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  1. Hi all, we are looking into booking the horizon in January 2022, and traveling with our kids who will be 2 and 3 at the time. We are thinking of one of the family harbor rooms vs 2 connecting cabins or maybe a suite... anyone have any recommendations? is the family harbor really worth it? We originally had 2 connecting rooms on our cancelled cruise, but my kids were going to have been 11 months and 22 months at that time, so we would have had 2 pack and plays. My oldest is already sleeping in a regular bed, and I assume by January 2022, the little one may be as well, so we won’t have
  2. By 13 months, they should be off the jars of baby food. I cruised when my son was 8 months, and I took some food with me but I usually found something for him to eat. They can always give you some steamed or purée veggies, mashed potatoes, cereals, etc
  3. We went on a celebrity cruise to Bermuda with our then 8 month old. We chose bermuda because we can drive to NJ, and liked just staying in one port for 3 days. As long as you have the mentality that you probably won’t see much of the island, you’ll be fine. We had all these plans of what we would do on each day, and then very quickly dropped them all. if you go before they are mobile, it’s actually not that bad. My son loved strolling around the ship. We did our daily ship tour every morning, and he very quickly made friends with the people in the coffee shop, the pastry man in the b
  4. My kids are little but we are booked in 2 connecting rooms for our upcoming cruise. We booked 2 Oceanviews, but even if we booked 2 balcony it would have still worked out cheaper than a suite that would be comfortable for our family.
  5. We used to cruise a lot when I was a kid. When I was about 10 and my sister was 12 was when my parents said we can’t all be in one room anymore. We were usually next door, across the hall, or a couple doors away, cant recall that we ever had connecting rooms now, my husband and I are going on a cruise with our 2 boys who will be 11 months and 21 months when we go. We got connecting rooms and plan to put them in the other room. I don’t really think having a connecting room with the door in between open to be any different than being all in one cabin. We figured with 2 pack and plays
  6. If it’s not too late, you can try to see if you can get 2 connecting rooms instead. We will be cruising with 2 under 2, and booked 2 connecting ocean views, and will put the kids in one room.
  7. My son took his first cruise at 8 months old. We honestly left the vista at home, and just used a nice umbrella stroller and it worked fine. I personally wouldn’t give a stroller to check because they just throw the bags one on top of the other. Although you can now get strollers that fold up small enough to fit in a backpack. don’t think they would allow the food maker, but also don’t think it’s necessary. They will get you whatever you want and will purée it for you, or mash or whatever. I had no issues getting my son steamed veggies when asked. Also would get him things like mashe
  8. My dad had a massive heart attack on the Breeze several years ago. I’m a physician and happened to be on the same ship a few weeks later, so we took a visit to the medical center to thank them. I was actually impressed with their capabilities and how much they were actually able to do. They basically treated him the same way any hospital without cath lab capabilities and a long transfer time would treat him. Obviously there are some unique circumstances with being at sea, especially with the length of time to get to a hospital with the resources he needed, but he’s actually alive today because
  9. I heard people get a thick shower curtain and hang them from some heavy duty magnets. You can also buy covers that slip over the pack and play sides to black it out. I’m sure it probably does not abide by the AAP safe sleep guidelines but at 22 months it’s not a sids risk.
  10. I just signed up for an unlimited membership with Rent the Runway. Does anyone else use this? They have really nice things for work and weekend wear, and also gorgeous dresses. Our next cruise is on Carnival so not super fancy but it will be fun to wear something different aside from my usual black cocktail dresses
  11. Is it really $3.95?? I feel like that’s quite a bargain considering how much milkshakes cost at home... I may be indulging a bit on our cruise
  12. We were on celebrity in August and they had an all inclusive photo package, where we paid $250 and got all the prints as well as digital copies of all the photos we took. We were cruising with our 8 month old so we wanted nice photos. They just scanned the card before taking the photo, and the photo package was linked to it. They would automatically set aside the photos for the peole with the photo package. I was so hoping carnival would have something like that for our upcoming cruise since this will be our first cruise as a family of 4. But guess not.
  13. About 40 minutes to the manhattan terminal and maybe a bit less to Bayonne. Haven’t even considered driving anywhere else. The only other ports I’d consider driving to would be Boston or Baltimore, but it’s basically the same itinerary that leaves from NY so it never seems worth it.
  14. When I cruised with my 8 month old, they told me they could purée anything I wanted. If they can do it for a baby, they can do it for anyone else who needs it.
  15. I’m pretty sure it’s the same here if you book your flight with the cruise line. But it’s usually more expensive to do that and you don’t have control over which airline or timing of flights. We always book our own flights because we often can use our points for them. We live in NY, and we’ve only flown in the day before once. Most times we are leaving from somewhere in Florida, so it’s a short flight. We flew to Seattle for our alaska cruise the morning of, but with them being 3 hours behind it wasn’t bad. While it’s great to be able to fly the day before, we don’t all have that lux
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