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  1. We are 88 and 78 and have taken more than 20 cruises. Most on NCL and some on Carnival. We were on the Caribbean Princess Aug 4...7 day cruise to the E Caribbean. Here are some random comments. The bed was the MOST comfortable bed we have ever slept on. That alone would lead me to take another Princess cruise! The Caribbean Princess recently replaced all bedding and whatever they chose, it was perfection. We had a mini- suite on the Dolphin deck 9- forward port side. I saw our room steward one time and all he said was we made him wait as one day we didn't leave the cabin until 12:30. I was not impressed with him and that was a bit of a disappointment. he never left ice but we had a lot of water delivered so we didn't really need the ice. I knew that the balcony was not covered and that was a bit of a drawback as it was way too hot to sit out there during the day. Sadly the people next door had some very loud pre teens that spent a lot of time yelling, running around their room, slamming doors and generally acting obnoxious. I have a feeling the parents left them in the cabin by themselves. We thought the food in the dining room was above average. We had anytime dining , table for 2 and only 1 night had to wait maybe 15 min and was given a pager. The waiters were very good and there were many selections to choose from. Surprised they never did have a steak on the menu. The food in the buffet was very good! So many choices and the waiters cleaned off the tables pronto and came over and asked what beverage we wanted. Very impressed with the buffet. I went to most of the shows. The singers and dancers were above average for sure and I thought the entertainment ( ventriloquist, comedian etc. were enjoyable. ) The casino didn't have many video poker machines and seemed smaller than the ones on NCL and Carnival. I wasn't crazy about having to insert cabin card in every machine and if you waited too long the machine would click off and you would have to go through the whole sign in procedure again. We couldn't believe how fast the elevators came and we never had to wait more than 2 min! The doors close very quickly so that was tricky if anyone has mobility problems. I had read a lot of reviews prior to taking this cruise but we were more than pleased. I will say the mini suite was clean but a lot of the floor tiles were coming off and the pipes in the bathroom shower were rusty so it was definitely showing its age. We had 2 large tvs but I never could figure out how to access the closed caption and I didn't feel the need to ask someone. All in all, a very pleasant cruise and the waiters were all very nice and friendly. Embarkation and debarkation went quickly and smoothly. They have it down to a science! Very impressed!
  2. I started 4 threads on this issue and one of them was to inform others that NCL cancelled the Sun 10 day cruise on Nov. 27th. Another poster started a thread re: the cancellation of a cruise on the Jade. I hope everyone knows that I will cease and desist from posting any question more than once in the future.
  3. You'll be happy to know this thread will end since today I decided to use the cancelled airline tickets and pay the penalty of over $ 500.00. I called NCL and rebooked the cancelled cruise with the new itinerary. I had to downgrade from a mini -suite on the Sun and book a balcony on the Sun and paid close to $ 1000.00 more than what I originally booked. Thanks to the kind people who did respond and offered suggestions and advice.
  4. Wow! I can't believe how rude you are. You saw the title of my thread and if you recognized I had asked similar questions before, no one forced you to read my post. Best you give your snarky comments a rest! :evilsmile:
  5. I know I could get the info from American Airlines but easier to ask here. I can not use airline tickets already paid for due to NCL cancelling the cruise. If I have to change the tickets to another date etc. I know it would be a $ 200.00 penalty per person. Does that mean I also have to pay the difference if the price for a new date is more in addition to the $ 400.00 for both of us? I think I had to rebook tickets within 6 mo. Our tickets for 2 = $ 845.00. If I pay $ 400.00 penalty and also the difference in the new price of tickets, that is alot of money. I decided to just cancel as we don't plan to take another NCL cruise since the cancelled one was such a great price. Any other cruise is alot more expensive. I guess I will just "eat" the $ 845.00 plane ticket loss. I did send in info to NCL customer service re: plane tickets and they are supposed to let me know but I am reading on this forum that I probably will not get reimbursed. I didn't realize the $ 300.00 p person air flight reimbursement from NCL was IF I rebooked with NCL. Sorry to sound so dumb but I am 78 and husband 88 and not as sharp as we used to be. This has really soured me on NCL and we are Platinum Plus members.
  6. NCL cancelled our cruise. I paid $ 845.00 for 2 airline tickets. I had insurance thru airline but they said no reimbursement as they don't cover when a cruise line cancels a cruise. I sent some info to NCL re: this and I was hoping that they would refund up to $ 300.00 per person for each ticket. I cancelled the tickets as we would not use them within 6 months and I didn't want to pay the $ 200 penalty per person for changing the ticket. I sure hope NCL offers some reimbursement even if I cancelled the airline tickets. Anybody deal with this already?
  7. I sure am not singing NCL's praises! I was the poster who posted re: the cancellation of the 10 da Sun cruise that was to have been Nov 2018. At least you got the news way ahead of time and not just a few months before. It has been a real pain to send in all the info re: the airline tickets in the hopes of getting a $ 300.00 pp reimbursement. As it is we paid $ 845.00 for 2 tickets so we will still be out money. I sure hope they won't say they would pay up to $ 300.00 per person if we just rescheduled the plane ticket as I did cancel them. We have been on close to 20 cruises with NCL and are Platinum Plus. This whole thing has soured me on NCL. I always book through Casinos at Sea and one of the reps told me NCL would not reimburse anything for plane tickets since we didn't book the plane tickets through NCL. WHAT?? I called the regular NCL number and an agent told me where to access the forms etc. Grr. We are 78 and 88 yrs old and don't need this stress for sure.
  8. Going on our 1st princess Cruise Aug 4th. Have been on 21 cruises with other lines. What dining room is open after one embarks on the Caribbean Princess? We have anytime dining and wondered if for breakfast and lunch we can just go at anytime too and do we have to go to a special dining floor deck?
  9. NCL cancelled our Nov cruise. I had insurance through American Airlines for our plane tickets etc. Sent in the info to the insurance co and they just now told me my insurance doesn't cover a Cruiseline cancelling a cruise. Ergo: no reimbursement for our plane tickets. I have insurance through NCL. I had talked to someone weeks ago and they said I had to seek reimbursement first from the airlines and then if they didn't reimburse to send in info and NCL would then see if the $ 300.00 max per ticket applies. This is a royal pain. I am 78 and have no idea what to do. I went to www.ncl.com/case submission and am not sure how to fill out the forms. I am SO irritated with NCL for cancelling the Nov cruise. I now talked to someone who told me that we will get no reimbursement since we didn't booked the plane tickets thru ncl. WHAT?? I need some advice re: what to do!!
  10. This is the notice I received re: the cancellation of the cruise and the various options. Dear Valued Guests and Travel Partners, Norwegian Cruise Line has important information for you regarding Norwegian Sun's 10-Day Southern Caribbean sailing on November 27, 2018 from Miami, Florida. All guests booked on this sailing need to be aware and travel professionals are asked to forward this information to their clients. Because of a scheduling change the 10-Day Southern Caribbean sailing departing on November 27, 2018 is no longer available. Norwegian is offering guests currently booked and fully deposited the following options: Option 1: Move to the new itinerary at current published fares and receive a 10% discount off the cruise fare. If you choose this option a $100 per stateroom onboard credit will be applied to your onboard account. Onboard credits can be used on any expenditure on the ship excluding service charges. Please click on the following link to view the new itinerary: http://www.ncl.com/sites/default/files/ItinChange_Sun_Cuba10_Nov212018.pdf Option 2: Move to one of the following sailings at current published fares and receive a 10% discount off the cruise fare: - Norwegian Jade - 11-day Panama Canal sailing on November 5, 2018; - Norwegian Jade - 11-day Panama Canal sailing on November 26, 2018; - Norwegian Star - 14-day Panama Canal sailing on November 30, 2018. Option 3: Move to any 9-day or longer sailing in our fleet from July 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018 at the current published fare and your deposit will be moved to the new ship and date. If you choose this option a $100 per stateroom onboard credit will be applied to your onboard account. Onboard credits can be used on any expenditure on the ship excluding service charges. Norwegian will also cover up to $300 maximum per person air change fees. Reservations will be cancelled and all received payments automatically refunded. If you are interested in one of the above offers, please contact us by June 26, 2018, so that we can modify your reservation. We are standing by to assist you on our dedicated support line at (877) 461-1160 from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm ET Monday through Friday. For any guests booked outside of the US/Canada please visit www.ncl.com for our local contact information. For your convenience, we are pleased to offer the service of VisaCentral, the fast and easy way to obtain a visa, passport and other documents for travel anywhere in the world. As a reminder it is the guests' responsibility to obtain all necessary documentation for travel. Please visit http://www.visacentral.com/ncl for information. We thank you for choosing Norwegian Cruise Line and look forward to assisting you. Sincerely, Vivian Ewart Senior Vice President, Passenger Services
  11. I always take Bonine or something similar every day while on a cruise and for several days after the cruise. If I do that I don't suffer any ill effects...vertigo, nausea etc.
  12. I did call today to see what the price difference would be now that the itinerary has changed. It would be about $ 715.00 more for the same cabin. No thanks. I have no desire to go to the Panama Canal and Cuba. This really is tacky of NCL to change the itinerary and charge more!
  13. We chose that cruise because it was such a good deal and we are Platinum Plus members and have a lot of benefits. Already booked on a Princess cruise in August and we only would be taking that Nov NCL cruise due to it being such a bargain. I wish they would have given the reason for the cancellation. I have no desire to take a Panama Cruise as we have already done that and also Cuba holds absolutely no appeal for us. Very difficult to find anything that coordinates with the plane tickets we had. Thus I am asking for a refund.
  14. I really don't think the length of the cruise has anything to do with the cancellation. Our 10 DAY cruise on the SUN to the S Caribbean just got cancelled. It was going to sail Nov 30 2018.
  15. The flights we needed for Nov were already almost totally booked when we booked in April.! Would never be able to get seats close to the sailing date. I looked into several airlines. This flight was from Asheville NC to Miami with one layover and change of plane.
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