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  1. We have done quite a few last minute bookings, some of these were any where from 24 hours to several days/weeks prior to sailing. We would do it again (and most likely will) with no second thoughts. Payment is due immediately and the very next thing you should do (if you choose to) is purchase travel insurance. If you have a Future Cruise Deposit, you can apply it to your payment. It really is the same process whether you book a year out or several weeks before. You may or may not be able to choose your cabin, so be sure you will be comfortable with the category you are choosin
  2. We have booked many cruises after final payment and were able to select a specific cabin at the time of booking, including Holiday Cruises.
  3. We have been on many Holiday Cruises with HAL. This has been our experience as well--Christmas Eve & New Year's Eve dress was formal/gala. Christmas Day & New Year's Day was smart casual.
  4. Our experiences are a bit different. During several cruises, notices were distributed offering bargain fares for the next cruise. Unfortunately, we were not able to take advantage of these offers because of prior commitments. On another cruise, we decided we would like to stay aboard for another 10 days. When we checked with the Front Office, we were told the ship was sold out. I decided to check HAL's website and it showed quite a bit of availability. So I booked online through the website, selected a cabin, paid with my credit card and then took the booking number to the Front O
  5. My take on this is it was a "tongue in cheek" statement since Copper 10-8 is employed with HAL as a Security Officer. I don't think it was meant to be taken seriously in any way.
  6. We almost always book cruises within a month or two of sailing. Have also booked some last minute cruises--the day before, two days before, etc. We always know our cabin assignment prior to completing the booking. We normally use an online TA (but can call and speak to an agent but not usually necessary). The time that we booked the afternoon before sailing, we booked directly with HAL as to expedite the process--this was a sailing that we really wanted to get on. Our preference now is verandah cabins but would book an outside cabin for the right price/cruise. Have sailed in ins
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