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  1. jg2256

    Drink Package on RCCL

    I have had the drink package on Celebrity, RCCL and Norwegian and thought the Celebrity and RCCL were similar. The biggest difference with NCL, where just about everyone had the package, was that most specialty mixed drinks (especially the frozen drinks and martinis) are premixed and frankly they were terrible. I also found it a bit harder to get premium level drinks even if I was willing to pay the difference. Also found that NCL was charging higher prices for some premium liquor that was included in the other packages even though they all had the same max.
  2. Do not, I repeat do not pay any attention to the percentage off. I am on the Ovation in Jan out of Sydney and have been monitoring for a while now and have actually seen 30% off cost more than 25 % off because there does not appear to be a set price. As stated above, look for the bottom line. I have seen a 20 Per cent off as high as $63 per day but yesterday was 30% and it was $49 (lowest in the past 6 months only reached once before).
  3. We stayed at the Banks Mansion last summer and it was awesome. Favorite place we have ever stayed and wouldn’t stay anywhere else in Amsterdam. Very highly rated on Trip Advisor. Right in the middle of the canals and easily walkable to just about everything. Price was a moderate. Wasn’t too far from the port via taxi.
  4. jg2256

    This is new to me

    The problem is that the prices don't just change from ship to ship, the supposed base price (that sales are being offered on) that RCL is offering on the same ship is changing. For example we are going on Ovation of the Seas in Jan 19 from Sydney. When I first saw the price it was buy one, get 50% off the other and it was $56 a day - which RCL priced in the cart as 25% off for each person (apparently gratuity is included on Australian Cruises). When that sale was over it went to $60 per day. OK, understand that but then this week it is 25% off again so I am thinking OK $56 a day...not bad. However, this time the 25% off comes to $58 per day....aargh. As discussed on this thread I will probably just wait for major holidays or Black Friday to see if it gets any better sine cruise is still several months away.
  5. I am not attesting to the veracity of this post and there are sometimes disagreement about these definitions but Wikipedia and other references discuss the use of the ethnonyms "Hispanic" and "Latino" to refer collectively to the inhabitants of the United States of America who are of Latin American or Spanish origin—that is, Latino or Hispanic Americans.
  6. I will be taking a 12 day New Zealand cruise from Sydney on the Ovation of the Seas in Jan 19. The other day I got an email stating that for a limited time that for my cruise RCL had a buy one get a 50% off the second drink package. I thought this may be a good deal so I started the process and put into cart and it came to $1344 (plus gratuity) and when I looked at the details it showed both of us with the same cost. I naively thought that it would show a full price package and then a half price package so I thought there may be a mistake. With the supposed discount this averages to $56 per day which from what I read on CC is about the "normal price". I called RCL and the person I spoke to told me that the $1344 is correct and it represented a 25% off for each of us. I said that cannot be correct and asked that based on what I had read it shouldn't it be be around $55/56 per day? He said that is incorrect and that the number is not published and that it is only in his system. I stated that did not seem ethical and that how I am supposed to know what 50% off something is when I do not know what that something is. Call did not go well from there and we will probably not get the package (which will probably save us money in the long run). If my math is correct the non published regular daily rate based on the numbers I was given (in the RCL system) was $70 per day (plus gratuity for a total of over $1900) which seems very high. This type of deceptive advertising is illegal in many States in the US. Am I overreacting or missing something? Thanks.
  7. jg2256

    Celebrity vs Norwegian cruise

    Have done both lines a few times and we cruised on the NCL Epicback in Feb of this year and just got off the Celebrity Silhouette and agreewith most of the previous comments. Demographics are different and generallyfood is better on Celebrity in the MDR and the Entertainment better onNorwegian but that said you have to make reservations for almost all of thebetter entertainment on NCL (at least the Epic) or wait in lines to see ifthere will be room. The biggest difference I noticed was in the included drinkpackages which Celebrity wins hands down. NCL offers an all inclusive drink package that is supposed to cover premiumdrinks but the quality of even premium beverages is subpar (many mixed drinksare pre mixed to include all frozen drinks and martinis…nasty). Also the price of higher end alcohol onNCL has been raised outside of the range of drink package. So if you comparedthe price without a package of a high end NCL drink or a high end Celebritydrink the NCL drink price is much higher and many higher end drinks included inthe Premium package on Celebrity were not even available on NCL. We upgradedto the premium package on Celebrity and to us it was well worth the extra cost (or if youprefer just pay the difference between the classic limit and the cost of thedrink that exceeds the limit. In addition to including better quality drinks inthe package, the Celebrity Premium package includes almost everything liquid toinclude specialty coffees and large bottles of water. Although some woulddisagree we found the selection of wine to be much better throughout theSilhouette especially in the dining room. The quality of the wine on NCL waspoor and the wine stewards were virtually non-existent on the Epic while notonly did we always see a wine steward in the MDR on the Silhouette they usuallyleft the red wines on the table (even though we were using our package to orderby the glass). Also they had a much better selection of beers on the Silhouettethroughout the ship but most notably in the Cellar Masters (extensiveselection), most of which were included in the Premium package (they also hadsome of the bigger bottles but they did exceed the package cost). Under the right circumstances we may sail NCL again but for now we definitely prefer Celebrity
  8. jg2256

    IPA's on NCL

    As an IPA drinker who is going on the Epic in a few weeks I am sad that I won't be able to have an IPA but sure I will find something :) With the drink package there is longer an incentive for Norwegian to have IPAs on board because they are generally more expensive. Saw an article this week about Carnival brewing craft beer, to include an IPA,(based on other's recipes) on board the Vista. What a great idea. http://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2016/05/17/carnival-vista-brewery-cruise/84433878/
  9. jg2256

    Booking shows online

    Was able to book on my iPad. Never was able to see a cart on Explorer. Thanks for all your help
  10. We are going on the Epic on 11 Feb and I have been trying to make reservations for Priscilla and Burn the Floor. I can add them to the cart but cannot find a place where I can empty the cart and actually confirm the reservation. I have checked and the site does not show us with any reservations yet. I am sure I am missing something obvious but cannot figure it out so any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  11. jg2256

    Cash in ports?

    We just did the Northbound out of Vancouver a few weeks ago and the only place that asked for cash was the local bus tour in Ketchikan. Other than that we had no issues whatsoever. There were also were plenty of ATMs. The only caution I would have is that several tour operators did not take American Express so if that is your card of choice I would take a backup.
  12. jg2256

    Millennium - recent Alaska feedback 2014?

    We got off the Millie on Friday following a Northbound cruise and had a great time. We had been on this ship a few years ago and loved it and after reading all the complaints on cruise critic we really had doubts whether we picked the right ship but we can say with confidence that that all is well on the Millie. We had a few nit picky items but the ship was in great condition and staff as attentive as always. There is no doubt however that the wait staff has been cut and this was evident in the dining room for meals other than dinner. Although this only affected us directly one time It was really evident In the buffet where tables were slowly cleared if at all and never once were we approached to get us a drink. Again it was not a big deal to us but might be a big deal to others. Food in the MDR was good to very good. Entertainment was good but the house band Twist of eight was fantastic. They played dance music almost every night in Cosmos for 50's to today and were really good. We had Select dining and ate at different times between 7-9 and only once did we had to wait and only then it was for 5 minutes. Obviously Alaska was great. My opinion is that if you have an Alaskan cruise planned on Millie this summer or next year you will be very happy
  13. jg2256

    What to do with luggage in Seward

    My wife and I will be arriving in Seward on the morning of 13 Jun on the Millennium. We were originally going to get picked up by my step-son who lives in Anchorage but after reading the board about the Alaska Railroad train to Anchorage we have decided that is the way to go for us. Since the train does not leave until 6:00 what do we do with our luggage from the time we get off the ship until the train departs? We are open to taking a tour for the day in Seward or even renting a car but will still have the luggage (obviously car would work for luggage but not sure what to do). Will some tour companies pick us up and keep our luggage for the day. Is there a place at the train station to sore luggage? Any suggestions would be greatly welcomed.
  14. jg2256

    Draft beers

    There is draft beer in many of the bars and in some there is only bottles. Also depending on the bar there may be a different draft beer so you have to almost take a look before you order. The English Pub on Allure this past week had Boddingtons and Stella and there was a draft wheat beer in some of the other bars. I think I also saw Bud light in a few places.
  15. jg2256

    Tips that AREN'T included

    Was in Labadee last week and on some of the beaches there are guys who will get you chairs and put theme wherever you want. I just assumed I should tip so gave him a $1 per chair and he seemed very appreciative. You could probably lug your own chair but it was well worth it having them put the chair where we wanted it.