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  1. safarigal

    4th Berth in Golden Princess Mini Suite

    Thanks - that would be much better than over the bed :)
  2. The 4th berth in the MD category of mini suites on Golden Princess is described as an upper berth. The 3rd berth is the sofa bed. Does anyone know if the upper berth is above the beds or the sofa? Thanks!
  3. safarigal

    Viking Sun World Cruise 2019

    Thanks so much for the link - hopefully I am now all signed up to follow along :)
  4. safarigal

    Viking Sun World Cruise 2019

    I am so tempted to do the Viking Sun 2021 world cruise out of Los Angeles. Yes I know it's a long way away, but it's a lot to save up for. I look forward to following along to see what it is like - 2021 is a very different itinerary, but this years also looks very interesting. Do let us know if anyone is doing a world cruise blog this year :)
  5. safarigal

    Visas for Oman

    Thanks :)
  6. safarigal

    Visas for Oman

    This will be our first visit, so thanks for the suggestions :)
  7. safarigal

    Visas for Oman

    Thanks! We have not been there and I am really looking forward to our day there :)
  8. safarigal

    Visas for Oman

    Alas, not a whole world cruise this year - just Dubai to New York :).
  9. safarigal

    Visas for Oman

    We will be stopping at Oman on QM2 in March. I had emailed Cunard to see if we needed visas as US citizens, and I received a reply that because we were on a cruise we did not. Then I received an email from our travel agent saying that she had an email from Cunard stating that we will need to do online visas. I emailed the visa people in Oman enquiring about the need for a visa, but I have not had a reply as yet. I am curious to know what visitors to Oman have done in the past, and what passengers who will also be there on QM2 are planning to do. Thanks!
  10. safarigal

    QV Grills

    It is so much easier to throw a soiree in a Q1 than it is in a Q5. Much more space and a prep area.
  11. safarigal

    November Crossing

    Water must have come in through the balcony door and/or windows. The carpet was soaked. Obviously this wasn't the first time, when I told our room steward he did not sound surprised, and the next door cabin had the same problem. This was a first for us after many cruises! There are huge waves today, crashing against the windows in the pub, but the ship is hardly rolling or pitching at all. She is amazingly stable.
  12. safarigal

    November Crossing

    Good choice! We are currently on QM2 on her westbound crossing. The weather has been variable - one evening when it was very choppy and a whole lot of dishes got broken in the dining room and our cabin flooded, but otherwise it has been fairly calm. I have not ventured outdoors, and the hot tubs are way too cool, but I see a lot of people out and about. Some bundled up against the cold, others just in running shorts and T shirts. All in all, it is a perfect crossing :)
  13. safarigal

    Welcome bottle of bubbly in the Grills?

    Two bottles of Pol Acker on QM2 in PG today. One down, one to go. The night is yet young.
  14. safarigal

    Cunard Black Friday Sale

    From my understanding past guests even in Britannia also get free gratuities, not just Grills guests.
  15. safarigal

    Queen Victoria Deck 1

    We have been in an ocean view on QV on deck 1 and loved it. There was no noise, it was very convenient for the theater, and it was great watching the waves during a storm. Almost like watching the washing machine. Very cool. The only issue is that there is no launderette on Deck 1 so you have to walk up to deck 4 with your dirty laundry in hand.