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  1. Remember, that Carnival adopted the serve the buffet model on cruises before the shutdown. It worked well on Glory 3/8.
  2. @chengkp75 Just want to thank you for sharing your vast knowledge, expertise, and insights here. Your posts are fascinating, and I really appreciate you.
  3. The Liquid Lounge Also is the disco on that class of ships. Some have chosen to use the Limelight Lounge for disco if numbers are low, but there is no way to know for sure.
  4. Having stayed in the Family Harbor Suite, they are wonderful...mostly. The room is great, the problem is several are right under the galley. The one we stayed in had severe noise issues starting at about 3am. Check what is directly above you.
  5. Just received our first of 6 gift card refunds for a March 2020 cruise. Still waiting for 5 more.
  6. You know they did this on cruises the week of 3/8/20 right?
  7. We sailed 3/8. Enjoying following a reminder of life before the world erupted into chaos.
  8. Called and spoke with 4 representatives at the Diamond line, and was given a consistent answer. Currently they are being flexible and will allow you to cancel without penalty up to day before, with full amount paid returned as future cruise credit. Asked for it in writing, and was provided an email. We now are booked on Horizon 8/2.
  9. Last reports seems to say that Mardi Gras is still on or slightly ahead of schedule for the first sailing. They pulled all sailings off the market to limit the number of guests. (The interview that stated this was linked in another recent post). This limit was not necessarily COVID related as it was in getting up to speed on this new, much larger vessel. We are on the Thanksgiving sailing, and crossing our fingers.
  10. Does anyone have a link to the current cancellation policy? Trying to determine what the cancellation policy would be for the August sailings, if I were to book now, and needed to cancel due to quarantining requirements, etc. Not seeing anything on the site showing the flexible policy that was in place months ago.
  11. Based on current deck plans, you would have to go down to deck 16, to go out to the deck. That gray space could be one of two things. 1> Crew / Equipment Space. OR 2> A feature they haven't yet announced, in which case there might be the ability to pass through it.
  12. Finally received all credit card refunds from excursions/internet/etc. Just waiting on the significant Gift Card delivery...hopefully soon.
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