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  1. This is what we did through http://www.klaipedahostel.com/tours-and-activities/ and loved it! Here is itinerary: ~10.30 leave the cruise ship terminal. ~10.50 - 11.10 ferry to Smiltyne. ~11.20 start exploring Curonian Spit. ~12.00 Juodkrante. ~1,5 hour walk on the Witches Hill. Than short stop to see the largest nesting site of cormorants and grey herons ~14.00 Nida - most beautiful town of Curonian Spit, the central settlement and thought to be the oldest in Neringa. First stop and visit the Great Dune, which is 52 m high, a gives an opportunity to view a magnificent panoramic view to the dunes and the Baltic Sea. ~14.30 - 15.30 lunch in Nida. 15.30 – 16.30 have walk through Nida. See the summerhouse of Nobel price writer T. Mann, the house was built by architect H. Reimann. The writer spent three summers in it (1930-1932), Amber gallery and etc. ~16.30 leave Nida and drive to Smiltyne to take ferry. ~17.30 - 17.50 ferry to Klaipeda. 18.30 Klaipeda. Shortly drive around main Klaipeda sights. 19.00 back to cruise ship terminal.
  2. Considering a cruise with stops in Cabo and Ensenada for next April. We'd love to do a whale watching trip but what other family friendly excursions would you recommend for these two ports? (We also enjoy snorkeling.)
  3. Just wondering if you have to book ice skating sessions? If yes, when/where? Thanks!
  4. That's SO disappointing! Our Baltic cruise (RCI) was my favorite cruise. I would have been sad to miss any of the ports. Hopefully everyone arrives safely in Copenhagen.
  5. We missed the glacier as well (Aug 25th cruise) because of weather. It was disappointing (although I don't feel too disappointed after seeing the photos - the glaciers we saw on our RCI and Celebrity cruises were much better). However, I would never complain about missing the glaciers for a medical evacuation. I am very sorry to read about the young woman and can't imagine what her family went/is going through.
  6. For our family cruising is the most relaxing family vacation. We get to turn off all the outside world "noise" and hang out by the pool, watch great shows, eat whatever whenever, and go on great port adventures. There isn't too much planning and we don't have to pack a lot.
  7. Bliss is (Robert) Wyland and Breakaway is Peter Max...my 2 favorite hulls.
  8. We were a party of 11 with 5 children. We had the LAST row of the floor and it was horrible! Kids could not see at all. There's no guarantee what seats you will get. Ohhhh....SO sorry. Those were the seats we had for the magic show on Getaway. We had floor on both Epic and Breakaway and both were very good. Loved the Cirque shows.
  9. My daughter (9) ended up with virgin pina colada all up in her nose. :rolleyes:
  10. Prices were high for our Bliss cruise a few weeks ago. Value over price? Hardly! It was officially our last cruise on NCL. Our family has a much better cruise experience elsewhere.
  11. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy your cruise! It was us on the Bliss in front of you and unfortunately I didn't enjoy our cruise either (also very expensive). I cruised Alaska almost 20 years ago on Celebrity (from Vancouver) and did a repositioning cruise on RCI from San Francisco about 10-11 years ago (and loved both of those cruises). So I was aware of most of the things you mention. We do excursions specifically for wildlife (such as bears) so we're usually happy with that. We also saw whales from the ship. We canceled our whale watching in Juneau because of weather. The port times on the Bliss were pretty horrible. Victoria was such a waste - we had to wait 40 minutes or so for the idiots who have to report to immigration to actually do so. By the time we got off the ship, the shuttle lines were really long. (They could have skipped Victoria and spent more time in Juneau.) It didn't help that we had pretty crappy weather (of course not NCL's fault) - enough so that we never got near to the glaciers. Your issues were more with Alaska, mine were with the ship/NCL. Either way, it sucks when you don't enjoy your cruise. Hope your next one is better!
  12. Encore hull is UGLY! I'll take Breakaway or Bliss over that any day! UGH.
  13. No need to get snarky. I already KNOW how much they charged me. But thanks for your input.
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