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  1. @purduemom1 Hi Sharon, glad your kids are ok, & that's wonderful that they plan on helping with the clean up. Yes, my heart goes out to the Floyd family as well, & to anyone who has to fear for their family members life just because of skin color. We are under curfew again, it was supposed to be 6, but then another alert came changing it to 5... so I had to go running at 3:30 in order to make it back by 5 Never thought I'd have to time a run in order to get back in time for curfew. ;) made it up the driveway just a 4:59 stay safe everyone!
  2. I didn't watch it, but I did listen to the brother's speech on the radio. Very moving. Hope the results of your stress test come out ok! Clothing wise, I changed my mind about the Target dress, I am wearing a black tank top with a long dark grey silk skirt, feeling very summer-y :)
  3. Actually quite proud of my little town today, there was a really big protest march yesterday, went from one of our parks to city hall/police station... hundreds marched & carried signs... but totally peaceful, & when the 6 o'clock curfew came, everyone dispersed peacefully... thank goodness, no looting, no vandalism... thank goodness, because those restaurants & businesses couldn't have survived it. my OOTD.... well I washed that Target dress last night sooo....
  4. I feel the same way, I'm 100% with the protestors, it seems to start peacefully & then the baddies see it on social media & show up... so yeah, like cruise mom said, nothing has changed, we're still home. thank you!
  5. Hi there, I was wondering how thing were where you live... hopefully you are far from any danger. I'm finding it difficult to get motivated as well... worked on the garden most of the day. May I ask where you watch the travel seminars? My OOTD (love that acronym) is my shabby target tank dress... & socks right now, wore old running shoes for yard work, but we don't bring our shoes in any longer.
  6. that's crazy with the bow and arrow! It's basically a s*it show here, all the little businesses & restaurants in our historic district spent the morning boarding up... right now there's a huge protest going on there (it's about 5:30 here) curfew starts at 6 for us... praying that protest stays peaceful, & that nothing burns here. Long Beach Pike (right up the street from where I walked & posted a photo the other day) is currently being looted. My SIL (police) & daughter made me promise not to run today...Stay safe!
  7. so, in a pandemic, quarantine just modified, & now under curfew with sirens racing up & down our streets. Did not see this coming. We're definitely safe in our home & our street, but things were bad in our restaurant/business area this evening.
  8. Lois, lunch sounds wonderful.... we got the announcement yesterday that things will finally be opening up here! Restaurants & hair salons.... our little historic center with there restaurants will be shutting down the street to have outdoor dining.... we will wait a few weeks to see how the numbers are before trying it. & I have a haircut appointment for July 15th! & in the biggest & best news, yesterday I got to be with my grandkids & older daughter for the first time since March 6th.... it was wonderful! Drove in separate cars & explored the tide pools at the beach. I can't tell you how much this meant to me! Fashion wise: I am wearing a black halter style maxi sundress, hair in a side braid, & sunhat on :)
  9. Hi, the mask is from Johnny Was.... it's the one thing I can afford on their website lol :) $25 for a pack of 5, & some of the ones I received are silk! super comfy :)
  10. lol, totally agree I am I one finger person on the phone, but fine on my MacBook... I have allergies as well, but I've used flonase for years (the costco generic one) works wonders & works for my eyes too, not sure if there are any precautions for diabetes though
  11. @purduemom1 salons in other counties are open here, but not ours, & after this long, I'd hate to try someone new... don't need that going on on top of everything else. :) we were supposed to have a crazy heat wave, but luckily it didn't hit.. it's super breezy & warm, but nice! the only make up I'm doing nowadays is my brows... nothing else shows lol ;)
  12. what's so weird is that this scene should be filled with sailboats... not freight ships... there were some sailboats, but not a lot. I desperately want to take our little Lido out... but we trailer her, don't have a slip....hopefully in the next few weeks we'll be able to get out :) My haircut appointment for next week got cancelled again... made another one for July 15th, keeping fingers crossed that salons will be allowed to reopen in some form by then :)
  13. that's amazing.... & so sad, it must have been terrible for you. I can remember exactly where I was when it happened... in traffic school (first ticket lol for a rolling stop) & I was looking at bridal magazines (we got married that year)
  14. love this pic anita! but the people in the background, yikes! glad you two stayed in your little safe zone :) I had my first "real" outing yesterday.... I've been going to the grocery store about once a week for the last few weeks, & I upped my game to an amazon return at the Amazon locker location (basically it's like putting your return in a big mailbox like bin in a wall) then I walked on the pathway above the beach for a few hours... put on a mask whenever anyone came within 10 feet, which wasn't often... it was beautiful, & weird with all the cargo ships sitting there with nowhere to go.
  15. hope it goes well for you :) I had to look up what Chacos are, looks like they have some cute & comfy things!
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