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  1. janetcbl

    Everything Hurtigruten - question answered!

    We have down the round trip a number of times and think the excursions on the Southbound are the most interesting....Breakfast at the Cape, the drive across part of the Lofotens, the Atlantic Road and the Sea Eagle. Heading north you have more time in Alesund and Trondheim to wander about. It is purely a choice of what you enjoy and how much time you have.
  2. janetcbl

    Which Fjiord is better

    I have been spending time in Norway since the 1960’s and have never seen an “ugly” fjord...each has something special. You won’t go wrong with whichever one you choose.
  3. janetcbl

    Booking a trip on Spitsbergen. Questions.

    Read some of the reviews of Hurtigruten trips to get an idea of the journey. Some stops give you time to explore a bit of the city, but do consider some of the excursions...not necessarily every day, but many are worth the expense. My only concern for your Mother would be icy sidewalks. I have spent time in the north of Norway during February/March, and ice was a challenge. Be sure to take some sort of spiked foot ware to use, if necessary.
  4. janetcbl

    How expensive is the booze on Hurtigruten?

    Wow, have things changed since we last sailed (the year before the Hurtigruten was sold). You were able to bring on whatever drink you wanted or purchase it at a State Store along the route. We usually had a balcony and would enjoy relaxing on it, watching the magnificent scenery pass, while enjoying glass of wine before dinner. And, oh yes, water was served with dinner if requested. Times have changed...I think it is called “progress”. :D Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. janetcbl

    Bergen - Kirkenes Shore Excursions

    In addition, the ships leave on time and will delay departure only for a their own excursions. All four cities are walkable. Do some research and choose sites you want to see...TripAdvisor is a good source. We have done a few excursions that we enjoyed: Breakfast at the North Cape ( Southbound), the Atlantic Road, and A Taste of Vesterlanen. The Sea Eagle Safari is popular. It has been a few years since we did the Coastal Route and there are many new excursions. And it seems the excursions become more expensive each year!
  6. janetcbl

    Flam Railway?

    We were living in Denmark and had a long term Scandinavian Rail Pass. Check out the nsb.no website (in English) for timetables to figure times and purchase information, or ask your TA to do it, or wait until you get to Norway ( trains may be sold out, depending on when you travel). We went in February; in March you will have slightly longer days. Also check out http://www.norwaynutshell.com., tours run year round, I think.
  7. janetcbl

    Flam Railway?

    We did Bergen-Myrdal-Flam-Myrdal-Bergen some years ago on our own by train and loved it! Beautiful snowy train trip and only a few people in Flam and one place open for lunch! We have done this trip in all seasons;each season is different, but we the winter trio was very special. Do go, but don’t try driving, IMO.
  8. janetcbl

    Emails from Hurtigruten in English

    Mange tak!
  9. janetcbl

    Emails from Hurtigruten in English

    The US Virgin Islands is a US self governing territory,( somewhat like Greenland and the Faroe Islands are to Denmark). They are US. citizens, but cannot vote in Us elections unless they are living on the mainland. Mail addressed to the US Virgin Islands will not reach the US mainland. So, I still order why the USA is not included in the list that can receive the Hurtigruten email. No big deal, just curious.:D
  10. janetcbl

    Emails from Hurtigruten in English

    Interesting! Choice of country does not include the USA to receive newsletter. Wonder why.
  11. janetcbl

    Just back -- Bergen rt on MS Spitsbergen

    We did the Atlantic Road and really enjoyed it though the evening meal was poor. Consider Breakfast at the North Cape ( book as late as possible;you don’t want to go on a foggy day) where you will be the only ship there.
  12. janetcbl

    Midnatsol to Antarctica

    According to the 2018-2019 catalogue, MS Spitsbergen will take over for the Midnatsol in Norway..if I read the page #65 (USA Brochure) correctly.
  13. I'm afraid I can't help with hotel names. I was connected with a school near Svolvaer where I lived. Check out TripAdvisor for suggestions, which I have found to be very helpful.
  14. Aa isn't really the spelling...but I don't have the correct Norwegian letter on my tablet...it is an A with a circle over the A...
  15. The Trollfjord and the Midnatsol are the newest ships, though the Midnatsol is in the Antarctic in the winter. They are our favorite ships, partly because the lounges are great for viewing. We love the Lofotens, and have spent time traveling from one end to the other. In the area around Aa, fishing cabins, very updated!, could be rented. Our favorite "city" is Svolvaer, especially because of the North Norwegian artists. You can't go wrong in the Lofotens....I am afraid they are about to be "discovered".... get there before the hoards descend.