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  1. Literally the post above. Clearly I'm not awake yet this morning.
  2. Cruise lines are looking at all the ships out there losing money right now not being able to dock either with guests on board in quarantine or no guests on board at all and I'm sure their shareholders are too. I'm sure this is where the lack of refund options is coming from.
  3. Where anywhere in this thread did anyone say it was cancelled? 🤔
  4. IF YOU'RE ON THIS SAILING, YOU'RE GOING TO WANT TO READ THIS RIGHT NOW!!! I am not sailing on this cruise but my mom @koipondis and this e-mail just came in. The ship is relocating to embark in Dubai on February 16th for a roundtrip Dubai itinerary. Guests with Celebrity flights will be taken care of in terms of bookings. Guests travelling independently are on their own with potential for up to $500 in flight change reimbursement PP with receipt submission. No refund or future cruise credit option on offer. I am posting this because I sure as hell would want to know as soon as possible. If you've already begun travel to Singapore, you're not going to find a ship there on February 16th.
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