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  1. I am platinum on Carnival, but have been on pretty much all the other mainstream cruise lines as wel, I’ve been on celebrity a handful of times, NCL, princess. In all honesty, whether you will like celebrity depends on what kind of cruiser you are. I’m not big into the loud music and games by the pool on carnival, but I also don’t like to sit by the pool all day either, I prefer to find a spot in the shade and read all day, so I don’t miss those things when on other cruise lines. As for formality, I think most cruises in general have become more casual over the past few years. You won’t be out of place in shorts and flip flops during the day, but in the evenings you will need to change for the restaurants. I’ve always had good service on both lines, and as for the food, well taste is personal. My husband prefers carnival food because he has more simple tastes, he doesn’t like his meats with different sauces or seasonings. If his metabolism were faster, he would live off hamburgers alone. Although I prefer celebrity food. We choose based on price and timing. Lately, I’ve been finding that carnival is not any cheaper than other cruise lines when you include the added promotions. We were looking for a cruise in August out of Ny or NJ. Celebrity was doing a promotion for 3rd person free, and then prepaid gratuities, OBC, and a drinks package included. It ended up being a better deal than the carnival cruise out of NY or RCCL cruise from NJ when you include the gratuities and OBC that wasn’t offered by the other ships. The carnival cruise the same week from NY would have cost us almost $1000 more, since we would have had to pay for our son.
  2. Our umbrella stroller has a huge sun shade, which is a part of the reason we got it. Our full size stroller is just too big to comfortably take out in the ports. From what ive been reading, Bermuda buses only allow on umbrella strollers, and id rather not pay for cabs constantly. I am though feeling so much better about going on the cruise. We loved cruising before we got him, and we haven’t been on a vacation in ages. I’m glad I’m not going to be banned from the MDR, he’s generally a pretty content kid, so I hope he’ll be ok. We also just started solids at home but hopefully by that point he’ll be eating real food and not baby purées.
  3. My son used to be very happy and content in the carrier. Now he gets restless in it and he wants to be free. But I keep trying.
  4. My husband and I are taking our will be 8 month old on a celebrity cruise in August. At the time we booked it, it seemed like a great idea. We can drive to the port so we can take as much as we need, and the ship is docked for 3 days in Bermuda, so less stress about getting back by a certain time. But now I’m starting to get scared. I tend to be more of an early riser than my husband. Before baby, I’d get up, get breakfast while my husband slept. He often just goes straight to lunch because he prefers lunch food. But how do I take the baby to breakfast by myself? If I take him to the buffet how do I negotiate a stroller and holding a plate at the same time? I’m almost afraid of taking him to the dining room because I’ve read so many negative things about people’s thoughts on baby’s in a cruise. At the ports of call how do we carry all the stuff for the whole day? We have an umbrella stroller that does have a basket underneath, but it’s not going to hold everything that I’m picturing we would need. Are we basically going to be pack mules as we walk around Bermuda? I was reading about people that put up a shower curtain using magnetic hooks around the crib to make the space darker for the baby... does that actually work?
  5. Maybe. I’ve only ever missed ports because of bad weather, can’t control Mother Nature. We had an entire itinerary change once because of a hurricane that was going to be in our path, though we did have the option of canceling when the new itinerary was announced.
  6. Really? I’ve never been compensated more than the port fees and a refund of all shore excursions. We didn’t pay anything extra for the overnight in Bermuda. In the contract, they don’t guarantee that you will make it to all the ports and that the cruise ports of call can change, so they’re not obligated to give anything. We’ve missed several ports that I can recall on over 20 cruises across 4 different cruise lines.
  7. I was on a cruise years ago that was supposed to go to port canaveral, private island, Nassau, and Freeport. Well, we missed the private island cause the water was too rocky to tender. Mind, this was a cruise leaving from NY in early March so most people were expecting rocky seas. And instead of the private island, we ended up having an overnight in Nassau, which I think was great. So I’m on line for guest services because my credit card number was stolen and I wanted to switch my account to a different card. The person ahead of me starts yelling that they booked this craptastic cruise just because of the private island, that he needed to go to the beach and the other ports had horrible beaches and it’s a big ship, why couldn’t they let us off at the private island, the staff was just lazy cause they didn’t want to have to work on shore that day, seriously just going on and on and on. Of course demanding a refund of this cruise as well as credit towards a future cruise because his vacation was absolutely ruined. I couldn’t do that job.
  8. My parents were on a Carnival cruise with my in laws a few years ago. My dad had a massive heart attack in the middle of the night, he actually only survived because of how quick the time was to medical attention. They really went above and beyond on Carnival. They allowed my mom and my in laws free phone calls back home for the remainder of the cruise, they connected us to the cruise ship at no cost. My dad had to get medivaced by the coast guard off the shop, and a nurse from carnival was with them until they got to the hospital in Florida. They went from the ship to a hospital in Turks and Caicos, and then a medical flight to Florida where he ultimately ended up having surgery. And fortunately they had travel insurance so they got reimbursed, but they had to pay upfront for the hospital in Turks and Caicos, as well as for the plane to Florida. But the arrangements were all taken care of by Carnival.
  9. Hi all! We (me, my husband, and will be 8 month old son) are going to be in Bermuda for 2.5 days in August on our Celebrity cruise. Please no comments about how we should leave him at home, or it’s not a vacation with the baby. What sort of things are recommended with an infant? We love beaches but we usually only spend 3-4 hours max at the beach. From what I’ve read, Crystal Caves will be out because of the stairs involved. My son right now is pretty easy going and can nap pretty much anywhere, actually loves taking naps in his stroller, so I’m not super concerned with having to go back to the ship for naps. But I also realize that means I’m going to be lugging a bunch of stuff around with us if we are thinking of doing beach in the morning and then something else in the afternoon.
  10. I think you should be ok. On our last Alaska cruise, my husband and I packed a carry on each, and it was fine. Wear your bulkiest shoes onto the ship to save space. And I would personally wear another sweatshirt onto the ship. Both times we were in Alaska, we had no rain but it would get chilly. I wore a fleece sweatshirt every day. The second time, I packed an extra sweatshirt just so I would have one to wear when it got dirty. But if you’re planning to buy something you should be fine.
  11. My parents were shopping the other day at century 21 and they saw a little tuxedo one piece that he is going to rock on one of the elegant nights. It even has little coat tails in the back
  12. I’ll be on celebrity summit in August with my son who will be 8 months at that time. Granted I can’t predict what his personality will be like at that time, but he’ll be too young to care about not being on a ship with all the extras, and we plan on removing him from a situation if he has a meltdown
  13. My dad had a massive heart attack several years ago on the Carnival Breeze. They actually had to shock him back to a normal rhythm, stabilized him quickly, and gave him a clot busting medication on board. He was also lucky in that the doctor working that night was a cardiologist before going on ships. They were supposed to be 2 days at sea, and the ship decided t go towards I think Turks and Caicos where they had a us coast guard base (maybe a different island), got medivaced, taken to a hospital in the island for a few hours before going on an air ambulance to Florida where he went for a heart cath and then quadruple bypass a couple days later. Carnival actually made all the Rarrangements and really took care of them and my in laws who were traveling with them. That said, they had to pay up front for the ER and air ambulance and later get reimbursed from the travel insurance. We actually talk about how if he wasn’t on the cruise, he may have actually died. My dad walked himself down to the infirmary, and went into cardiac arrest once he got into the infirmary. If he was at home, there’s no way he’d have gotten to a hospital in time. Even though now he’s ok, my parents are still afraid to travel out of the US/Canada just in case.
  14. I have platinum on carnival, but no real brand loyalty. In all honesty, I’ve never had a bad cruise. We like the comedians on carnival and guys burger, but i think celebrity has better MDR food. I think the only cruise line I wouldn’t go on would be NCL because I hated how everything had to be booked in advance and it wasn’t really “freestyle”. But carnival really doesnt give you any perks, even for being platinum. We just booked a cruise on the celebrity summit to Bermuda out of NJ, and the price for 3 people was essentially the same as the carnival Caribbean cruise out of NYC for the same week, but on celebrity we got gratuities included, free drinks package, and $300 OBC, so with all that factored in, celebrity was actually cheaper. I guess it depends what sort of vacation you like. What other people are doing doesn’t bother me. I don’t spend much time by the pool, I don’t care what others wear to dinner, etc. so really, I have no problems going back on carnival if the price is right. Still haven’t gone on RCCL, because every time we look the price is always much more than any other, and we really don’t like these mega ships.
  15. Like I said, might be crazy, but we really want to celebrate being a family, and we weren’t sure we would get a passport in time to have gone to Aruba to use my husbands family time share. We are adopting him, and so we won’t get his amended birth certificate until after finalization, which is in a couple months, and we need that birth certificate to get a passport. So we decided on a cruise. It’s fitting since we found out we were matched the day before we left for a cruise. We waited a long time to become a family, so even though it won’t be the most relaxing vacation, I’m looking forward to it more than any other.
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