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  1. We have already booked our flights ourselves, coming home the day after disembarking to be safe. I just looked at Flight Ease and it’s exactly double what we are paying!
  2. Yes, I totally agree about Seabourn possibly not knowing yet. I have to say, if it turns out to be Trieste or Ravenna, how on earth can people confidently book flights on disembarkation day? Food for thought!
  3. Does anyone have any definite news on where Seabourn will be docked when the start and finish of a cruise is Venice? Heard all sorts about ships using Trieste or Ravenna instead, or Marghera or another industrial port in Venice. Our booking states Marittima but we know cruise ships can no longer sail in and out of there.
  4. Hotel Olimpia is just two small bridges from Piazzale Roma, the land transport hub for Venice. Clean and comfortable and won't break the bank! Look at Veniceforvisitors.com. Absolutely fantastic site for everything about Venice.
  5. Wonder when they will get round to asking us! We don’t want to do the Venture trips. We were looking forward to seeing the Chilean fjords on the way down.
  6. We have had this cruise cancelled twice now but no offer forthcoming from Seabourn!
  7. If you go on the Seabourn website and complete the “where do you want to go and when” sections it only shows Antarctica as being available from December.
  8. So does that mean that Seabourn will accept their insurance?
  9. We use Welcome Pickups. They operate in S America. We are on the Quest Antarctica cruise next January and will use them again.
  10. Success! Asked our TA, she contacted Azamara and the OBC and free wifi will be added to our booking. Good on Azamara.
  11. It would have to be a huge difference for us to risk it!
  12. Is that even with the low value of the pound sterling?
  13. Thanks, everyone. Having looked at the Cruise with confidence details these suggest that Azamara will honour price drops but also promotions, so we hope that we are covered under the promotions section. As we are UK based we cannot cancel and rebook without losing our deposit.
  14. We booked via a TA who we always use - very good but closed today so we can’t ask them this question until Monday so I thought I would ask here if anyone has been in this situation. So we put our deposit down on a September cruise on Thursday. Yesterday I got an email from Azamara with an offer of $500 onboard credit and free wifi if we booked between yesterday and the 15th Feb. Is it worth asking the question whether they would allow us these perks as we booked just the day before the offer began? Fingers crossed!
  15. margbem

    Cabin 8000?

    Thanks everyone. In the end we booked a cabin on deck 7. We realised that the Veranda plus was costing us a lot of money for not much!
  16. margbem

    Cabin 8000?

    Thank you very much!
  17. margbem

    Cabin 8000?

    Has anyone a comment on whether this cabin has any issues, noise, position wise etc? We can only find one comment on the cabins spreadsheet. We may take the plunge and book for September but there are hardly any cabins left, 8000 being one of them.
  18. I think at the moment...how long's a piece of string? Hopefully we might be approaching some sort of normality by then but it's impossible to make decisions for travel at the moment. Fingers crossed for you!
  19. Hope we are all through this terrible pandemic by then! You will love Seabourn. Margaret
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