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  1. That chocolate dome dessert is the next best thing to sliced bread! I also love all the soufflé desserts. My dh and I are MUTS people. It’s a bit chillier when in the Mexican Riveria, but still awesome.
  2. This sent me into a panic! We are booked on the 18th and the 25th. Both are still listed for me. Whew! Although I fully believe they will cancel both. ☹️
  3. I was checking on our scheduled B2B Panorama for July and they are gone. You can not book Mexico till September. I am hoping as someone said that it is for capacity control. But this happened to our June Horizon cruise and then it was cancelled a week or 2 later. Not looking good! 💔 It appears you can book the Caribbean for August though.
  4. We have a MSC cruise booked that leaves on the 27th of June. I wonder if it will be impacted by this. MSC doesn’t say anything on their website. I’m wondering what their response will be.
  5. Sorry, distance teaching is keeping me busy...I used a TA for the original one that got cancelled, but then booked myself directly with Princess for the second one. Kayla
  6. We booked a cruise yesterday for December while still waiting on the FCC from our cancelled March cruise. We did not have to pay a deposit. It’s in a hold type pattern till late April. By when they expect the FCC to post. At which time I will need to either pay the deposit or hopefully apply the FCC.
  7. We did! Even took a gamble on later this year. 🤞🏻
  8. Seas should be fine heading south. The return trip can occasionally be a bit more bumpy, but not horrible. In November, we arrived at the port at around 10:45, and were sitting in the atrium sipping drinks by 11:30. Smoothest embarkation ever. Kayla
  9. I’ve participated in the past and am happy to each time. But they don’t seem to do them on the 7 day cruises. At least I’ve only seen them on the longer cruises. I have not read Crawdad, yet.
  10. I’m all for the protection of the environment. But I will admit that I will miss the balloons. I liked the balloons at our door for our special events and loved the balloon drop. Especially standing in the atrium and watching them come down. Now if the spirit of protecting the environment, does this mean that the over abundance of flyers put in our rooms and mailboxes each day will also disappear?! Let’s hope so!
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