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  1. Although it does vary they offer the following. We did not get a drinks package or free laundry on ours, but got the rest a welcome reception drinks package free laundry a commemorative gift each segment World Voyage cocktail parties each segment a gala dinner ashore daily gratuities the services of a World Voyage concierge. For me, the best part of the sea days was waking up each morning and not feeling pressured to do anything, I could just relax and write my blog. The same thing with the ports - we had been to several before so we didn't feel we had to do a tour and see everything, we could just wander in to town and find a good place for lunch and people watching. A world cruise is a good thing :)
  2. I love the idea of the foldable cubes in the bathroom :) Although extra shelving may not be needed on QV, on QM2 we accessorize our bathroom and shower with extra shelving. I agree that a map is great - our daughter bought us a scratch off map, and we take it along as well as a silver Sharpie pen.
  3. It was such fun reading through all of the comments from 2017 - and a good excuse not to get the packing done!
  4. The QM2 Log Book is alive and well, and residing in the library :). I had forgotten all about the log books - I ran up to the QM2 library and signed it, so now it has a 2019 entry. The librarian knew exactly what I was looking for!
  5. You can get some sun, especially in the early morning or late afternoon depending on which way the ship is heading. However, for the rest of the day, it may not be sunny, but it may be sheltered from the wind, and still lovely to sit out there.
  6. I'm so glad that Campbell will be on QM2 for the July 14th sailing. He is very talented, and I hope they don't hide him away as they tend to do on QE and QV.
  7. Thanks for posting the link. What a lovely story :)
  8. I am kind of a party person, so any time is good for me. The downside of the 11:15 party is that you do miss speakers you may want to see, on the positive side we use our Verandah lunch voucher after the morning party which works out well, and it gives us another night of pre dinner drinks with friends in the Commodore Club. As long as there is bubbly, I will be there :)
  9. Thanks for supporting the Princes Trust. Have a wonderful voyage :).
  10. I most likely will be blogging - I love the itinerary, and would like to share it with others :)
  11. Thanks! We will try to fit in the puffins - I agree, they are very cute!
  12. Wow - this is very annoying misinformation. Not exactly what happens in the one and only Britannia restaurant. "Main Dining. Price Included. Your table is reserved for breakfast, lunch and dinner in one of the sophisticated main restaurants aboard. Each is the home of deliciously imaginative menus, exceptional wines and impeccable service."
  13. Booking through a travel agent is still the best way to go. I know that doesn't help with your issues with Cunard, and they should do better, but using a TA saves times and money. Good luck with your booking - I do hope you get to do a world cruise. It really is something amazing, and worth the cost :)
  14. I love any of the souffles, but the chocolate one is the best! They also do a great beef Wellington as a main course. The lobster tails can be nice, but they are often rubbery so I give them a miss :)
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