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    Port Miami

    This happened to us last year on the Sirena. No notification - even on the ship. Figured it out when we saw the dock. Required a shuttle bus since our car was in a garage at the departure terminal on the other side of the port. If you can figure it out in advance by checking the port info, it would help to park at a lot/garage close to the arrival terminal and take the shuttle on departure day. YMMV
  2. We have an annual policy for medical and evac from Geo Trekker Blue: https://www.geobluetravelinsurance.com/mobile/trekker-essential-multi-trip.cfm We use a Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card that provides cancellation insurance for covered reasons. This combination gives us basic coverage for all of our trips at a total insurance cost of $235/year. Fortunately, we have not yet had a claim experience but consumer feedback is positive on both programs. Of course, each individual should evaluate their specific requirements. HTH
  3. X3 ..... Chase Sapphire Reserve and Geo Blue. The look back usually only kicks in if the treatment (i.e medication) has changed during the look back. YMMV - but it's worth exploring.
  4. Only in the club or also on the sea pass to be used around the ship?
  5. Here is another option for a veranda footstool. For several years we have used a folding stool bought at WalMart. It folds flat in the luggage but probably does weigh more than an inflatable. WalMart and Amazon have several options. Key spec is to get the height that you want. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Honey-Can-Do-TBL-02977-Folding-Step-Stool/34163734 https://www.amazon.com/Jeronic-11-Inch-Plastic-Folding-Stool/dp/B01BZUVSAE/ref=sr_1_37?crid=2WQ5OZUM8HIC7&keywords=folding+stool&qid=1549719585&s=gateway&sprefix=folding+%2Caps%2C156&sr=8-37
  6. For the benefit of those having similar issues: When signing in as Mike, web check in worked and was able to be completed When signing in as Janet, web check in timed out regardless of cookies, browser,etc. We suspect that the MSC system has one passenger as the 'priority' and only allows that one to access web check in. At least that was what happened to us. Once into web check in, we were able to complete info for both passengers. HTH
  7. Thanks for all of the replies. Seems like some varied experiences. We sail March 23rd and have made final payment a couple of weeks ago. Will contact MSC to see what they say.
  8. A question for Recent MSC passengers: If you booked with a TA, were you able to complete the Online Check In process yourself or did your TA have to complete it? The other lines that we have sailed all permit us to do it ourselves even when booking via a TA. We can log in and see our booking,but when we attempt to go to online check in, it times out. Have tried multiple browsers, erase cookies, etc. Thanks for any info on this.
  9. Great pics. The colors are vibrant and then some. Is that from post processing or more a function of the camera/lens?
  10. I found a report dated 2016/2017 that answers a lot of questions about cruise commissions. https://www.travelmarketreport.com/library/TMR/cruise-report-card/files/assets/common/downloads/publication.pdf While I believe that most of the info is correct, I did note that the subject of rebates differed from my personal experience. One basic fact: - Higher volume agencies receive a higher % commission - generally 16 -17% of commissionable revenue as opposed to a base of 10% We recently booked MSC YC 16 Days with an agent with a large online agency that has typically provided us 8-10% in OBC or rebate. She mentioned in passing that they do not do much with MSC. She gave us 5% for the MSC booking. I suspect that they are in a 10% MSC commission tier. We then had a short 7 day MSC family trip come up (no YC). So we solicited bids on the well known site that allows you to do that. Even though it was much less expensive than the YC booking, we got a few offers of 10% from other large, well established online agencies. I suspect that they were at 17% tier. To the OP's original question... It may be that there are still many agents/agencies that have not achieved a higher commission tier with MSC. And given that MSC is experiencing a learning curve with it's stated ambition to earn a larger share of the NA cruise market, they are more difficult to communicate with. Our first hand experience with their call center is that they vary from dreadful to excellent. So some agents/agencies may be taking a pass - at least for now. In any event, there are agents ready and willing to book MSC and to give up to 10% OBC.
  11. FWIW: The Chase Sapphire Reserve card has $10,000/pp trip cancellation benefit with a max of $20,000/trip. We use that for it's trip cancellation benefit and self insure for anything over $20,000. Covers trips when travel arrangements for a pre-paid tour, trip or vacation have been purchased with an eligible Chase card or with rewards earned on an eligible Chase card Up to $10,000 per covered trip and a maximum limit of $20,000 per occurrence and a maximum benefit amount per 12-month period of $40,000 We use the annual Geo Blue policy for medical and evac. It's important to understand the details to see if they meet your individual requirements.
  12. X2. Sent from my KFSUWI using Tapatalk
  13. I can tell you that we have Nautica booked for what looks like her last cruise before June 2020 and we are in the process of cancelling and making other plans. Maybe Oceania will maintain the very highest standards as well as not start work but who can be sure of that? Disappointed but would be even more disappointed if a pricey trip was less than expected. YMMV Sent from my KFSUWI using Tapatalk
  14. Thanks very much for the great videos. We will try the MSC YC for the first time next September on her TA from CPH to NYC. It is very helpful to see the detailed videos.
  15. We are Elite on Celebrity but our next 4 cruises are booked on MSC and Oceania. 'Nuff said.
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