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  1. Great idea - we can't be on our ships, but we can live vicariously. In and amongst other travel videos I have several Cunard videos. Some don't have sound tracks because they were removed and I have not had the chance to make new sound tracks. Wish we were on board again! https://www.youtube.com/user/samuels5731
  2. We are on the November 21st sailing, and like you the thought of being on that cruise keeps me going! Silversea says that the cruise is still on. I contacted the Palumbo shipyard in Malta where the refit is scheduled to be done, they did get back to me, but really were only interested in whether or not I was a ship's broker, and failed to answer my question as to whether the dry dock was going to be done as scheduled. I have contacted someone else in Malta, to see if they can find out for us.
  3. Follow up..............Coincidently I just got a call from Cunard Guest Relations responding to an email I had sent previously, saying that they were aware that I had requested a refund and they were working on it. It is taking longer than expected. So yes, my refund will be on its way :)
  4. I was very excited this morning when I received an email from Cunard asking me to register for access to their Asset Bank. Yay here's our refund from our interrupted QM2 voyage in March I thought! I registered with high hopes, but alas, it was not to be. I am a travel advisor and it is a "bank" of photos and other goodies we can use for marketing.The wait continues........... :)
  5. Thanks for the replies. We do tend to sail on Cunard, and have been reluctant to try anything else in recent years, but the opportunity arose to try Silversea in November, and so IF we actually sail it is interesting to learn about the differences. I must say I am pleased about the truly all inclusive aspects of Silversea, but I do think I will miss afternoon tea in the Queens Room, and the guest choir. Maybe they will serve Milky Way Martinis in the equivalent of the Commodore Club if there is a similar venue on the Silver Wind.
  6. I booked through the US. I requested a refund for the QM2 World Cruise Fremantle to Southampton segment, and FCC for the Southampton to New York segment. I have received my 125% FCC for the crossing already. I have not received the refund, but was told that Cunard would not process the refund for 60 days - and that the 60 days may not be until 60 days after the official, rather than actual end of the cruise (April 18th vs March 15th). Let's see if anything happens on May 15th!
  7. Thank you both :) Unfortunately the My Cunard site no longer works for this voyage, but the link to the form did work. Yay! Hopefully there will be a refund in the not too distant future!
  8. I tried to complete the refund request form for our cancelled tour we booked through our Voyage Personaliser, but the link on the US Cunard page goes to the general request for a refund of a cruise, and there is nowhere to indicate that you are just wanting a refund for a cancelled tour. Does anyone have a US link that gets you to the tour cancellation refund and not the cruise cancellation refund?
  9. We also had to disembark in Fremantle. We haven't heard anything about a refund of our tour purchased through the Voyage Personaliser, or for the refund for the rest of the cruise. I was told they would start working on these after the cruise has officially ended - August 18th. I'm interested to hear what the others in our situation have heard so far.
  10. Thanks -it's good to know we can do that.
  11. Yes, thanks, it is on the US website. It states that the storage is available for round trip crossings, so hopefully it will also be available if one is changing ships.
  12. We will be doing an eastbound transatlantic crossing on QM2 and then a week later going on QV. Will Cunard be able to store our suitcases in Southampton for the week, and if so, does anyone know the approximate cost? If Cunard cannot store our suitcases, is there another company that can? Thanks!
  13. Hey, they were both fabulous ships, and I know many of us were inspired to travel by sea because of our experiences on them :).
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