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  1. Judging from the responses above, I'd have to drink 3 sodas per day to make the package ($9/day) pay off. The wild card in this calculation is what do you get in each situation? If either purchase (pkg or indiv) gets me one 12oz can, then I can compare apples to apples. However if the pkg deal gets me a can while a PRN purchase gets me a glass with lots of ice it's a different matter. I was on HAL a few months ago. What you got depended on whether you had a pkg (or soda card) or paid individually. Can anyone shed light on Celebrity's protocol?
  2. I just got an email from Celebrity about a program I'd never heard of before. It's been over a year since I last sailed with them so this may be old news. The email was an offer to put a bid on a cabin upgrade. They were asking how much I'd be willing to offer to bump my cabin up to a better class. There is a little meter that looks likd a gas guage and tells you if your bid is weak, moderate of strong. Is anyone familiar with this? Has anyone ever used it?
  3. My wife and I will soon be on a 2-week Canada/NE cruise. We stop in Boston, Portland and Bar Harbor, then up to Canada. At some point we'd like to go to a nice restaurant for some serious lobster. We're hoping to find a place not too far from the pier. Anyone know a place you could recommend? Yeah, I know. The ship's dining room will probably offer one of those anemic little half-lobsters one night but we figure "Who wants to go to costal New Englsnd and not get 'real' lobster? I mean, what's the point?:o
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