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  1. You don't do the LAX-IT thing on a return drop off trip. Uber/Lyft drops you of in front of your terminal.
  2. That looks great. I have a March booking but have not received this email yet. Anyone else?
  3. Question about price drop policy (without early saver) - Can you upgrade your room if the price is the same or more than what you paid?
  4. The price of my 4 day Inspiration cruise in March dropped $120 (for 2) since final payment was due. Booked military rate not early saver. I guess I am out of luck. Booking is a form of gambling. Book early saver, you can get credit for price drops, but if you cancel you will lose. Book a regular rate and the price drops after final payment, you get nothing, but could have cancel early if needed. I am new to Carnival, Is the above correct? An earlier post said if the price drops after final you can try calling and they might be "nice" and give you some credit?
  5. I was confused because this is similar to price protection for early saver fares. People who book early saver put down a non- refundable deposit. Other fares have a fully refundable deposit but if the price drops after final payment they are out of luck (or so I thought). What would be the point of risking your deposit with early saver if you can just call and and get a credit / refund for a price drop? The price for my next cruise has dropped after final payment. I guess I will call and hope they are nice to me? 🤞
  6. I am confused. The rate was not an early saver, so they are not required to give you any credit or refund. They just gave you credit because you called? Why would they do that?
  7. Are ocean view rooms larger than regular interior? They are both listed as 185 sq ft.
  8. 100% savings? Looking at photos of the wine package deal and the wine list, I calculated about a 20% savings. I am interest in this package. Do you have more specific info/numbers?
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