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  1. We were on the cancelled QV October 20th to November 1st cruise, and it would be nice to know what QE is doing during that time as my brain is already programmed to be on a cruise at that time.....
  2. We are upset that our QV October Northern Lights and QV WV 2022 have been cancelled, but applaud Cunard for giving us advanced warning of what really is inevitable instead of having us wait and wonder what was going to happen. So it will be yet another try for a WV to make up for our foreshortened QM2 2020 WV!
  3. So glad you have booked! We will also be on this crossing - can't wait to get back on Mary again 🙂
  4. Sorry I'm being obscure! For an eastbound crossing, say you lived in Los Angeles, but were already in New York so you didn't need a flight to the ship. Then you could fly back to Los Angeles from London at the end of the crossing. If you wanted to fly back to New York instead you can also do that. The only thing you can't do with Cunard Completeair if you are booking through Cunard US and not Cunard UK is fly back to London at the end of a Westbound crossing or fly from Southampton to New York to join an Eastbound crossing. So to answer your question, you CAN sail eastbound and fl
  5. I think I see the problem 🙂 For westbound crossings booked in the US you can only get flights from your home town in the US to London on your way to catch the ship, and then from New York to your home town in the US at the end of the crossing. For eastbound crossings you can fly from your home in the US to New York to catch the ship, and then you can fly back to your home town in the US from London at the end of the crossing. So unfortunately if you book through Cunard US or use a US based travel agent, you cannot use Cunard Completeair to fly to the UK agai
  6. I made a dummy booking for December 2021 on the Cunard travel agent's site, and was able to book air, so your travel agent should be able to do so too - maybe the glitch in the system has been resolved!
  7. Hmmmmm - they are meant to accept bookings 320 to 4 days prior to sailing. Is your booking within that time frame? I hope the January 1st date doesn't mean there won't be any sailings until then!
  8. That is not accurate. Cunard Air is available before and after voyages. You also do not need to fly on the day of your embarkation/disembarkation, you can book it for flights a couple of days before or after your trip.
  9. The ferry sounds like fun, but if you decided to go with a limo service, we have used Carmel on several occasions both to and from the ship. They have always been very reliable. https://www.carmellimo.com
  10. When we had been awoken by Captain Hashmi the day before, saying that no one would be boarding in Fremantle, I was not surprised when we found out the next morning that we all had to leave the ship. I was very sad, we had been having a wonderful time, and had met some great people. It was hard to believe it was all ending. I was tearful flying back to Idaho, but when we arrived home our son called us to ask if he could move in with us. He and our daughter in law were both working from home, and our grandson's daycare was closed, so it was a real challenge for them. They all moved i
  11. Wow! Thanks for the heads up 🙂
  12. If New Zealand/Australia to Argentina/Chile was doable, I would plan the Med, Suez, India, Australia, New Zealand, west coast of South America, Panama, Caribbean, US and back to Southampton. It could be fun!
  13. On Queen Elizabeth in 1962 we were able to have fresh oysters, but alas, I have never had them again at sea since then, although it does sound like they could do it :)
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