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  1. You can easily get a taxi. The last time we did that the price worked out at AUD$20 per hour. Allowing for some inflation, AUD$25 per hour would be plenty. When you are negotiating, stipulate that you mean AUD, otherwise they will think it is FJD that are worth a lot less. I suggest you ask to be taken to a village and then to the Garden of the Sleeping Giant. It is a superb orchid garden originally owned by Raymond Burr the actor. If you plan to go to a village, make sure that the women in the group all have their knees and shoulders covered. Short sleeves are OK, but no shoe-string straps. If anyone is wearing short pants they will have to put a sarong over. The Fijians are very conservative. The other place worth visiting is the Hindu temple in Nandi. Even if you just look from outside, it is worth visiting. Some people spend the port day in one of the hotels on Denaru Island. A shuttle bus goes from the shopping centre where the tender drops you off and it does the circuit of the hotels. Their pools are lovely and you can get a drink and a meal. The beach is not attractive.
  2. I will try that. I am still not accessing the forum when I 'click' to open. I am also not posting under my regular name. :) It does not come up for me. P.S. I looked at the "report bugs and gliches" but didn't want to post all my details - email etc. I have sent a couple of emails to the moderators and hope they respond. I do like to check out CC.
  3. P&O doesn't have formal nights - only 'cocktail' nights. That is 'cocktail' dress, not cocktails being served. On the Cruise Personalizer (called Cruise Control) it does not show what the special nights are. As was mentioned earlier, they will have a Blanco (White) night and Gatsby night. A lot of people dress up, but not all. In Fiji we used AUD. They would probably also take NZ dollars.
  4. Princess doesn't have a shuttle to Christchurch, but they do run a shore tour. It is about two hours' drive (each way). When you go ashore at Akaroa there will be a private tour to Christchurch offered. Unless you have a particular reason to go to Christchurch, I wouldn't recommend it. As you probably know, the centre of the city was devastated by an earthquake. The last time we were there, no reconstruction had taken place. Buildings have either been removed leaving an empty space, or they are fenced off. The tour that includes a visit to the Antarctic centre is probably worth it because you go there, then have some time on your own in the centre of the city. Because there isn't much to see (except a lot of empty lots and some damaged buildings) it doesn't take long. The gardens and the River Avon are still there.
  5. Must just be me. :( I hope it can get sorted out.
  6. Is anyone else having trouble accessing the forum? I had a problem a week or so ago, then it resolved itself after a couple of days. Then it has happened again this morning. :(
  7. The islands of the Pacific are tropical and I don't think there would be a lot of use for baby blankets. Maybe there is a charity in Sydney that would welcome the blankets.
  8. We hired cars in Dunedin and Wellington (as well as Tauranga). It worked out well. My review is on the thread that Luckie (think it was Luckie:)) started last week for reviews. In Auckland we went by bus but it would have been better to have a car. In Christchurch we caught a taxi to town then walked and took the tram. We felt that a car wasn't necessary because the sights we wanted to see were all fairly close to each other. Evon.
  9. Hi Bindii, It would be a bit difficult to organise cake etc. for the first night, and I agree with Drelix that it would be a bit awkward carrying a cake with you. You can do it if you wish. If you (or your partner) advises your table waiter that it is your birthday and that you would llike to celebrate it the next night, they will organise it. They will decorate the table with balloons and bring you a small cake with a candle. A group of waiters & supervisers will sing 'Happy Birthday'. This is at no extra cost. If you wish you can order a birthday cake (24 hours' notice). Be warned that it is a very big cake!! :) Advise your cabin steward and he will decorate your door with balloons and a birthday message. No cost for this. Have a great birthday and a fantastic cruise.:) Evon.
  10. We have just checked with the Tax Dept and Customs Dept. on whether we can claim TRS on an expensive camera we plan to buy. Although there is no upper limit to the value of a purchase that is eligible for a TRS refund, the duty free limit of $900 still applies if that item is brought back into Australia. The 10% duty is payable on the amount in excess of $900, however if you have been overseas for more than one month, depreciation is allowed at 20%. After 6 months it is 60%. Evon.
  11. The figures on wages come from the website referenced by Thied on page 2 of this thread. My comment about wages in 5 star hotels in the waiter's home country (not locally in Australia) came from our table waitress. Evon.
  12. I'm sorry, but I am not sure where this figure came from. The website quotes US$1800 - $2,200 per month for a cabin steward (including tips). I still reckon the pay isn't too bad when you take into account that board and lodging are included and there is no income tax to pay. Evon.
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