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  1. We booked online with Costco. When I booked, the website wouldn't let me book the 20 & 23 year olds in the same room b/c of the age of 21 rule. I didn't think too much about it and just book DH and I in separate rooms so that the boys would be separate on the reservation and we would then meet that 21 age rule. In the back of my mind, I have been assuming that DH and I will just take a room together and the young adults will take another room together. The rooms are side by side, but not connecting. After thinking about it, I'm seeing some logistical problems with this idea. For instance swapping keys to get into the other room will be a pain if we are separated, and also a pain to get back on board the ship. We don't want to have to worry about always being together for everything. When we board will Royal let us key the cards for our room rooms? Or would they key all 4 cards to get into either room?
  2. I'm not picky about the food as long as I can dine outside. Are there any spaces with dining tables set up outside on Explorer?
  3. That makes sense. Just to clarify....If we want to show up any time we want within the MTD hours (no reservations), we should just keep it the way it is, right?
  4. We booked our cruise with CostcoTravel. On the Costco website for our dining option it says "Open My Time". I'm not sure what the word "open" is referring to. When I look at the RCI website under my cruise info, I can't find anything at all about our dining assignment. Is there something I'm missing? Something I need to do?
  5. We will be cruising with our 2 college aged sons. I hate saying this, but I'm a little worried that we will all be bored together. DH and I will give them plenty of space (they have their own room, etc.), but I'm insisting that we all eat dinner together in the evenings and I'm hoping to have a little extra family bonding time. I would love to find a game that they will play when we're together. Getting my family to play games is like pulling teeth. We do enjoy some games that are fun in large groups, but getting them to play cards, or any type of game like that is always difficult. What's out there for an adult family of 4 that will help ignite some laughs and fun conversation? I'm open to pretty much anything. The kids are grown up, so we don't need to worry about some of the things we would think about if they were little.
  6. Good to know. Thank you! One more question about coffee drinks: If I bring my own insulated mug, will they make the drinks in that? I'm in the only one in my group who will want specialty coffee. I know that I will find myself alone in the Cafe Promenade getting my drink and then meeting them at Windjammer or by the pool. A mug with a lid will be much more useful!
  7. We will be on Explorer of the Seas. I know they have Cafe Promenade on that ship. Not sure what else.
  8. That actually brings up another question: Where do we get the specialty coffees? I know that Starbucks is not covered under the drink package. What other places will give me coffee drinks?
  9. Good to know. This is also my first RCI cruise. The other ones have all been on NCL or Carnival. I wonder if they also have bars and roving bartenders in the buffet and I've just never paid attention!
  10. I'm usually the kind of person who orders a drink when I see a bar near. Maybe 5 drinks a day is usual for me. I'm going on the Explorer in November and have purchased the unlimited drinks package for the first time. In the spirit of trying lots of new things and getting the most out of the package, I plan to start early with things like mimosas and enhanced coffees. We will eat breakfast and lunch at the buffet. How will I get an enhanced coffee or a mimosa if we're eating in the buffet? Is there a bar that I will pass on my way in? Or is there another way to order drinks when I'm at the buffet? Thanks in advance!
  11. Good to know. We cruised Carnival last year and we could only bring cans of soda. Bottles are so much more convenient.
  12. So, according to the RCI website wording (Guests may also bring non-alcoholic beverages as carry-on items on boarding day. Non-alcoholic beverages may not exceed 12 standard (17 oz.) cans, bottles or cartons per stateroom), we can bring on bottles of Coke or Pepsi? Like a 6 pack of 16.9 oz bottles would be permitted? Does the number 12 apply to bottles of soda? Like, we could take 2 6 packs of the 16.9oz bottles per person? I know that's a lot of soda, and we might not bring that much on board, but my ultra-literal brain needs to know. 🙂
  13. I just reserved a clamshell lounger for our day on Labadee? How does it work when you get there? Do you get to choose your location?
  14. That's the info I needed. Thanks for the quick reply!
  15. We're sailing with our kids in a separate cabin next door. If we order room service for all 4 of us, but have it just delivered to one room do we still only get charged $7.95 + tip, or is there more to it than that?
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