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  1. It seems like it was the fashion maybe 10(??) years ago to become a TA just to get one free cruise. Is that still a thing or is becoming a TA more complicated these days? Or are these discounted fares only given to TAs that actually make bookings? Ya know, just askin' 😉 Diane
  2. Yep, got that one today. 90 days is more reasonable 🙄 and now those on Serenity in October will only have to go back in time a couple of weeks 🙄😣 Diane
  3. "Medical Requirements and Inoculations" isn't even a category in PCPC. And why is it called a Credit Card "Waiver"? What exactly is it that I am waiving? (It only says this in the email, not on PCPC) Plus it says this requirement starts with Serenity's 10/23/19 sailing. So those people will need to go back in time about three months in order to comply. The whole email seems thrown together without sufficient thought. Diane
  4. I just received an email that states that all immigration, medical, and credit card info must be entered into PCPC 150 days before sailing. And that if it is not 100% complete 150 days before sailing that we won't get our cruise tickets. This seems exceptionally far ahead of time? Is this really what they mean? Almost six months ahead? Diane
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