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  1. I just spoke to the air department and they do not know how much they will give us back on the airfare. The FCC is to cost of the cruise itself. I think we are going to take the FCC and go on another crystal cruise. Too may ifs....
  2. Wondering if FCC include airfare if booked through Crystal?
  3. I have totally enjoyed reading your blog and also your personal blog. Pictures are beautiful.
  4. Looks like a great time. Did you do the overland excursion through Crystal or did you plan it yourself?
  5. Hi Keith. Hopefully we will be able to join Serenity on 3/3 in Sydney. Waiting until Monday to hear from them. In the meantime, are there alot of people at the pools during sea days? Just curious about the amount of chairs available. Also is it wise to get Australian dollars or can we just use US dollars. Thank again for your help.
  6. Thanks for the info and the pictures. This will be our first Crystal cruise. Will be boarding in Sydney so sad that we will miss you. What are the must things to do and do you have to pre book the dinners at the restaurants?
  7. My husband and I are also waiting to see if anything changes. We will be joining you guys in Sydney to Singapore. We continue to enjoy the updates.
  8. Great pictures. We loved Papeete and Moorea when we were there about ten years ago. For your private tour through Crystal, did you tell them where you wanted to go or did they have a plan for you. I am thinking about doing the private car tours on some of the islands in Australia.
  9. We will be on the AMA bordeaux cruise on 4/2 and doing the pre and post cruise. We are flying into Bilbao via Madrid.
  10. Thanks for the info. Looking forward to our cruise on 3/3/2020
  11. Thanks agin for the information. Looking forward to your next leg. Too bad you will be getting when we are getting on in Sydney.
  12. Hi Keith. I continue to enjoy your blog. Can you tell me more about the Vintage Room lunch and dinners.Do you sign up before the cruise? And when do they tell you about them. We will be on the Food and Wine cruise from Sydney to Singapore.
  13. Thanks for all you updates. Very useful information. We will be joining you in Sydney
  14. My husband and I will be joining in Sydney to Singapore too.See you on board
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