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  1. this I honestly don't know... will update after his appointment.... since the only blind part of this study is what dosage you receive, I'm guessing the new release he will sign will be very detailed as to what if any variants they are targeting
  2. his booster will be exactly 6 months from his first shot.... they are including small groups of people from each month... so they are comparing people who've been vaccinated anywhere from a year to 6 months from what I can see... (this is my speculation based on other people I know who got the call tonight & knowing when they received their first shot)
  3. Lois, congrats on pulling the trigger on your cruise, woo hoo! Melody, the snow, yikes, we just got back from walking to dinner wearing shorts, ;) hope you warm up soon, but it's so pretty! Kat, same thing, can't it's snowing there! DH & SIL both just now (like 10 minutes ago) got the call that they are in the booster study.... DH gets his booster on Wednesday.... followed by lots of blood draws but we are pros now. Sounds like I will get one too, but in about 4 months :)
  4. Booster: some updates from the Pfizer trial: My husband & SIL just got the phone call, they will both be in the booster trial :) DH will get his booster this Wednesday, everyone in the trial will get a booster, but it will be either 10 or 5 milligrams, followed by blood draws every 10 days or so... very excited about this development.... sounds like I will get it too, but in about 4 months :)
  5. Hi Sherri, your time with the grandson sounds wonderful ! Sounds like a very cute character... & yes the little ones have adapted quite well to the masks :) A big congrats on getting your pedicure... I had my first about a month ago... definitely time for another one, it's amazing how those "little" things make us feel human again :) Lois & Kat, I can't watch anymore... just listening to snippets on NPR in the afternoon... praying his family gets some justice... Kat, for Christmas my DD bought me a solar usb charger, do you have one? & on
  6. Hi, which trial were you in? DH & I (& 2 of our adults kids) were team Pfizer... we received our white cards & they were happy to fill out & stamp our yellow vaccine cards for travel. & yes... the blood draws lol, tons of fun along with all the deep nose swabbing, I go for another blood draw at the end of the month :) Anyhow, nice to "meet" another participant :)
  7. Happy Belated birthday Anita! I get your frustration with your husbands work, it's difficult having no line between home life & work life... hopefully things will improve over the next year, for everyone's sake. Cynthia, right now your job situation sounds awful. For myself, I don't have anywhere near the amount of meetings that you have, my situation is constant text messages that start around 7:30 in the morning & end around 10:30 at night... & the thing is, I'm not even supposed to be full time, just 3 days a week, but somehow it's grown :( Lois, con
  8. Kat, & Lois, I agree, lazy is definitely allowed :) Kat, it sounds like it's a perfect seasonal job for you, something investing & fun for a few months a year, plus occasional free booze & some tips ;) Had some good news, my older DD (she's 33) just received a job offer for a full tenure track professor... she's been doing post-docs since she finished her PhD in spring 2015... so very exciting, & it's close to where her husband works in La Canada Flintridge... bad news, is that right now they live 10 minutes from us.... it would just make sense for the
  9. dang, I didn't see Kat's post till today, so I missed the sale :( @PurpleHays Happy happy birthday to you! & enjoy your alone time... we all need that sometimes :) Kat, congrats on last day of work, bet it's bittersweet :) & have fun packing for your camping trip :) speaking of work, it seems that my work got used to me being reachable & willing to work 24/7 in the last year... & now that I'm back in person, they still expect me to be available 24/7... very annoying ;)
  10. Only 4 locations were picked for the first booster studies for pfizer (ours was not one) but we were told that we will at some point be part of the later phase of the booster study, more than likely in the fall... on another happy note, DH has been fully vaccinated for about 5 months now & still shows good reaction to IGG test :)
  11. Happy Birthday Eve, Kat! Enjoy your cake & beer :) I do wonder if your ambivalent feelings are about retirement, or the beginning of the end of our Covid nightmare... it's a weird feeling of being vaccinated, which is great, but things still not feeling normal yet... (at least around here) does that make sense? Anyway, hope your birthday is special :) Big change from last year, right? & that's worth celebrating for sure!
  12. Sharon, I'm so sorry about your cousin, & for his mom, parents should never have to bury their child no matter what age, my condolences to you & your family Melody, your patio is going to be beautiful, & what a great way to get to celebrate Les's birthday... a few months ago it would have been unimaginable, so nice to see things changing bit by bit for most of us :) Cynthia, congrats on your 1st jab... hopefully minimal reactions..... on another note, how do you feel about possibly working from home permanently? For myself, I'm looking forward to more p
  13. Lois that sounds delicious! & probably super healthy as well, all those veggies :) I'm back at in person work full time :( stopped at costco on the way home & picked up their chicken taco kit...just finished & will head out to do a little run/hike... Kat, I use my global entry as my real ID... my DL was renewed last spring when DMV was closed, so I just received the regular old DL... hopefully sometime later this year my Global Entry can serve its real purpose :)
  14. First of all, Happy Easter to all who celebrate :) Lois, thanks for the staples laminating tip, & thanks to Melody for reminding me, I'd actually forgotten about that... for now I have mine in a clear vinyl (or plastic?) cover along with my yellow vaccination card... I remembered to bring Steve's & his is all filled out with both doses & stamped, but of course I forgot mine... I go in for a blood draw at site in a few weeks & will get mine filled & stamped then... will keep in my passport holder along w/global entry :) Really looking forward to
  15. While I'm grateful that I was able to experience a spectacular sail in & sail out, I have to say this decision has been a long time coming, let's see if it sticks. :)
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