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  1. Called and spoke with 4 representatives at the Diamond line, and was given a consistent answer. Currently they are being flexible and will allow you to cancel without penalty up to day before, with full amount paid returned as future cruise credit. Asked for it in writing, and was provided an email. We now are booked on Horizon 8/2.
  2. Last reports seems to say that Mardi Gras is still on or slightly ahead of schedule for the first sailing. They pulled all sailings off the market to limit the number of guests. (The interview that stated this was linked in another recent post). This limit was not necessarily COVID related as it was in getting up to speed on this new, much larger vessel. We are on the Thanksgiving sailing, and crossing our fingers.
  3. Does anyone have a link to the current cancellation policy? Trying to determine what the cancellation policy would be for the August sailings, if I were to book now, and needed to cancel due to quarantining requirements, etc. Not seeing anything on the site showing the flexible policy that was in place months ago.
  4. Based on current deck plans, you would have to go down to deck 16, to go out to the deck. That gray space could be one of two things. 1> Crew / Equipment Space. OR 2> A feature they haven't yet announced, in which case there might be the ability to pass through it.
  5. Just a small correction. Carnival has NOT said they will be sailing with a reduced capacity of passengers per sailing. (NCL has). They did say they would be starting sailing with a reduced capacity of ships (8 vs 22). The reason they stopped selling Mardi Gras sailings was merely insurance in case they have to cancel further sailings. Once everything is on target, likely near final payment dates, they will reopen sailings for purchase.
  6. Finally received all credit card refunds from excursions/internet/etc. Just waiting on the significant Gift Card delivery...hopefully soon.
  7. How are the giftcards arriving (Fedex?)
  8. Patience...there are alot of cruisers in front of you seeking refunds. Last I've seen they may have hit cancellations of April that they are working on refunds now.
  9. While not CCL, it would be very bad for the industry if anyone fails at this point.
  10. Anyone receive giftcard shipments yet?
  11. The reason I asked was I knew credit card refunds were flowing slowly but surely. I hadn't heard of anyone that had gotten gift cards as of yet, and based on responses to this point - haven't seen anyone come forward. It makes sense that they might be more willing to do gift cards due to money not changing hands, however from the other perspective, it is outside of the normal work flow of returning to the original payment. I fear with the normal work flow so overwhelmed, gift cards could potentially take a back burner.
  12. Greetings, Trying to determine if they have done an refunds via giftcard yet. Anyone who cancelled a cruise, excursion, or purchase get new gift cards yet? We have 1 cruise we are expecting a refund on, and purchases/excursions for two others that were all cancelled 3/13. Thanks for your info.
  13. I believe this is intended to be guidelines for currently stranded passengers.
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