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    Ncl Gem New Years Cruise ?

    Bueller here. Better yet, make that Ms. Bueller, 28. Always great to meet family!
  2. britishracinggreen

    the all important COFFEE question - Norwegian Gem

    Terrific!! I will bring small basket filters and her own coffee. A couple of other newbie questions: Is there an extra cost to order coffee from room service? How was the Java Cafe? And is that an extra charge? Thank you so much!
  3. Hello everyone! My mom is quite the coffee fanatic, er, snob. :) I was wondering if anyone got a picture of the in-room coffee maker on the new Norwegian Gem mini-suites (AF)? I ran a search, and it seems that it is a "4" cup maker with "packets." Can she bring her own filters and ground coffee? Many thanks!!!! BRG