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    Where To Stay In San Juan?

    El Conquistador is a great hotel. I believe they have a meal plan, if you golf this is definetely the place to stay. We just came back from our cruise & we were in San Juan for a few hrs, we didn't have enough time to go to the El Conquistador & we headed to the beach at the El San Juan & it wasn't that nice.
  2. momof296&02

    No More Obc's Allowed For My Res???

    We are home & we had a great time. We used all of the OBC's & still owed at the end of the trip.
  3. momof296&02

    casino ?

    thanks for all the help.
  4. momof296&02

    casino ?

    I hate taking cash with me so here's my ?- If I use my credit card for my S&S card & then get money from my S&S card for the casino I understand I will be charged 3% from Carnival. Will this be like a cash advance & then I'll be charged by my credit card company too? OR will it show up just as if I made a purchase on Carnival & I only get charged 3%?
  5. momof296&02

    No More Obc's Allowed For My Res???

    Call the 800# give them your booking # & ask them to check if the price went down. Being that there aren't anymore suites avail then my guess is that they have no pricing to compare it to & the price probably is the same. This is what happened w/ one of our cabins.
  6. momof296&02

    No More Obc's Allowed For My Res???

    We have 5 cabins & 4 recv'd credits. I'm on the carnival.com everyday checking if the price went down.
  7. momof296&02

    No More Obc's Allowed For My Res???

    That's great news!
  8. momof296&02

    No More Obc's Allowed For My Res???

    Can OBC be used for gratuities?
  9. momof296&02

    No More Obc's Allowed For My Res???

    True, very true. I convinced many family members to be part of the cruise & I know the $ was a stretch for some. Knowing they have OBC's has made them very happy. BTW my cabin is the only one w/out any credits. I am truly doing this for them. I am officially resigning from asking for OBC's if the price drops again. Thanks for ALL the replies!
  10. I was told by my PVP's supervisor that I can't ask for anymore OBC's for my cruise (6/26), we have 5 cabins booked & the price keeps going down. We currently have about $1600 in OBC's between us. Has anyone else had this happen? I feel like we are being penalized for booking early & if I were to book now I would get the lower price.
  11. momof296&02

    Cat 7a on Miracle?

  12. momof296&02

    Senior discount code?

    You can try pse
  13. momof296&02

    Suntan Lotion Question?

    We are doing the same cruise 6/26. I have heard that 30 is truly the strongest. The facial moisturizer I use everyday is 30 SPF. I have a base tan & will be visiting the beach probably everyother day from now until we cruise. I will bring 30 for the kids & DH & they will use it all over. I will keep using my moisturizer on my face & probably 8-15 on my body.
  14. momof296&02

    Non-Drowsy Bonine?

    We use Transderm-Scop patches. I just picked them up today, insurance wouldn't pay for them & it cost $101 for 2 scripts ( 6 patches total). You stick 1 patchbehind your ear for 72 hours & then replace it with a new one behind your other ear for 72 hrs, they work great. I give the kids Bonine(1 for DS 11 & 1/4-1/2 for DD 6), per my pediatrician I tried dramamine/benadryl 2x & they were bouncing off the walls!