goes as they hope, then they expect approval in December.... they are doing the approval process at the same time as they do this trial.... I'm comfortable with this as they paused the other two vaccine phase 3 trials to check out some reactions & whether or not they are actually caused by the vaccines, or just coincidence. From what they said, right now, if it's approved in december, most people wouldn't get it until next summer... The two year commitment will involve us each keeping a daily diary of how we're feeling, & daily self temperature checks... & lots of blood draws to check our antibody levels to see how long the antibodies last. I think at this point they don't know if people will need boosters every year or every few years In other news, the final part for our washer showed up this morning, & Steve is doing a load as we speak :) so glad not to be at a laundymat :)
  6. Hi Cynthia, thank you :) & please post decoration pics if you have time :) Hi Lois, I just googled "vaccine trials" & signed up online. This was quite a few weeks ago & I didn't think anything would come of it, but I got a phone call last week, did a phone interview, & now we start next Friday, it's a two year commitment, & I hate needles, but it's worth it if it helps everyone to move forward. On another note, I'm now doing a hybrid work schedule of some from home, & two days "live" in the office & having to meet with clients, so I finally scheduled a haircut appointment for the 27th.... heaven knows I need it :)
  7. so pretty! Just FYI, I tried to make mine with less sugar than the recipe called for, & while it's delicious, I can't keep it in the freezer cause it actually freezes ;) Next time I make it I'm going to try the higher proof vodka, & put the full amount of sugar in :) Can't wait to hear how yours turns out!
  8. Thanks Rick, I've been tracking the updates here, & on several science podcasts, the clinic I'll be going to was slated for the J & J one & the Pfizer, luckily I was funneled into the Pfizer, as the J & J one looks to be sidelined for a bit. I'm very hopeful, & at least this gives me a feeling of "doing something" for the cause :)
  9. Rick, I appreciate the good info that you & many others are providing on this forum. DH & I will both be part of the phase 3 Pfizer trials.....as long as I'm allowed to, I'll post anything interesting here.
  10. Hi Ladies, trying to catch up again :) Sharon, good to hear from you, did you get the microwave sorted out yet? Cynthia, yikes on the storm & the sump pump... our retirement goal is a townhome, no more big yard or pool to take of, or outdoor maintenance. Congrats on the new tv & outdoor lounger. BTW, we haven't had anyone inside either, except the two little grandkids, at two & four, we consider them our acceptable risk level. Regarding Halloween, I'm decorating & leaving a bowl of candy on the driveway with a sign that says take one please :) Our kids will come over & I'll have the backyard decorated & we'll have a little bonfire, & watch a children's halloween movie in the pool (my daughter bought an outside projector for our pool) that way we can be outside, socially distanced, but they will still have a memorable Halloween. I also have zoo tickets for the day before so they will wear their costumes there. Lois, I used to have a GF grill, but got rid of it when we moved, now I wish I'd kept it of course :) Kat, I hope you get to take a little vacay :) I have some exciting news, DH & I will be part of the phase 3 Pfizer vaccine trial....the cool part is that even if we get the placebo, if the trials go well, everyone in the trial who wants the real vaccine will be able to get it in December..... keeping my fingers crossed that it goes well, sounds like this is the most promising of all the top contenders :) & speaking of Halloween decorations, here's a couple of houses around here:
  11. @slidergirl Kat, I know we should have just called a repair person, but it seemed like an easy fix, & just snowballed, however, when we're done, it will basically be a new machine... fingers crossed, knock on wood, crosses self... lol regarding your weather, can you believe we're headed back into the cool season? & to heck with jeans, sweatpants & leggings are stretchy, right? It's cooled off here as well, so today I will finish my exterior halloween decor, I did all the house lights & big things at the beginning of september, but hadn't done the tree lights yet, so that will be today's project... nice to not have sweat while climbing up and down the ladder. enjoy your takeout.... tonight we're doing burgers with pastrami on top, definitely not "clean" or healthy, but going to be delicious :)
  12. I think it should be against the law for things to break during a pandemic ;) On the brings side, though, if anyone needs an LG top loader taken apart & put back together, I"m your person.... & you and DS can start up a computer repair business lol...
  13. Lois, glad your carpet came out good :) Ladies, I too am liking forward to SNL tomorrow... they have plenty of fodder for a good show this week ;) In typical 2020 fashion, our washing machine broke earlier in the week, I was able to goggle the problem, both the part on amazon, & it was delivered on wednesday evening, so thursday afternoon steve started working on it, but didn't find out till hours into it that he didn't have the right socket wrench...found one, but it was so late, so figured he'd finish today.....I took our stuff to laundry mat & washed, figuring when I got home it'd be done, however, since it's 2020, when taking it apart he broke another part.... found a parts place that had one in stock, drove 2 hours out to Riverside to get it, though I should look in the box to make sure it was the right part....& get this.... it was broken so, I just ordered one online, & it should arrive on tuesday... it's been quite a week ;) so this is my washing machine, lying on it's back, with all it's insides taken out: it's almost 7:30 here, so it's perfectly acceptable for me to take a shower & start drinking
  14. it's an Audi, & I actually got the check today :) Luckily I had kept all repair receipts I love your display :)
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