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  1. landlocked1960

    Doctors Cave Beach.......?

    Does anyone know if they rent chairs and umbrellas there? Is there a vendor where we can purchase food and drinks?
  2. landlocked1960

    Ports of Call - getting back on ship

    Thanks for the info. about the shopping and Margaritaville! I had heard that Margaritaville is a lot of fun, but I wasn't sure how close things were to the ship. Is the Bamboo Beach Club close enough to the ship that we could walk to it, or do we need to book the excusion through Carnival to take the bus there?
  3. landlocked1960

    Ports of Call - getting back on ship

    Thank you both so much for your quick response! Now, I wish I had posted this question earlier, rather than weeding through 18 pages of posts! :)
  4. First time cruiser here (Victory 2/4-2/10).....I'm sorry if this question has been answered before, but I searched through 18 pages of postings and could not find an answer. The Carnival excursions we are considering going to in Jamaica (Bamboo Beach Club) is only from 8-12. We are in Jamaica until 3:00. Because we have heard a lot of negative things about venturing out on our own in Jamaica, my husband and I would like to just board the ship at 12:00. Does Carnival let us board early or do we have to wait until 3:00 to get back on the boat? Thanks in advance for your help!!